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The Curse – Episode Six (6)

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Temi’s mum screamed in agony as the torment persisted. Her daughter wanted to run away but fear glued her to Mary’s side, who was trying to muster courage. But Francis stood, giving the old priest an unimpressed look.

The old man stroked his scraggly white beards while locking eyes with Francis. He searched for the doubt in the eyes of the young man but found none. He tightened his grip on his rattling staff.

“This is just the beginning of what will befall you all.” Baba Osa declared confidently. He then turned to face the wailing woman.
“As for you, woman. You knew better than to bring this kind of people here. Your death has come. Prepare to leave this earth!” He proclaimed while hitting his staff violently on the ground, causing it to rattle.

“You have no authority to make such statements,” said Francis. The old man looked at him fiercely, suprised at his utterance.

Ma so oro ti ikun gbo ti eti e fi di si e!(what the Bush animal heard and became deaf, I will say it to you!)I will kill you if you speak another word!” Baba Ose howled.

Temi was about to urinate on herself. She wanted to run and hold Francis’s mouth. She was already having mild fever because of fear. She didn’t sign up for this kind of death.

Mary moved towards Temi’s mum and laid hands on her.
The old man let out a scornful laugh, almost discouraging Mary from praying but she continued.
Then, She heard the voice of the Holy spirit clearly,
Get up and command the enchantment to stop. I gave you authority, use it.

Mary got up immediately and decreed,”In the name of Jesus, this enchantment ceases!”

Temi’s mum stopped screaming. The torment had ceased immediately the words left Mary’s mouth.
Baba Osa watched in shock as they helped the elderly woman up. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“We have come to inform you that your dealings with this family have come to an end. It is isn’t a request and it is not negotiable,” Francis said.

The old man spat on the floor and shouted curses at them, shaking in anger.
“I am the law keeper of this land! The untouchable! The most powerful man in these parts! I will show you why I am the tiger that has never lost a battle! ”

Baba Osa picked a small pouch from the mat and poured a white powdery substance into his palm while reciting some incantations. He lifted his hand and screamed the name of various gods, then proceeded towards Francis.

Temi pulled Mary and her mother backwards in fear, but Francis stood still.

Baba Osa blew the substance on him and began to laugh triumphantly. His laugh soon turned into shock as Francis stood smiling, unaffected by the substance.

“It is written, ‘surely there is no enchantment with or against Jacob, neither is there any divination with or against Israel. In due season and even, now it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, What has God wrought!’ You have no idea the sacrifice that bought me,” Francis said laughing.

The priest looked at Francis with his mouth wide open.

“We are of a higher priesthood, and this minute we pass judgment upon the spirits enacting your will on this family. She is free. Temi has no affiliations with you anymore. We advice that you accept peacefully and leave the case.”

The old man’s wives looked at each other in confusion. They had never seen anyone confront Baba Osa in such a confident manner and live to tell the tale. They’re murmurs diverted the priest’s gaze to them and in split seconds, they had disappeared into the house in fear.

“I have never lost a battle! I have legal claims over them! They can’t go free because there is a covenant that was made. There was an oath that was sworn!” Baba Osa screamed while slamming his chest repeatedly.

“Your legal rights ended at the cross. For what business has light with darkness? She is already free from this evil agreement. Christ has redeemed her. She has been bought with a price,” said Mary finally summoning courage.

“Baba Osa, you can also be saved like them. You can be good. You can be forgiven. We can show you…”

“Over my dead body!” Baba Osa spat. He picked up sand from the ground and let it slip through his fingers as he continued speaking.
“As long as I live, I will make sure they continue to suffer! I will die before I serve whatever you call your God!”

Baba Osa slowly made his way to his house while singing incantations and hitting his staff with each step.

Temi finally started breathing normally. She collapsed on her mother’s shoulder and started crying. Her mother’s eyes were still fixed on Francis. She had never seen anything like this.

“Let’s get out of here.” Francis said motioning to the way out.

Temi grabbed Mary’s hands while alternating her gaze between her and Francis.

