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The article “High fliers are information getters” was written by Shotunde Oluwasegun

Who is a Highflyer?

A person or a type of *aircraft* that flies at high elevations.

Similarly an Highflyer is a person who has the potential to be very successful, especially academically or in business (endeavors).

In this context, the aircraft is a medium of flight, and this flight is information.

What then is information?
✴ Things that are or can be known about a given topic; communicable knowledge of something.

✴ In other words information is what is conveyed or represented by a particular arrangement or sequence of things.

As you aspire to soar to your new height in life, understand that,the level of your flight is determined by the information that you receive.

So, get information because, the greater/weightier the information you have, the greater your ability to fly to higher heights.

When you get relevant information, your life becomes an attractive force. This information keep you on the firing line,and you begin to expand and fly High.

In Creative space like music and Arts, are you struggling with finding relevancy in your field?

Then I advice you go for information, because Highfliers are information getters.

So, as a person on the journey to his new height, starting from today, get INFORMATION.

Written by:
Shotunde O.T
Contact: 09099181574

Dedicated to Mrs Muinat Awero Shotunde


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