Social Media Vs Jesus.

​I was speaking with my pastor during the week after prayer meeting and we were discussing on how I’m managing a social media page for the church and he asked me a question, 

     “Dupe, are you sure you want to do this?” And I smiled, then he said 

I’m not smiling with you, can you do this“? 

I was surprised, why wouldn’t I want to do it? Hello pastor, it’s social media, every 21st century kid loves the internet. Is it not just to post pictures from the church with intelligent captions?, I mean what more could there be to it?

And then as if answering my thoughts he said 

  “Dupe Sarah, Don’t let your posts contradict the ministry.

If you know you’ll sway along the way, and start posting ungodly things even on your main account, close that account down now! Your posts must go with the ministry’s convictions

I was speechless, and then I had to stop, and ask myself “Dupe, are you ready for this”?

I’ve had this post in mind for a while but my pastor became a joint muse for it.

It was strong upon my spirit to make this post.

Going through Facebook, twitter, Instagram and social media at large, I see different things everyday

A friend once tweeted “You can’t have Jesus in your bio and tweet anything/everything, you’re supposed to be representing him”

A lot of our posts contradict our bio or what we claim we are.

There are so many trends we want to follow forgetting Romans 12:2.

We’re so fast to retweet, repost, share or like anything we see. Some of us are even the ones posting these things. We’re the authors of these ungodly posts.

If you’re going to put “MOG, WOG, friend of God” or “Christian” in your bio, make sure your posts match as well, stop confusing people 

God is not an author of confusion

I once saw someone’s bio on Instagram and it read “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me so fuck all haters” 

Wow! Really

Like someone put it, hypocrisy is both a comedy and a tragedy.

I don’t intend making this post longer than necessary.

Jesus is our role model today only because he lived like the father, he was the word, his life spoke the word.

You can’t be christian and your social media pages scream “Antichrist”

We need to be sensitive and careful as Christians.

Sticking to Jesus even online

I follow so many godly men and women, youth aflame for Christ especially on twitter so I’m motivated and blessed everyday. Social media is adding to my life.

Don’t waste your data, give Jesus space online too

Hold on to your convictions

On a lighter note

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