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​Dear future son,

Long before you came, I prepared for you.
Countless nights I stayed up praying for you, before I met you or even your father. ???

Made a promise to give you the best dad in the world, the best role

model you can have.?

Made a promise to give you a great life, and at least one sibling.?

Made a promise to let you follow your dreams and not coerce you

into living mine.

Made a promise to introduce you to God even from the womb.

Made a promise to impart the knowledge of God into you.

All these, I have done and more.

Now dear child, these few things I ask of you….

Love God and acknowledge him.

Respect your sister(s), only then will you respect ladies outside.

Never take a woman for granted, think of the pains of your mother at


You have a good heart, I can feel it but evil communication corrupts

good manner, keep a small circle.

Not everyone is a friend.

Your destiny is in your hands, your decisions today, will form your

tomorrow. Be wise.

You are a prince, always remember that. And soon dear son, you’ll be a king. How you’ll rule your kingdom is determined by your behavior now.

When you’re down and can’t speak to anyone, even I, go to God, he’s ever there. He’s watching over you, and always ready to listen to you.

Take your problems to him.

You’ll be surprised at the peace that comes during and after prayers.

I pray that God guides and strengthens you.

I pray for wisdom beyond your peers and at the right time, I pray that

God directs you to Her . Your help meet, your woman, your friend, your partner that’ll continue from wherever I stop.

God bless you my child. ?

-Your Mom and Friend?

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