​Dear future son,

Long before you came, I prepared for you. Countless nights I stayed up praying for you, before I met you or even your father. ??? Made a promise to give you the best dad in the world, the best role model you can have.? Made a promise to give you a great life, and at … Read more


Instagram : dupss_  GIRLS DENIM JUMPSUITS/OVERALLS ANKLE LENGTH Denim  is  one  of  the world’s  oldest  fabrics, yet  it  remains  eternally young  It’s trendy and classy with an aura of boldness From Farmwear to Fashion Icon Baggy and constructed of tough denim and studded with enough pockets, the humble pair of overalls has long been equated with … Read more


Stylish is a new category on my blog for little style tips on how to rock various outfits and accessories….

Today, I’m launching Stylish with a short gown that screams me…..

You don’t have to go through too much stress to look good. Personally, I believe the greatest looks come from looking simple 

You can rock a gown like this with flat slippers, sandals or even heels to perk it 
 Bonus:  You can rock a chocker in two different ways here, as a chocker on your neck and as a wrist band… There are no rules, it’s all about looking good ?

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