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Dear Blog Readers, We’re Back!

Last year, I lost my blog.

This Blog. Dupe’s Blog.

(I shared the full story on my YouTube channel in the first video I posted this year. Where I talked about my blessings and pains of last year).

Some of you noticed that the blog was down and reached out to me. I got mails from some of my blog readers asking me what was wrong. To some people, I explained the whole story. To others, I just said we’ll be back up soon.

I was already down myself. I didn’t need the extra external pressure.
I kept living day after day, hoping to get my blog back. Hope was slowly slipping out of me.
My posts. My traffic. My rankings on google. My work of 5 years. The beautiful community of readers I have here.

Would everything just go? Just like that?

I was praying. Hoping.

But on another hand, I came to peace with the fact that I may have lost it completely and may need to start from scratch.
I didn’t want to be too broken eventually if I couldn’t recover it.

I knew I didn’t stop being a blogger just because my blog was down. I was very aware that I am the main deal. The blog was my brain child. My product.
God was the source, I, the conduit. So, everything was in me.

But it still hurt very bad. That all the work I had put in would go just like that. I remember reading a blog some days ago and stopping in between to think about my blog.

It hurt.

But I had to encourage myself. God helped me start Dupe’s blog and he could help me recover it. And if he didn’t want me blogging anymore, then so be it.

I didn’t stop praying though. I needed clarity and Prayer would give me that.

Ife Grace was one of the people who reached out last year asking about the blog. When I let her in on everything, she said “There’s wisdom for this. God just needs to show us what to do”.

Then, just like magic, I was sitting down _jeje_ some days back when an idea dropped in my head. “Oh wow! Why didn’t I think of this earlier? For over one month that the blog was down and I didn’t even think of this “simple” thing?”

God works in mysterious and many times “funny” ways. Lol!!

He really uses “foolish” things to embarrass the “wise”.

He can drop one small idea in your head and it’ll change your entire life.
It’s not only when the message is “deep” that it’s from God.
Even the simple ones can be Him.

That was how I decided to try this small idea oh. All the while, I was asking myself “How didn’t you think of this earlier?”.

Long story short, this idea worked. Last week, I recovered my blog. And guess what? I was chatting with my hosting company and they said if it had delayed 1 or 2 more days, I would have lost my domain completely. Because it was already almost gone.

In fact, I had to pay extra dollars for them to redeem it. Lol.

Dear readers, This is to announce to you all that we’re back on the blog. Bigger and Better by God’s Grace!

My heart is so full and thankful. I’m so thankful to everyone who reached out. You are really amazing.

Your support is needed now very much. How?

  1. Read the blog. There’s a plethora of posts here. I’m still trying to rise back and get traffic. But I know that’ll happen in no time. The Glory of this latter temple will even be greater ?
  2. Leave a comment, share with your friends,etc.
  3. Bring partnerships and collaborations to me. I’m open to them. Let me advertise your business, brand, or service. Send me and email
  4. Stay tuned and subscribed. More amazing and helpful content are coming. A lot of revamping will be happening this year too!

Thanks for sticking around. No parking. No stopping. We keep moving in the power of His might.

Sending loads of love ❤. God bless you and happy new year.

12 thoughts on “Dear Blog Readers, We’re Back!

  1. Oh dear, glad to have you back. This happened to me last year and to be honest it was a bit frustrating, but with the Holy Spirit comes clarity and strength for better days!

    Welcome back Dupe?

    1. Yes. The Holy Spirit definitely gives clarity and strength. Thank you so much Sadiya

  2. Welcome back Dupe ❤️

    1. Thank you Jemimah ❤

  3. Congratulations ma. I pray for more wins. The post just made me remember the journey of a believer, we go through storms but Jesus is still in the boat to save us.

    1. Oh how accurate! May we always rely on and find strength in God. Thank you Hannah ❤

  4. Welcome back Dupe…it’s good to have u back

    1. Thank you so much!

  5. Congratulations Mama loads of love, welcome back ma

    1. Thank you so much!

  6. Welcome back

    1. Thank you!

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