The Curse – Episode Six (6)

Click to read previous episodes Temi’s mum screamed in agony as the torment persisted. Her daughter wanted to run away but fear glued her to Mary’s side, who was trying to muster courage. But Francis stood, giving the old priest an unimpressed look. The old man stroked his scraggly white beards while locking eyes with … Read more

The Curse – Episode Five (5)

Tap here to read episode 4 “Temi was betrothed to Baba Osa since she was 7. Baba Osa is the chief priest in our town “After Temi’s father death 15 years ago, a lot of bad things began to happen to me. Three of my children died and the two I had left were very … Read more

The Curse – Episode Four (4)

Read episodes one, two and three The next day, an assembly was called at the Chapel to pray for David. Temi could not go. She couldn’t even go anywhere. She had been mute since she heard the news; not talking to anyone at all, even Mary. At the chapel, they broke the news of David’s … Read more