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One Mistake Many Bloggers Make

Hi guys!
How have you been? I hope your happy times have been more than your down times.

I’m so glad to announce to you that your girl’s blog was listed among feedspot’s Top 25 Nigerian Lifestyle Bloggers to follow in 2019.
You can find the list here /

It’s such an honor and I don’t take it for granted.
So this is a big thank you to Feedspot for the honor.

I have been in the blogosphere for almost 4years now and I’ve learned so much and won’t stop learning. As a matter of fact, before this year runs out, I want to attend a serious blogging class/training. So if you have details of any, please leave a comment below.

Today, I want to share something simple but very effective. A mistake I’ve seen a couple of bloggers make, particularly popular amongst new bloggers who are eager to pour out their passion and release great content.

This mistake is what I like to call “Making untidy blog posts”

It is not enough to have great and valuable content, your blog post must have structure and organization.

Many times, I’ve stumbled upon catchy topics and immediately clicked on the link only to get to the site and see a heap of information with no order at all. Sometimes, I run away from the blog immediately. While others times, if the information is too valuable to be ignored, I endure a few lines, then skim through to get an idea of what’s being said before I dash off.

Chefs are obsessed with plating and serving attractive food because they understand that the sight and presentation of the food can attract or repel the guest.

Good plating, excellent presentation and an attractive aroma can make you devour a food even when you’re not hungry.

If food which is eaten with the mouth is expected to look attractive to your eyes, how much more what you “eat” with your eyes?

People are first drawn mentally to what ever they approach.

To get sustainable traffic, you have to give your blog visitors a great impression so much that they want to come back and one of the ways you can achieve this is through organization and order.

You should understand that you are not just a writer but a blogger so great content and ideas is not enough. Your blog has to look good.

Here are a few tips that will help.

  1. Use legible fonts, colors and simple themes.
    You should learn how to customize your blog by yourself or tell whoever does it for you to be as simple as possible.
    I’m not advising against using great themes but ensure you’re not being too extra. Make your site attractive, easy to maneuver by readers and easy to read. Avoid using stylish and over dramatic fonts.
  2. Use paragraphs.
    Don’t jam pack all your information in one paragraph. After at most every 5 lines, there should be space and a new paragraph. This makes your post look tidy.
  3. Use bullet points or numbering if possible.
    If your post is a “How to” or an instructive kind, organize your information into points or numbers and write them.
  4. Your blog post should have an introduction, a body and a conclusion.
    This is self explanatory.
  5. Use quality images.
    Seeing low quality images anywhere makes me cringe. There are a couple of sites that provide quality images for free (pexels, unsplash, pixabay etc). You can search and find those that suit your post by typing in key words.
  6. Use very few images.
    When I first started blogging, I used to use a lot of pictures in one post. I love pictures a lot but this made me unprofessional so I had to stop.
    There are a lot of awesome images out there but you don’t have to use them all in one post. Save them for rainy days.
    Usually, all you need is one image for your featured image. But in other cases, you may add one or two pictures in between the post to drive your points home better.

Finally, always preview your blog post before you publish. Read through at least twice before you send it to the world.

Your blog can be better and these tips will get a long way.

Here’s to greater impact, more traffic and more money.

Happy blogging.

Love, Mo’