#ILoveMyFlawsCampaign Continued

The funny thing is, most of the time, we don’t really know
We have flaws until we are exposed to
‘more beautiful’ people who aren’t
Everyone is flawed but some of us just have more obvious flaws than other
Some flaws are naturally occurring e.g port wine stain, vitiligo , the shape of our facial features, stretch marks on visible parts of our body, our body shape and so on. While some are due to some things we did in the past e.g creams we used, accidents and so on
No matter how the flaws came about, we don’t like them and unfortunately, most of the time, little or nothing can be done about them.
It’s of great concern to me that people want to look a particular way and go several lengths to achieve their aim, I love and appreciate nature and by extension totally love natural people, flaws and all and that’s my reason for starting the “ILoveMyFlawsCampaign .
You fail to realize that these things (no matter how bad), make you stand out. You are what I call “flawesome”. You are beautiful!

“Perfection” and “beauty” are not always the way we see them…
Here are a few ways I recommend you approach your flaws and love them
1. Fall head over heels in love with yourself: Funny!:mrgreen: I know right. But you gotta love you, you gotta love you so much that hate won’t get to you. There’s so much hate in the world and if you don’t love you, you’ll eventually begin to hate yourself.
2. Be confident!: Be bold, who says you’re not beautiful?
Timidity and fear only kills your self confidence. Build a degree of confidence in yourself. “I know I am beautiful, I don’t need to be told”
People can’t make you feel bad without your consent !
3. Be wise enough to know that everyone has flaws: the term “Flawless” doesn’t really exist. No one is perfect. You may not see their flaws but trust me darl, they’ve got flaws… You don’t know because they won’t show you..
You are beautiful!



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  1. Dats true and don’t forget dat ur flaws make u understand and not descriminate on other people’s flaws.

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