“Teach me how to pray,” she said softly.

“Let’s go back home Temi, we’ll teach you when we get home. There’s a whole lot you have to learn but it’s a gradual process.” Mary said, holding her hands.

All through their journey back home, Temi’s mother expressed her fear.

“These people have killed us o! Who sent you people to challenge Baba nau? See nau you have incurred Baba’s wrath! What if we all turn to yam tomorrow?”

“Mummy, it’s okay we will be fine,” Said Temi.

“If I forget my palm on your face you will keep quiet! Can’t you see that we are about to die? We might even have accident on this road!”

Francis fought hard not to laugh at her lamentations.

“Mama, we will be fine. Don’t worry, Baba Osa is a small case. Don’t bother about him,” Mary said trying to encourage the elderly woman.

“Ah! “Omo keke o mo ogun, on pe lefo! How did I get here?”

Francis felt a nudge from the Spirit to speak and he finally opened his mouth.

“Mama, after what you have seen, why do you still fear? Let me tell you something about this Jesus…”

Francis began patiently explaining the gospel to her. He explained the reason behind the death of Jesus and what it means to believers. He explained Temi’s new status in Christ.

He brought it down to her level, explaining the Love of God through Jesus. By the end of their journey, Temi’s mum had surrendered her life to Christ and received the gift of salvation.

The days that followed were days of intense bible study, prayer and fasting. It wasn’t long before Francis got them baptized with the Holy spirit and praying in tongues. Mary and Francis took Temi and her mum on series of teachings on God’s Word, His love displayed through Jesus and their new identity in Christ.

The new converts were eager to learn, filled with joy and peace from their new found life. There was a church at the outskirts of the town which Mary took Temi’s mum to.

Few days later, the news of Baba Osa’s death greeted their doorstep. The old man had fallen ill immediately after the confrontation. Rumors had it that he had repeatedly tried to invoke curses against Temi’s family and every time he tried, he failed and his sickness became worse. The old man did not relent until he finally gave up the ghost.

The news of Baba’s death spread like wild fire. Baba Osa’s wives spread the word about the confrontation and the people marvelled at the strange visitors that had come into their locality and changed the climate within a short period
People began coming to the house to see for themselves. Francis ensured that he gave all glory to God. He and the family seized the opportunity to spread the gospel and soon even Baba Osa’s wives were converted.

Mary and Francis continually gave thanks to God for the wonders He wrought but even more for the salvation of the souls in Temi’s family.

After few weeks, they decided it was time to go back home. The appointed day came and enough goodbye couldn’t have been said. It had been the longest two weeks of their lives.

Temi’s mum watched by the door as Temi and Mary packed their bags, ready to leave. She was going to miss them. She walked up to Mary and placed her hand on her shoulder.

“Thank you Mary, for introducing me to Jesus, and for delivering us from the bondage we had been under. I’ll diligently attend the church and develop my fellowship with God.”

“All Glory to Jesus! He is the doer of all these things. My heart is full of joy and gladness. We love you very much and even as we return, we’ll always pray for you.”

Francis prayed with family and together with Mary and Temi, set out back to the city of Zaria.

11 years later…

“Mummy! Daddy has been waiting for you in the car for the past twenty minutes, please let’s go.” whined Zoe a beautiful girl of 3. She wore a pretty Cinderella dress and an obvious long face.

“I know that. Tell daddy that I’ll be down in a minute. I have to change your brother’s diapers.” Temi said as she replaced her baby’s soiled diapers.

It was a Sunday morning and her husband, Pastor Daniel, had been waiting for her in the car for them to go to church.

Pastor Daniel was a young Pastor at Jesus’ Delight ministries. Temi had met him during her final year in the university when she and Mary went to the church for a youth’s program. Pastor Daniel had not let Temi be since that evening and 2 years later, they got married.

They had two beautiful kids; Zoe, an intelligent three year old girl and Gideon, a toddler.
Temi had finished changing her baby’s diaper and she tickled him softly. Her baby’s laughter caused her to smile as she admired her treasure.

