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BGM || Interview with Angela Onyemowo, Founder, Oakbridge Foundation

Angela Ejeme Onyemowo is a teacher, humanitarian and educationist. She is the founder of Oakbridge Foundation, a non profit, community based organisation that provides quality education for vulnerable children in rural communities, in a conducive learning centre.
Angela is passionate about Children especially those from less privileged backgrounds and social status. Her passion, converted into action has blessed many children as she impacts the world, one child at a time.

Welcome to Dupe’s Blog ma’am. It’s a privilege to have you here.

Thank you for having me, Dupe.

Tell us about you.

I am a trained teacher, who is passionate about improving lives and fighting for children’s right to education. I am Nigerian from Benue State, raised in Jos, Plateau State.

What do you love about being a black girl?

It’s the first time I’m having to think of this, so let me say, the fact that I was born black I BELIEVE it’s for a grand reason. That’s what I love about being black.

Tell us about Oakbridge Foundation

We are a community based organisation that provides quality education for vulnerable children in rural communities, in a conducive and stimulating learning centre. We also provide links to scholarship opportunities for children at different levels of education.

What motivated you to start the NGO?

Primarily, a desire to give indigents opportunities that their socio-economic status does not provide using education as a vehicle. I have seen the struggles of the rural child and I know they can have better and be better if someone decides to create the opportunity for them.

What challenges have you encountered so far?

Community participation has not been encouraging, you’d expect that the local leaders in the area would support a cause like this by giving land in order to create room for more children, but that hasn’t happened YET *laughs*. Parents’ involvement in the education of their children is another challenge which has so far improved after several dialogues and meetings. We need more volunteers especially in the special subject areas, Arts teachers, Coding instructors, French teachers, Math teachers and so on.

What inspires, motivates and keeps you going?

Ha! The harvest! Every day, I see the same little people who walked in timid developing confidence, I see the ones who couldn’t speak a word of English improve right before my eyes, I see children take pride in their natural gifts (you should see how their eyes light up when they are in their zone and everyone is showing approval of their performance). Finally, the vision I had from the beginning: we’re not there yet, so why won’t I keep going! Hahaha Would you pack up if it were you, Dupe?

What successes have you recorded so far?

  • We have schooled children from Pre-school level to Primary 3 in past three years.
  • We started with one child, now we have 39 children receiving free education across three grade levels.
  • We started in a 10 pupil capacity room with no toilet and one small window (not to mention the fact that prior to this, I started with one child sitting on mortars and short stools), but now we’re in a three bedroom space. Not anywhere near our peak, but better than where we started.
  • Our children are getting the quality of education and exposure [through field trips and class lessons] to things they would ordinarily never have known existed.
  • Our results have motivated people to make donations of instructional materials, including some computers. 
  • We got our new learning centre from donations made by partners who see and believe in the impact we are making.
  • We have given scholarships to children of both primary and secondary school levels for the past three academic sessions. In fact, we had our first secondary school graduate this year thanks to a very consistent and committed sponsor.
  • We have given clothing, shoes and back to school materials to hundreds of children in the community.
  • Our presence in the area has provided jobs for young men and women, these include our paid teachers, painters, masons, electricians, traders and so on.
  • We have been providing one meal a day for children to aid mental alertness and healthy growth for the past eleven months.

There’s more and more to come.

What are your aspirations as regards the NGO and making impacts generally?

It’s a long list, but I’ll give you a few.

  • To replicate what we’ve already started in more communities.
  • To inspire and train children to the point of being inventors, great artists, musicians; to be people who see problems and seek ways to solve them.
  • To have volunteers from all over the world.
  • Build schools with state of the art learning resources, boarding houses, secondary section too.
  • To have our children as exchange students in other countries and have them study in prestigious schools in different countries of the world where they can learn new cultures and advanced ways to improve our world.

Long term would be, to reach more remote corners of the world.

What is your advice to women who are full of potential and willing to make impact but are not sure where to start?

First, pray and seek the wisdom of God. Everything inside you was designed by Him, there’s a book He has written of you, so ask Him to give you an insight into it. He will show you where to start and how.

The first thing you find yourself mustering the courage to start, is most likely the area He wants you to launch out in, so go ahead.
Also, only speak about your intentions first to people you are sure would encourage what God has put in your heart, let the others find out later.

The last thing you need is someone who would tell you how impossible what you want to do is, especially if you don’t look like it or have the complete resources for it. And that brings me to this point which you may have heard many times “START WHERE YOU ARE WITH WHAT YOU HAVE”.

Even if what you “have” is a borrowed baking pan and few ingredients, a proposal or part payment for the tailoring class-start!

Keep the big vision in view, but make little progress, it will all come together just as you saw in the beginning.
Finally, be your biggest fan, measure your progress and cheer yourself on making sure not to compare your process with any other person’s.

Be inspired, but never compare. In addition to that, know and stick with your tribe; your cheer leaders, the ones who criticize you constructively, who appreciate your journey, who encourage you and contribute to your progress.

