​Hi dolls, its another Tuesday and today I’m dropping something different. I’m not good with poems but a few people motivated me to do this. 
I hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave comments and corrections

Soul intercourse 

                Dupe Sarah -Mo’-


To My soul friend . . . 👫💕

Before fate brought you my way,
I was lonely, not alone but lonely,

There were so many people around me

But no one with me

I lived in my own little world 

Praying that one day, I’d find someone like me

I walked through people

But none walked through me

I held on to my crazy thoughts
Like a child clings to it’s mother

The stars were my friends at night 

During the day, I had no friends

I had made discoveries

But had no one to share them with

Everyone thought I was crazy

“She’ll die lonely” they said 

Then you came my way…

The male version of me

Bursting out of nowhere,

Walking directly towards me 

Looking through me

I wanted to run 

I wanted to hide

The only things I’ve learned 

And mastered so well 

But you came for me

You held my arm 

You looked into me 

You squeezed my hands 

You were exactly like me

Only that the creator, benevolently added boldness to you

You understood my pains,

My strengths, my weaknesses 

Your eyes promised so much

To be my friend

To share my thoughts

To hold my hands

Your eyes said it all

You’d be there for me 

You’d never leave me 

We’ll walk through life together

We spoke very little 
But our souls were in constant communication

Our souls were aligned

Our souls merged

Then I knew who you were 

My soul’s twin

My dream come true

My best friend


            Your soul’s twin 👫

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