“Can we go now?” Zoe asked, sounding ten times her age.

“Yes madam” Temi replied and together, they made their way to the car.

Temi walked out to meet a slightly impatient pastor checking his wristwatch by driver’s seat outside the car. His eyes soon caught them and he stood transfixed as his wife put the two kids in the car.

“Wow… You look stunning babe,” he said as he let his eyes take in every detail of her body.

She smiled at the compliment and modelled her way towards him, giving him a personal runway experience.

Daniel put his hands on his head jokingly and spoke in tongues.

Temi burst into laughter and collapsed into his loving arms.

“Oya be spiritual, we are going to church,” she said giggling.

“Babe, this is as spiritual as it gets,” he replied.
Suddenly, the sound of the horn blared. Zoe had made her way to the driver’s seat and pressed it. The parents burst into laughter. Temi attacked the little girl’s tummy with tickles and carried her to the back seat.

The little girl smiled at her parents and her baby brother.

They drove to church, singing along to Hillsong’s ‘His Glory Appears’ playing in the car.

You gave me hope, You made me whole at the cross

You took my place, You showed me grace at the cross where You died for me …


The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined.

– Isaiah 9:2

As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power: In whom also ye are circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, in putting off the body of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ: Buried with him in baptism, wherein also ye are risen with him through the faith of the operation of God, who hath raised him from the dead. And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses; Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross; And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.

Colossians 2:6‭, ‬9‭-‬15 KJV

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The Curse – Episode Five (5)

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“Temi was betrothed to Baba Osa since she was 7. Baba Osa is the chief priest in our town

“After Temi’s father death 15 years ago, a lot of bad things began to happen to me. Three of my children died and the two I had left were very ill. I went to our chief priest and it was discovered that my husband made a covenant with a deity they worship in his family but didn’t fulfill his part until he died. The covenant was going to continue to haunt us if we didn’t do something.

Baba Osa said the only acceptable atonement was that Temi be given to him as wife when she gets of age, so that she can live around the temple of the gods and offer sacrifices regularly. This way, she would have paid the debt for her family. So we betrothed her to the chief priest and immediately, she and her brother became well” Temi’s mother explained. She was gently stroking her daughter’s hair.

“Jesus Christ!” Mary exclaimed.

“But I don’t understand. When you all knew she was going to be the wife of a chief priest, why did you allow her come to the university? It doesn’t make sense.” Francis asked, looking sternly at Temi’s mother, his fist under his chin.

“My daughter is very smart and she loves education. She pleaded with us to allow her go to the university and promised to be of good conduct. Baba Osa consented because the thought of having an educated wife thrilled the old man.
But he warned that any breech in agreement would attract severe consequences. Temi was supposed to come back after her first year for her wedding.”

“So Temi is betrothed to a chief priest? Does this explain why the men who had sexual relationship with her mysteriously lost their lives?”

“Yes. If they had not died, they would have run mad.”

“Jesus Christ”

That night, Mary slept in a small room with Temi and her mom, while Francis slept in the living room. Temi’s mom had administered some herbal medicines to Temi and she had slept peacefully. They were to visit the chief priest the next day.

Lots of thoughts clouded Mary’s mind. She could not find sleep so she walked out of the room while Temi and her mother were fast asleep.

It was 12am and she tiptoed quietly, trying to avoid waking Francis but she met him wide awake in the sitting room.

“I couldn’t sleep”

“Neither could I” Francis was sitting on on the cushion chair, holding his Bible.

“A part of me just wants to leave this town as fast as I can and allow Temi to go back to her husband.”

“But you told me that she has accepted Jesus” Francis said.

Mary didn’t like how the conversation was going. Francis was about to suggest something she was trying to avoid.


“She now belongs to Jesus. She can not be married to a idol worshipping chief priest”

“Sir Francis. Don’t you think we should just leave this town in peace. Our plan was to bring her home to her family and we have done that” Mary was pacing anxiously round the small living room. She struggled in her heart. She loved Temi but she wasn’t ready to get herself muddled up in some sort of diabolical mess. She wanted to leave this house and this town as soon as possible.

