Hi bunnies, as we all know, it’s festive period and festivity is in the air before the new year comes and we all have to face real life, hehe.
In Nigeria, Christmas is not complete without rice and meat, hence the need to buy as much meat as possible.

So even after the series of office contributions for meat and the number of chickens bought, my mom still wanted a goat. The “Mallam” that usually got it for us every Christmas had gone on pilgrimage to Mecca so my dad decided to go out with my mom so they’d buy one themselves.
So on Sunday after lunch, around 4:00pm, my parents prepared to go out. I wasn’t doing anything and my phone’s battery was dead so I decided to follow them.
It was a 20 minutes drive to the abattoir.

When we got there, my mom asked my daddy to park at a distance. So my dad parked at the entrance.

My mom removed her eye glasses and dropped it in the car (I was soon to know why). 

My mom and I got down and went to check out the goats. Need I say that the place was smelly. God! I’ve never been to somewhere that smelly before in my life.

All sorts of things around, disturbing sights.

We picked a goat and my mommy began her job of bargaining.

We stood there for about 15minutes “pricing”. My mom is a pro in that department, she does it soooooo well. I began to doubt if she even had any money at all.

She priced it down to ridiculous amounts and they started arguing until they finally settled at a price.
When she was satisfied with everything, she asked them to kill it, then we walked back to the car to get her purse.
It was while we walked to the car that she explained to me.

In her words 

             “You need to be smart o, if these people had seen your daddy’s car, we wouldn’t have gotten the goat at that price. We’d have had to buy it at a much higher price. 

They’ll have this impression that we’re big people because of the car and will want to collect ‘tax’ from us and that’s why I asked your daddy to park far from them.

That’s the same reason I removed my glasses. If they had seen it, they’d know I’m an academician and to them, academician equals money, so word of advice, whenever you’re coming to buy something big from them, put on something simple like a gown and if you have a car, don’t park it close to them

Just watch and see, by the time they are done with everything and they see the car, they’ll be very disappointed
I was amazed.

We got to the car and picked her purse. My dad called a girl hawking bananas and bought some. He asked my mom if the money he had earlier given her was enough, she said it was.

I picked a banana.

My mom said we had to go and watch them dress the goat because according to her, they could “hide some parts”
We walked back and watched them.

It was horrible, I’d never seen something like that before. Blood everywhere. For reasons unknown to me, those people keep dogs at the abattoir, I saw some puppies that were supposed to be very cute but they had black sand all over them, from the fire used to dress the goats.
It was a really disturbing sight as they brought out the inner parts of the animal. The whole place stunk and I couldn’t wait to leave.
Eventually, they were done with the washing and cutting and they packed it together, carried it and followed us, when we got to the car, true to my mom’s words, they were dismayed.

They couldn’t hide the look of horror on their faces.
They went “Madam why you no tell us say chairman dey here na” referring to my dad.

My dad smiled.

They started hailing my dad and asking for money to buy “water”
He opened the boot for them and they kept the goat (now lifeless so it’s now meat) .

They made sure he gave them some money, and kept thanking us. They told us to come back whenever we need to buy meat again. My mom promised to patronize them again and we got into the car and drove off.
It was a quite an experience

Merry Christmas 🎅🎅🎅🎅 ho ho ho!!!

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