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5 Signs you need a Spiritual Retreat

A spiritual retreat is a period of quietness, stillness, and rest. It is a time set apart to focus on God and keep typical daily distractions away. People usually embark on spiritual retreats in strategic times of their life like when they’re about to start season or end another. However, spiritual retreats are not restricted to beginnings and endings only. They can be done at any time.
In fact, there are certain periods in your life when you should initiate a retreat by yourself regardless of the time. Spiritual retreats are times of refreshing, renewal, and illumination. You encounter God in new ways and learn more about yourself from Him.
There are certain signs that indicate that a Christian needs to embark on a spiritual retreat soon.
Even though you can just randomly decide to go on a retreat, the presence of certain signs in your life is proof that you certainly need a spiritual retreat.
Prioritizing your spiritual life involves paying attention to signs and inclinations that indicate that you need to retreat.
Just as certain signs and symptoms indicate that we need to see a doctor, or we need to rest well, or we need to exercise, there are signs show us that our spiritual life needs reenergizing.

signs you need a spiritual retreat. Share

When you see these signs, schedule a spiritual retreat immediately.

You feel empty, clueless, tired, or overwhelmed

This happens to even the best of us. Life and its cares have a way of getting to us. The different dimensions of life; happy times, sad times, busy times, scary times, confusing times, and more. Life is a not too perfect blend of different things that can lead us to feeling different type of ways.
If you are no longer in control of your emotions or feelings of emptiness, confusion, tiredness, and weakness have overtaken you, schedule an immediate retreat.

You are starting or ending a season or phase

This is a very important one. Don’t start or end seasons in your life without God.
Be it a new school year, job, age, promotion, family, child, etc, it is necessary to set some time apart to go into your closet and be with God.
Seasons are very spiritual and should not be approached or ended peripherally.

You are more physically conscious than you are spiritually conscious

When you find yourself more in tune with things of this world than you are with things that are above, it’s a confirmatory sign that you need to refocus.
Many times, we allow ourselves get immersed in this world and its cares that our true self (our spirit man) is choked under all of the drama.
This can be as a result of a busy job, godless friends, tough situations, challenges, or even the daily news on TV.
If you have begun to think more logically than spirituality, something is wrong. If you prioritize your emotions and logic over the word of God and discernment, you need a retreat.

Something in your life needs to change

If your life has been static for long and you can’t feel growth in your spiritual life and other areas of your life, something is definitely wrong and needs to be changed. Schedule a retreat immediately if you feel stagnant.
Likewise, there are times that you may feel a shift in your spirit, but you can’t see it physically manifest, set some time apart, and be with God.

The fruits of the spirit are no longer evident in your life

This is a serious indication that your time with God has been robbed.
Our behavior and actions are different when we’re distant from God. If you are constantly irritated, angry, emotional, sad, lustful, bitter, prideful, and boastful, you definitely know that the flesh is slowly creeping and taking over.
The fruits of the spirit such as gentleness, kindness, love, compassion, and more, manifest in our life when we stay near to God.
The presence of things like evil and wicked thoughts is a manifestation of the fruits of the flesh in your life and should make you go on a retreat.

You haven’t gone on a spiritual retreat in a while

Sometimes you don’t need a sign. This is all the sign you need.
If you have not gone on a spiritual retreat in a while, you’re undoubtedly missing out on a lot. Schedule one immediately.


What other signs make you know that you need a retreat?
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When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.
I Corinthians 13:11 NKJV

There’s a mentor of mine who I love very much. I always admire the level of the wisdom of God she displays and applied to every area of her life. Her Christian walk inspires me daily, because she lives a very practical Christian life, applying scriptural principles to every thing she does.
She communicates with so much intelligence, wisdom, and eloquence. She’s a role model for me in many areas of life.
That is why when I watched a video of hers yesterday where she shared one of her experiences in college – how she was suspended from school – I was shocked to my bones. I wasn’t shocked just because she was suspended, – that could have resulted from a mixup or a mistake.

What shocked me was the reason for the suspension. She had been suspended because of something very terrible and dangerous she did.

She had left her college that year without permission from anyone and traveled out of the country with an older Friend who was of the opposite sex. And she didn’t just go alone, she took another friend of hers with her.
Thankfully, nothing evil happened to them, but it didn’t end well, as they had to rush back from the country they traveled to, when they got word that they was being sought after in school. She ended up not enjoying the journey, and still getting suspended from school for a month.

As she shared this story, I found it almost unbelievable. Because, the person I now know her to be, doesn’t align with the person in her story. And from all she said, it wasn’t a mistake then. That was how she was. Cause she did more of that, in different forms.

While she narrated the story, she also expressed her disbelief and utter shock in the things she did. She almost couldn’t believe she was the one who did all those.
I was equally surprised. How was it possible that someone I know now to be so wise, godly, intelligent, and phenomenonal, was ever childish, and unreasonable?