I am the good shepherd. I don’t leave my sheep. Not even one.

Mary ignored the words that had continuously rang in her heart since she got to Temi’s hometown. She hadn’t understood what those words meant initially. But now she did. And she wasn’t very comfortable.

“If it were Jesus, would He leave Temi here?” Francis asked shattering every argument in her heart.

Mary looked down.

“No, He wouldn’t”

“This is not going to be easy but it’ll be worth it.”

They spoke for about an hour and prayed together, then Mary went back and could finally sleep.

In her dream, Mary sat down with an old Man wearing a white cloak at a sea shore. The old Man held an old scroll and read words from it to her. Mary couldn’t make out what He was reading but when she tried to complain, He stopped her.

“You don’t have to understand what I’m saying now. Your spirit is receiving everything I’m saying. These Words that I read to you will prepare you for the task ahead. The Word is all you need for this fight”

Mary woke up. It was 6am.

She saw Temi folding some clothes. Her mom was nowhere in sight.

“Good morning”

“Good morning dear. How do you feel today?”

“A little stronger. Thank you for everything Mary. I really appreciate all you’ve done”

“It’s okay. I’m glad you’re better. Why didn’t you tell me about the chief priest Temi?” 

Just then Temi’s mom walked in. 

“Good morning ma.” 

“Good morning my daughter. How are you?” She was wearing an ankara blouse and wrapper. Both of different patterns. The blouse and the wrapper were both of different patterns.

“I’m fine ma” 

“Thank you for yesterday. Thank you for bringing my daughter home” 

“You’re welcome ma”

“Temi, you need to have your bath, we’re leaving for Baba Osa’s house now”

Temi looked down. Mary saw a drop of tear fall from her eyes. 

“If you don’t mind ma, we’d like to go with you and Temi to see the chief priest” Mary spoke up.

“Okay, you can go with us but you must be respectful and very careful with your words, he’s a revered man”

“Okay ma. Thank you ma” 

Mary had her bath too and the four of them set out to the house of the chief priest.

It was a big house in the outskirts of the town. It looked desolate because there were no houses around it.

Baba Osa had 3 wives and 15 children. He was an old man with two thick trial marks that ran down his cheeks and a bald head.

When they got there, Baba Osa was grinding a black substance on a grinding stone outside. His three wives were washing and some of his children ran around the house.

Ekaro Baba” Temi’s mother greeted in Yoruba dialect.

The old man looked up and on seeing Mary and Francis, his countenance changed. He looked very angry.

“What have you brought these people to do in my house? What guts have you woman to desecrate this altar with the presence of these people?”

Temi’s mother was confused.

“They’re Temi’s friends from school. They brought her back home yesterday”

“Get out of this place. These people have no business being here. I don’t want to see them”

Temi’s mother became even more confused. Did Baba Osa know these people?

“Did you people offend Baba?” She asked Mary and Francis innocently.

Then Francis spoke up.

“We have come in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and we have come to peacefully announce to you that Temi now belongs to Jesus so she can not be your wife”

A deafening silence accompanied the end of his statement. Temi’s mom stood transfixed and speechless. Temi held unto Mary as if something was about to grab her.

The women in the house had stopped washing and watched Francis with awe. Who dared come into the den of a Tiger and challenge him?

The old man walked slowly back and forth 3 times then whispered some words that were not audible. He looked up at Francis; his eyes bloodshot and full of anger.

“I’m only going to say this once. Leave this place before you regret coming to this town.” Immediately, Temi’s mom fell on the ground and began rolling as if her body were on fire.

“Help me please, there’s fire all over my body”

To be continued...

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The Curse – Episode Four (4)

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The next day, an assembly was called at the Chapel to pray for David. Temi could not go. She couldn’t even go anywhere. She had been mute since she heard the news; not talking to anyone at all, even Mary.

At the chapel, they broke the news of David’s death to everyone and the reaction was expected; cries and shouts were heard everywhere. Some people didn’t even believe.

