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10 exciting things to do in your Christian relationship

Many people think Christian relationship is synonymous to boring. But nothing could be farther from the truth. There are many exciting things you can do in your Christian relationship.
A Christian relationship is one that puts Christ at the center. One that is led, bounded, and driven by the love of Christ and the principles of the Bible. Even though a Christian relationship is different from other relationships because it is guided by scriptures, it does not have to be boring in any way.

God wants us to live fruitful and happy lives. And allowing your relationship remain boring and monotonous doesn’t help much with that.

If you’re beginning to get bored in your Christian relationship and you’re looking for ideas on interesting activities you can do with your partner that remain within the boundary of your convictions, you’re in the right place.

There are many interesting activities that you and your partner can engage in and have the time of your lives. That you are Christian does not mean your are exempted from having fun. It just means that there are boundaries and extremes are not adviced.

Below are exciting things to do in your Christian relationship even if it’s a long distance relationship.

  • Pray together: Prayer is not boring. In fact, it is actually exciting when you pray together, wait on God together, and finally experience the joy that comes with answered prayers together.
  • Go on dates: Whoever told you Christian couples can’t go on dates lied to you. You can go on exciting dates, visit beautiful restaurants to eat, discuss, and just enjoy the view. Visit resorts, amusement centers, and visit beautiful places for sightseeing.
  • Schedule double dates with other Christian couples: You can reach out to your friends who are also in Christian relationships to discuss and plan a day out with your partners. This can happen in form of a picnic where you all bring edibles and spend time discussing and telling stories at a nice location, or at a restaurant. Chill, play fun games, and eat. Or in form of a prayer or Bible study meeting.
  • Movie dates: You can visit the cinema together to see entertaining, educating or edifying movies. Be sure to look through the movie before you go to ensure it is “clean”. I wouldn’t really recommend seeing a movie at each other’s place as that is not very abstinence-complaint (if you know what I mean). For long distance relationships, if you both are movie lovers, you can set a movie date where you both see an earlier chosen movie at the same time and connect over FaceTime or video call to share your favorite parts of the movie over some snacks.
  • Games: Board games, phone games, card games. Bible games. Name it. If you are both lovers of games, hop on this.
  • A cook-off competition: This one is for the food and cooking lovers. You don’t even have to be in the same place. You can play this game by using the same budget to cook different meals and determine whose meal idea was better. If you stay in the same city, the cook off competition can be done in the same place with friends over who will judge the meals.
  • Question and Answer sessions: I compiled a list of very important questions couples should ask each other and discuss before marriage. Answering these questions is not only an interesting way to spend time together. It is also a very important one. Spend time talking to each other about your upbringing, orientation, mindset and attitude to certain simple and complex things. It doesn’t always have to be serious too. You can ask easy and fun questions too. The weirdest and funniest of questions you can find online.
  • Dance off: This wouldn’t be any fun if one or both of you has 2 left feet ?
  • Find new restaurants and eat new food. Food is always fun.
  • Sharing a study together: Bible study, personal development books, or devotionals. Share relevant lessons and talk about it.
  • Travel to new places together

Are you in a Christian relationship? What do you do for fun? Let us talk in the comments.

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