Hours later, when I was going through my Bible, God began to remind me of some of the things I had done many years back, when I was younger. Childhood shenanigans that I now find it difficult believing that I did.
Childish talks, unreasonable behavior, foolish decisions, so many insensible things.
Even till I got to high school. In high school, it was like a new level of immaturity was unlocked and I began to make even more foolish decisions, living life with so much carelessness and indifference.
I didn’t have a care in the world.
And a perfect excuse for this would have been that I didn’t know God or I didn’t care about Him then. But I don’t have the privilege of using that excuse because I was very much aware of God and I even “loved” Him.
I just didn’t “carry him on my head.”

I always thought to myself that loving God didn’t stop us from having fun or living our normal lives.
But boy, was I so wrong.

I’m not saying that loving God stops you from having a great life, but what I defined as fun then, was irresponsibility, nonchalance, and a careless life.

I didn’t have a very personal relationship with God. I knew He existed, I had daily morning altar with my family, I even prayed to God personally a few times on my own. But I was a child. One that had so much to learn.

Fast forward to today. I am a totally different person.
It’s almost like I wasn’t even the one who lived so unreasonably just some years back.
The difference is surreal. What happened?
I grew.

It didn’t happen in a day, a week, a month, or even a year. But it happened over the course of time.

Day after day. Week after week. I was evolving. Becoming.
I still am.

I have evolved so much that the contrast between the former me, and the now me, is almost unbelievable.
A lot of change happened. Friends had to go. Acquaintances changed. My routine, interactions, social media follows, places I went to, changed.

And like an egg molts to a larva, regardless of the discomfort that comes with it, I ecdysed.

The beautiful thing about the scripture I quoted above in 1 Corinth 13:11 is that it didn’t stop at talking about the level of growth that has been attained. It talked about another level of even more remarkable, and amazing growth.
This is telling you that although you’re commended for outgrowing childishness, that’s not all.
You must still be dedicated to growth.

You have outgrown many childish behavior, but you’re still very limited in different areas. There’s still so much you don’t know. But that’s the beautiful thing about growth, isn’t it?
Just as you ascended from the level you were before, you are also ascending from this level.
A time will come when you’ll look back at where you are now, and almost be surprised that this ever happened.
And this applies to every area of your life.

The NLT says; When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things. Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely.
1 Corinthians 13:11‭-‬12

If I say that the current version of you is not the best version, I’ll be very unfair to you with such understatement.
The current version of you is NOTHING compared to who you can grow and evolve to be.
Your potential is actually endless.
But you will only see the better and refined you, if you commit to growth.

For now we see but a faint reflection of riddles and mysteries as though reflected in a mirror, but one day we will see face-to-face. My understanding is incomplete now, but one day I will understand everything, just as everything about me has been fully understood.
1 Corinthians 13:12 TPT

ButFor now [in this time of imperfection] we see in a mirror dimly [a blurred reflection, a riddle, an enigma], but then [when the time of perfection comes we will see reality] face to face. Now I know in part [just in fragments], but then I will know fully, just as I have been fully known [by God].
1 Corinthians 13:12 AMP


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Daily affirmations for Christians || Read this Everyday!

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, Whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy,
Psalms 107:2 NKJV One of the best morning routines you can have is getting and boldly saying daily Christian affirmations.

The Bible is clear on the words we should be saying with our mouths.
If anyone speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God.”
I Peter 4:11 NKJV

It is good to say random affirmations and declarations but the affirmations and declaration that carry real power are from the word of God.

Two things happen when you hold on to daily affirmations for Christians and say them;
1. You establish those words and authorize them to work in your life.
2. You become more confident and your faith is strengthened because you have reminded yourself time and time again of who you are and what you have access to through God.

The Bible says that the power of life and death are in the tongue. I implore you to choose life via your words. One way to do that is saying daily affirmations for Christians.
It may sound like you’re just saying the words but it is way beyond that and there is great power in the words that you’re saying.

Below are some powerful daily declarations for Christians that will change your life!

I am grateful for the life that I have. Although, I may not be where I want to be just yet, but I am not where I used to be.
I am grateful for another day that I have been made to see.
I am completely, fully, and entirely loved by God.
I am accepted by God and I can boldly come to his throne.
I am not too much for God to handle.
I hear the voice of God and I know what to do at all times.
I draw strength from God for my daily tasks. Everywhere I am weak, God is strong in me.

I have a purpose and everything I do today, is a step towards fulfilling it.
I will not waste my time on the wrong things or frivolities today. Instead, I am productive, wise, and prudent with time.

Today, I am productive and God teaches me to make profit.
I will love, respect and be kind to people because that is what God expects of me.
I will not compare or compete with anybody because, I find my essence and identity in God.
I will not annoy or upset anyone and I will not let anyone provoke me because I have the fruits of the Spirit and I am patient and kind.
I have the Holy Spirit within me, the wisdom of God. So I know how to handle every situation before me.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I will not beat myself up if I make mistakes but I will learn from them and plan ahead because tomorrow is another day to make things right.

Thank You Jesus.

Daily Affirmations With Anointing Salt

Hello! I’m Anointing Salt and on this podcast, I will be sharing with you daily affirmations from scripture. I know this would fire up your day and give you purpose for living. See you at the top! Click on the image above.