The young man whose book David had gone to bring the previous day just sat on the ground, transfixed. After he had waited for David for hours the day before and didn’t see him, he left for his hostel. Now he wondered what had killed him. Could there have been an accident on his way back? The young man wondered. Hot tears falling down his face. 

The fellowship pastor, Pastor Moses, told them that David died of a sickness that was not addressed on time, then he said some words of encouragement and reminded them that they all would leave someday too. He further asked them not to cry but to pray for David and learn from his life. It was obvious as he spoke that he was in severe pains and trying hard not to cry himself.

David had been his mentee. He had traveled for some weeks for a project and gotten back only few days back. He hadn’t even had the opportunity to sit down and talk with David.

He dismissed the gathering telling them that more information about his funeral would be communicated duly.

Pastor Moses stood, watching everyone leave. Bitter tears stung his eyes. He felt strongly in his spirit that David’s death had something to do with fornication. David has whispered a few words to him before he gave up the ghost and although, they were not very clear words, he had been able to put two together and got an idea of what had happened.

He had noticed David’s closeness with a new girl when he came back from his trip days back. He had watched them for a while and whenever he came close to the lady, he discerned that there was something unusual about her.

He had planned to call David to warn him about her but he was too late.

The girl carried a curse and David had been victim of it most likely because he had sexual relations with her.

David had been struggling with sexual sin for a while and had even made several mistakes in the past with ladies. 
Pastor Moses remembered how David had shared his problem with him one morning when he came to visit him at his house.

He had admonished him to avoid having unnecessarily close relationships with ladies, pending when he would completely overcome the struggle. David adhered to his counsel and stayed away from love relationships with ladies even when it was obvious that he could have almost any lady he wanted in the fellowship.

Mary’s friend must have seduced him and since he wasn’t so strong he fell.

Pastor Moses wished that the young people he led would realize that sexual sin was deeper than they saw it. Apart from it being a sin, it’s a clear access for the devil. Every time they fell for it, they gave the devil legal access into their lives. David had fallen and unfortunately, he got involved with a very wrong person.

Pastor Moses nodded his head painfully as he walked out of the Chapel.

As days went by, Temi finally came around and she told Mary everything that had happened between her and David but to her surprise, Mary did not condemn or judge her like she expected. Instead Mary began to speak to her from scripture.

“Your life is worth more than this Temi. Jesus paid for your life with His blood and still you have not accepted Him into your life” Mary said as they walked to the tap to fetch water one evening.

“What else should I do? I follow you to church, isn’t that enough?” Temi asked.

“You have been to church with me several times but you have not accepted Jesus. I didn’t talk to you about it before because I didn’t want to scare you away. Temi, Jesus Christ loves you and He died for your sake. He died to redeem and deliver you from sin, death and eternal damnation but unless you willfully accept Him into your life, you can not have access to any of these things”

“How do I accept Him? What do I need to do?”

“All you need to do is believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord over your life. Renounce your loyalty to any other god and pledge your allegiance to Jesus Christ.” Mary said. They had gotten to the tap and thankfully, no one was there.

“Mary, I don’t know so much but I believe in what you believe. I see the peace you have and I want it too. But trust me, if Jesus knew half of the things I do and the thoughts in my heart, He wouldn’t want me to give Him my life. My life is a mess.” Temi said, looking down in pain.

Mary turned off the tap as their buckets were full. “It’s His job to fix that mess Temi. You can not fix everything broken in you by yourself and that’s why You need Him. If you believe in Him and surrender your life to Him, He will fix you, one crack at a time. He loves You, very much and He does not condemn You. The Bible teaches us in the Book of Romans chapter 10 verse 12 and 13 that faith eliminates the distinction between people, for Jesus is the same Lord for all. And He has enough treasures to lavish generously upon all who call on him. And it’s true: ‘Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be rescued and experience new life’. Temi, if you believe and call upon Him, you will be saved.”

