He’s hitting me!

Domestic violence against women seem to have become the order of the day. 😞

I’m sorry to say, but most of the time, these women cause their own misfortune.
I remember speaking with a family friend whose husband was beating her.

They’d both come to my daddy for counseling

The lady, though much older than I am, is very close to me and tells me everything.

On this fateful day, she was telling me that, that’s how he’d been behaving even before they got married. Although he didn’t really beat her into a pulp then, but a little slap here and a little tap there. Yea, that kind of “stuff”. It amazes me how some ladies find a man hitting them “romantic”. I mean c’mon! That’s disrespect!

If you still see those kind of things as romantic then you’re either immature or there’s something very wrong with your mindset.

Anyways, back to my story, she also told of me of the atrocities he committed with her friend while she was in the house and they thought she was sleeping, and in my mind I was like “And you still married him?! beautiful 👏, very beautiful”

She was bitter saying “I didn’t expect him to start acting like this after marriage, he just started drinking and hitting me”

How did you expect him to behave please??? He should start taking you for prayer meetings and taking you on vacations?

He showed you a tip of the iceberg while dating you and you still went for the whole iceberg by marrying him and now you’re complaining.

I didn’t know what to say to her so I repeated the weak old line

“Every marriage has its own challenges”

But she said “No, Dupe. I know marriages have challenges but most of the men I know, don’t beat their wives, they have other issues that they work on together. My husband has turned me into a punching bag, he even wounded our baby once. He’s become a monster”

In my mind I was like “Ah! Nawa o and you’re still sitting down there, until he kills you and your baby, hmmm”

Anyways to cut the long story short, they were both counselled and prayed for, but trust me, I knew deep within me that that problem had not ended.
My point; You have a guy, a boyfriend or whatever. And he’s slapping you or talking rudely to you and you’re still laughing, Ah! Sister, the devil is sitting on your brain o! You better ask him to stand up before you make a decision you’ll live to regret. If he slaps you now, he’ll slap you again.

Apostle Joshua Selman always says “Marry a man that fears God”

He stresses and emphasizes this all the time and you’ll think it’s becoming a cliché but that’s a life saving advice.

Don’t just join the #SayNoToDomesticViolence Campaign, start checking so it doesn’t happen to you too.

As for me, I’ve never seen my daddy lay his hands on my mom so I’ll never allow anybody’s son hit me.

Even if you were exposed to such at home, that nonesense must not be repeated
And to women under this bondage, it’s time to speak out!

Regardless of what he’s using to hold you down. He’s hitting but you can’t speak out because ; You’re not financially free, You’re scared he’ll kill you if you talk, You “Love” him (That’s not love my dear and even if you love him truly, that’s the more reason you should speak because he needs help)

Speak out!

He’s supposed to cherish, value and care for you, not use you to practice wrestling.

It’s time for ladies to get up and OUT of toxic relationships.

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