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“Fura de Nono” (Millet Cereal), Recipe and Nutritional Value.

In the Spirit of the Sallah Celebration, I’ve decided to share my recipe for a northern drink called “Fura de nono” Translated as “millet and milk gruel”.

Fura de Nono or Millet cereal is a type of beverage popular to and consumed by northern Nigerians – the fulani specifically. The fulani ladies are usually seen in their native attires and a calabash where they store the millet cereal for sale.

Fura balls are made from millet flour which has been spiced with ginger, cloves and sometimes, pepper. It is a very healthy and satisfying dish. It is also one dish you can personalize by your choice of diary (I didn’t use the “Nono” in this post, I used yoghurt instead).

Nutritional Value

Fura (millet) contains vital nutrients such as Vitamins, Magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, antioxidants etc.

These help in;

• Lowering the cholesterol in the body,

• Reducing the effects of migraine and heart attack,

• Reducing the risk of having type 2 Diabetes.

• Protection against breast cancer and childhood asthma.

Yoghurt, bananas, dates and coconuts are all very healthy for general function of the body.

I made fura de nono last week Sunday and I made it to my taste (All natural, enough fruits and zero sugar).


• Three balls of Fura

• Three pieces of banana (you can use more but not more than 5)

• A sachet of any yoghurt (I’m staying away from sugar so I used an unsweetened yoghurt)

• Four pieces of dates.

• A small pieces of coconut.


Slice the bananas into small pieces.

Open the dates and put the seeds away.

Cut the coconut into small chunks.

Put in a blender and pour the yogurt with little water.

Blend everything together for about 2 minutes.

It will come out thick or watery, depending on the amount of water added.

The bananas gave mine a different color.

This is mine. I sprinkled grated coconuts.

This is the popular local fura de nono

Find a “fura spot” Close to you and try this home recipe.

Nigeria’s Vice President on his visit to Kaduna State.

Happy Sallah to all my Muslim readers.

5 thoughts on ““Fura de Nono” (Millet Cereal), Recipe and Nutritional Value.

  1. Nice post dear, thank you for the eye opening, I have always love fura but never know it’s this rich, keep it up

    1. Thank you so much ma ❤

  2. Nice one.

    1. Thanks boo

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