“Process” – The Refiner’s Flame

Lately, I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about process.

Some of us are already familiar with the word “process” but for those that are not, you can also refer to it as “training” or “refining”..

A time of thorough discipline.

Process is actually wide but I’ll write about a fraction of it today.

Apostle Joshua Selman says “It’s not enough to be available, you must be usable”.

In essence, we have a lot of available people, who are willing to work, but are they usable?

Are you capable of being used?

If you’re available but not usable, then you haven’t gone through process.

Process is a series of event or set of procedures involved in “making”. So when you’re in process, you’re being “made”.

Process doesn’t mean God has left you, in fact, it proves that He is with you, He loves you and wants you to be excellent.

This training comes in divers ways, most times, unpleasing.

If you’re a person used to being loved and appreciated, God can strategically place you in a system where you are not valued, loved or appreciated, a place where people don’t see you as a big deal. At first, you try to fight it, resist it, but it’s clear. It stings your ego and you begin to feel sad. You may even begin to feel inferior, (if you’re not spiritually intelligent enough to know what God is doing).

Don’t hate or loathe those people, they are just acting according to plan. They are part of your process. At the end of the day, after that phase is over, you realize something has left you.


Yes, pride.

God has made you know what it feels like to be looked down on, so when people appreciate you, you value it.

Most times, God refines us through the “flame” (uncomfortable situations) and the reason is because a lot of things have to leave us ; just like the Goldsmith does with his gold.

If you want to be usable, some things have to leave you.

You’re not usable the way you are, unless you want to settle for mediocrity.

To reach your full potential, you must be refined.

When you’re going through process, all you can do is ask for Grace, but you can’t ask it to pass over you.

God has been taking you through various processes that have come as unpleasant (sometimes even embarrassing) situations and you have been missing it because instead of asking God “What are you teaching me through this? What do you want me to learn?”, you focus more on the situation and the people and let it bring you down and that is a bad thing because you can’t become successful that way.

No one EVER identifies with process, but everyone wants to identify with success.

After process, you become usable, which makes you successful.

God is refining His people. A lot of people are going through process right now, (and I pray for Grace for them all) but you may not know.

Stop fighting situations around you and learn from them.

It may be very unpleasant, but remember, you’re becoming a better person.

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