“I believe.” Temi said, tears rolling down her face. “I’ve done so many wrong and evil things but it’s not my fault, something always pushes me to do wrong even against my will. If accepting Jesus will take that thing away, then I’m ready to accept Him as my Lord.”

“Jesus will fix you. I’m glad you’re ready to accept Him and I’m honored to lead you to Him, just repeat these words after me, you can add your own words to it, just express everything you feel to Jesus, He’s listening to you.”

That evening, Mary led Temi to Jesus and they prayed together. Temi was full of joy, she excitedly listened as Mary told her more about God, Jesus, His death and even the Holy Spirit. Mary told her that the Holy Spirit could dwell in her and direct her. Temi was too excited to even have dinner, she went to bed smiling.

But her joy seemed short lived as she was attacked in her dream that same night. She woke up with a shout, someone was running after her in her dream and had almost caught up with her when she woke up.

“What is it?” Mary asked as she rushed to her bedside.

“I had a bad dream” Temi replied and began to cough. And that marked the beginning of another battle for Temi. She fell terribly sick and Mary became scared. She attempted taking her to the sickbay but Temi refused and begged her to call her mother instead.

Mary called her mother and the woman begged her to bring Temi home.

Temi’s hometown was far in the South, about 6 hours drive from school. Mary called the prayer secretary of the fellowship and informed him and he agreed to go with them.

So early, the next morning, they set out to Temi’s hometown. It was a Friday and Mary hoped to get back to school before the weekend was over.

The journey was long and uneventful. They got to Temi’s hometown after 7 hours. It was a small town with small houses. They got a cab and described Temi’s house to him. The Taxi was so old that it looked like it could fall apart any minute.

“Your money is 300 naira o” The cab driver said in a very thick Yoruba coated English.

“We’ll pay 200 naira please” Francis, the prayer secretary pleaded.

“Make una bring 250” The man switched to pidgin.

They agreed and got into the cab.

Temi’s mother was sitting outside the house, washing clothes when they arrived. The house was a little flat that looked like it was built centuries ago, but it was better than the surrounding houses which were all built with mud. Litters of papers were everywhere and little children ran about naked. A smell oozed out from a gutter nearby. Mary looked around and took everything in. She was becoming uncomfortable already but she couldn’t leave. 

“Welcome my children” Temi’s mother shouted as she saw them drop from the taxi that brought them. Cleaning her hands on her wrapper, she ran towards them. She was a small woman that had a very striking resemblance with Temi. She was dark but very beautiful. She had two thick tribal marks running down each of her cheek.

“Thank you ma” Mary answered. She and Francis supported Temi as they climbed down from the Taxi.

On seeing her daughter, Temi’s mother began to wail. “You this child! I warned you o. I told you several times. Now see what you have done. You have given your father’s family a cause to laugh at me. After everything I suffered”

“Ma, how do you know what’s wrong with her?” Mary asked, surprised at the woman’s outburst.

“How won’t I know? Only one thing can cause this for Temi and it’s having sexual relationship with a man.”

“I don’t understand ma” Mary said looking confused. Her arms were beginning to hurt from supporting Temi’s weight. Seeing her distress, Temi’s mother came to help her.

“Let us go inside, I’ll explain”

They all walked inside the house, which was worse inside than it was, outside. The living room was very small with sparse furniture; an old wooden table, a big worn out cushion chair and two white plastic chairs. They laid Temi on the cushion chair and her mother went to sit beside her while Mary and Francis sat each on a plastic chair.

“Should I bring food for you? We have eba and ewedu soup” Temi’s mother said, trying to stand up.

“No, thank you ma” Mary answered almost immediately. She couldn’t imagine eating in a house like this.

“You said you know what Temi’s sickness is, please ma, share it with us” Mary said looking at Temi’s mother closely.

“She breeched an agreement and this is the repercussion” Temi’s mother said, looking down.

“Agreement? What agreement?” Francis asked, speaking up for the first time.

“Yes. The agreement she had with her husband. She was supposed to go to school and stay away from men but obviously, she didn’t” 

“Husband?” Mary and Francis looked at each other stunned. 

To be continued next week Friday…

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