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Christmas is about Jesus

Every year, Christmas comes to me in different lights. It used to be about the food, drinks and merriment but that changed.

This year, all I’ve been thinking about is the reason for the season; Jesus.

It’s amazing how people have come to make Christmas about everything but Jesus. Many Christmas songs and traditions have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus.

Athiest even celebrate Christmas, saying it’s a holiday and they’re just having fun.

Today, I choose to share my musings inspired by the Holy Spirit to you. This is not a lengthy blog post. It is a subtle reminder that Christmas is about Jesus.

It’s not about the Holiday, neither is it about the food, meat and drinks. It’s not even about the Christmas tree and the presents below it. All these are good but they are not the focus.

Christmas is bigger than that. It is about God’s eternal redemption plan. It is God, sending a savior to the World to save it. It is an expression of Love from God, to you.

Merry Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Christmas is about Jesus

  1. Merry Christmas!!!!

    1. Merry Christmas Michelle!

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