16 quotes from Why are marriages failing by Pastors Emmanuel and Laju Iren

Emmanuel Iren and laju iren

Pastor Emmanuel Iren of Celebration Church International, and his lovely wife Pastor Laju Iren did a LIVE video last week on Why are marriages failing. These are two preachers that I absolutely love because of their soundness in communicating God’s Word.I was so blessed by the video and took notes. I’ll leave the link to … Read more

Do I really want to get married? Does a believer have to get married? Let us have this honest conversation.

Apart from the fact that in Nigeria, once you conclude a certain level of formal education, you are expected to get married and start a family of your own, what other reason do you have for wanting to get married? Last week, the thoughts of marriage filled my mind. It didn’t just sprout out of … Read more