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Surprise Proposal on her Birthday. George and Evan’s Love and Proposal Story. #madetolove.

Set me as a seal over your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is as strong as death, passionate love unrelenting as the grave. Its darts are darts of fire— divine flame! Rushing waters can’t quench love; rivers can’t wash it away. If someone gave all his estate in exchange for love, he would be laughed to utter shame.”

The Bible

Today, we’re getting all the feels as we bring you a beautiful story of Love. A beautiful relationship on the journey of building a Godly Home.

Evan said yes to the love of her life on the 30th of June 2020 in a surprise proposal that George planned. What should have been a simple birthday shoot for Evan became her proposal and the couple will be saying their vows before God and family in a few months time.

George narrated their proposal story to us and it’s the most beautiful thing ever. Read it below.

From George,

“The proposal was originally planned for 2019. That was when I received the concept. So, I started planning towards her 2019 birthday but somehow, it didn’t work and I believe it’s because it just wasn’t time yet.
When 2020 came, I was looking at proposing early in the year but with the whole pandemic thing, I could not travel so, I decided to fall back to the original birthday plan.
Evan is a very smart girl so she was bound to find out. Her birthday is on the 30th of June and she had said in time past that she loved birthday proposals. So she would have known that I was planning to give her that. In order to get her mind off it and successfully pull off the surprise, I had to pray.
Because she had told me that she would be so prayerful and in partnership with the Holy Spirit that she’d know when it was going to happen. So the only thing I could do to shift her mind from it was pray and plan.
I went ahead of her and prayed to get her mind off it. Then I crafted a plan to distract her. I talked about the proposal with her and made her believe there’d be no surprise and we’d just have a small proposal at a private dinner.
So we “agreed” that we’d have a proposal in July when I came to Abuja. She believed I wouldn’t be in Abuja earlier than July. So we began planning ahead of July. I started making arrangements for her dress and hair and other general plans.
On my end, I was already making plans to surprise her for her birthday in June. So I called @culinarypaul, a couple of close friends and her siblings to help.
We successfully made the plan, but when the time started approaching, the lockdown was still in place and the interstate travel restrictions was still a little strict, but I was really determined to do the proposal on her birthday. So I was left with very few options. I couldn’t fly (airports were closed) so I had to go by road.
I needed a good venue and I wanted her to be dressed for the occasion so I told her that I had planned a photoshoot for her birthday with @solomonoluwatisinphotography as part of her birthday package since I couldn’t be there.
So she dressed with a photo shoot in mind. We talked about stuff like choice of outfits and I suggested that she wore her dinner dress which was supposed to be for our proposal in July. But she objected saying she wanted to reserve the dinner dress for our special moment.
That was a dilemma for me because I needed her to be wearing the red dress when I would propose but I couldn’t press too much if not I’d give something away and she’d begin to suspect.
I made her sister try to convince her but she didn’t budge.Thankfully, she called me sometime later saying she had reconsidered and would take a few pictures with the dress.

Two days to the D-day, I got on the road and didn’t want her to suspect so I had to pretend like my battery was low. It was a frustrating experience because I had to refrain from calling her and we had not stayed without communicating with each other for up to 24hours in a long time so it felt strange. She’d call and I’d have to makeup stories.
Fortunately, everything worked according to plan eventually. I got to Abuja and started finalizing plans. I got to the venue and was part of the people who decorated. And she wasn’t aware.
We got a saxophonist and other nice stuff just to surprise her.
I persuaded her that I would pay for a service apartment for her photoshoot as against a studio rental. She wanted to know why, and I said it was due to the pandemic. A studio rental wouldn’t be a safe option. I told her I wanted her to celebrate her birthday in the apartment, I had paid for food so she could eat after her shoot.
On the 30th of June which is Evan’s birthday, she went for her photoshoot first at the studio then proceeded to the service apartment to continue. Unknown to her, I was already in the premises, in the kitchen.
She had already taken off her red dress to change outfits but I had to tell them to persuade her to put it back on because she had to be in the red dress for the proposal. They told her that they wanted to take a few more shots in the red dress so she had to change.
After she changed, they made a blindfold on her to usher in her birthday surprise. Then, I walked into the room.
She was so so shocked. I achieved the surprise proposal and that happens to be one of the happiest and best moments of my life.”

If I had a flower for every time I thought of you … I could walk through my garden forever.”― Alfred Tennyson

Their Love Story

From Evan:

“Ours is a story of Love, Faith and Hope.We met on campus and became friends in our first year in the university ?. Sometime in 2015, George told me I was nothing short of the woman he would love to spend the rest of his life with. But we didn’t start dating until 2018 when he again asked me to consider his intentions, which I did.On the 30th of June 2020, I said YES to the man created for me in the presence of our friends and family.We are just a boy and a girl greatly helped by God.”

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“God’s love supply is never empty.”

From George;

“We were made to Love.
Love they often say is a beautiful thing, but then Love is far more than a thing ’cause Love is God, We love because we were created in His likeness and We tend to Love more and better the closer we are to God. My Love for Evan is a God thing and that’s why it’s limitless, timeless and has no boundary as I often tell her it’s like an irreversible reaction.

The next best thing that happened to me after my salvation encounter was meeting my best friend, and this happened in 2015.
Fastforward to the 30th of June 2020 being her Birthday, I asked the most beautiful woman I’ve met and will ever meet to marry me and She said Yes!
It’s so thrilling and exciting to be getting married to my best friend. I have no fears for our future because our union is firmly established in God. I am ready to show our generation pure and undiluted love, I am ready to rewrite the narrative. I am ready to be your Lifetime Personal Chef, Evan ??. I thank God for bringing you into my life!”

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How beautiful are their stories? ?

There’s no better foundation to lay your love relationship on than God who is Love Himself and it’s always a delight seeing couples who have chosen to make God the first party of their 3 fold cord.

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Marriage Is Not The End Of The Search For Love. It’s The End Of The Search For The Person To Love. The Search For Ways To Love That Person Has Just Begun”

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