Become Better at Writing and Music at NO COST

I have lots of exciting events coming up this year and one of the closest is the Arts and Writing workshop coming up this February!

This post is in partnership with Alpha Groups but concept and all content are mine.

As a blogger, writing is my tool and I constantly seek ways to improve myself by learning from great writers, to enable me communicate better with my readers.

Sometime last year, I discovered that I needed to improve on my writing skills.
I was no longer comfortable with how I wrote. I had ideas, but they could not properly find expression through my writing.

I craved for someone who could put me through and help me and because I didn’t not exactly have a lot of money, I could not register for online classes because, they’re usually very expensive.

Then I was invited to teach about blogging in the art and writing workshop.
It was my bail out system because I got to teach people about what I do best (blogging) and I got to learn from other great writers.
The arts and writing workshop offered so much value at a very affordable price.

After the class, my writing became notably better and I could express myself more.

If your career or passion has anything to so with writing or music, then you need this workshop.

The Arts and Writing class for 2019 is here and it’s going to be a blast. Prominent and excellent people will be teaching on music and writing. I also, will be teaching on blogging.

Perks of the workshop;

  • You can join from any part of the world because it’s an online class. All you need is your smart phone.
  • You can always refer back to the notes you were given.
  • You get to meet with great minds and potential partners.
  • It is VERY affordable. (1 thousand naira ONLY which is about 3US dollars) IT’S FREE! 🆓 it’s been paid for, by a sponsor.

The date for the workshop is from the 28th of February to the 2nd of March.

The first edition of the workshop took place last year, and it reeled in tremendous testimonies. Yours can be one of it too

REGISTER BY filling the document HERE

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