Thank you so much for your time ma’am.

It’s my pleasure. Thank you too.

You can find Angela on Facebook twitter and Instagram

You can also find Oakbridge Foundation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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BGM || Interview with Naomi Destiny on the Power of Networking.

Ever heard of the saying “Your network is your net worth”?

Yes, a man is only as wealthy as his association.
Networking involves rubbing minds with people of the same passion and assignment as you. Getting to learn and grow in your area of specialty.

You’re as good as the association you keep.

Stay with me as I go into the crux of networking with Naomi Destiny.

Welcome to Dupe’s Blog ma’am. Let’s meet you.

Thank you for having me.

I’m Naomi Destiny, a purpose-driven lady passionate about inspiring young ones unto living a well meaningful and productive life. I write and own an inspirational blog focusing on career, lifestyle, productivity, and personal development. I’m a faith influencer, a certified Accountant by profession, an entrepreneur at Sensationals (a gift brand and consultation company), the curator of Inspiration Diaries and the 21st Century Woman (a faith-for-purpose platform that celebrates inspiring people making impact). I am obsessed with personal growth and development, as I help others develop themselves and inspire them unto living the life God wants them to live.

What do you love about being a black girl?

I love being a black girl because I am a proud black African woman.

Black girls are determined, strong, fearless, bold and courageous. We have so much resilience within us and we are confident in who God made us to be.

I love that I am unique in my own way and accepting who I am inspires others to do the same.

What do you think about Dupe’s Blog?

I think it’s an ever blooming blog. is your online destination for all helpful tips relating to faith, lifestyle, and women. You are doing a great work here and I pray God multiplies you. Keep shining the light!

What is your definition of networking?

Networking is all about building quality relationships and genuine connections with real people. It’s not just about forming cliques or some association of cool girls or fine boys, it’s about establishing valuable connections with people who you are genuinely interested in and are also interested in you.

Who needs networking?

Everyone needs networking. These days, without the right kind of connection, it’s a bit difficult getting a sit at the top. It’s not just about who you know, it’s also about who knows you. The right relationship can give you what money cannot buy. It can give you access to information, opportunities, and places you may not be able to afford. And that’s why it is important we value the people we meet daily because we never can tell where we will meet them in the future.

Of what importance is networking to the black girl?

Networking is one of the most powerful thing a black girl can leverage on to attain success in life. We all need people on our journey to success, people who are able to laugh with us, cheer us up, support us, and recommend our great works to others. If you check your life and you cannot boast about having 3-5 valuable relationships right now, then you must be joking. Robert Kiyosaki said, “The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work”. You don’t have to wait for people to come to you, make the first move. Reach out to people doing great things you admire or hope to do someday, tell them how encouraged you are by what they are doing and if you are able to communicate value, they will connect with you too.

Have you networked before and how has it benefited you?

Most of the significant people I have met in life and places I have worked, came as a result of me being able to network with someone who knows someone that knows someone that recommended me. I believe so much in the power of divine connections through networking because I have benefited a lot from it. I have gained useful insights from the people I meet daily in life, learnt from their mistakes and experience, followed their meaningful advice and shared wisdom, gained worldwide exposure, etc. And you know, it’s always encouraging having a strong support system, including people who are able to walk you through some really difficult aspects of life other than just doing it alone. That’s what networking has been able to do for me.

What’s the first step into networking?

Be interested in others – Serving others is one of the first step into networking. If you are not interested in other people, what makes you think other people will be interested in you?

Smile – People’s perception of you has a way of influencing them to network with you. Smiling at others increases your likeability factor.

Offer value – After meeting people or getting to know about them, try to offer them something valuable. It gives a good impression about you and makes it hard to forget you.

Don’t try to be what you are not – My spiritual Father, Apostle Joshua Selman will always say; Genuine people are scarce. And that’s so true because in a world where we have people faking it until they make it, it’s rare to find people who are sincere and true. Don’t add to the number, be who you are and don’t try to be someone you are not.
Network with a goal in mind – Don’t just connect with people anyhow, be mindful and strategic about it. We all hope to meet great people on our path to success but how many of us are actually prepared for it? Do you just want to meet Mark Zuckerberg because you want to take a selfie or because you have a goal in mind?

Say hello – First impression is also very important in networking. Don’t wait for introductions before saying a word to people, you can start by saying “hello, your dress is stunning”.

What are the benefits of networking?

As it is commonly said, your network is your net worth. The kind of people you associate yourself with determines the quality of your life. Networking expands your network, it gives you the right access to people, advices, places, and opportunities. Networking can also help you generate referrals for your business, increase your level of confidence, and improve your online visibility.

Who can network?

Networking is for everyone who is serious about building the right kind of relationships. We were not created to do life all by ourselves and that’s why God often make us cross paths with certain people. No matter what you want to achieve in life, there is someone that has made an attempt of it. Reach out to those people, don’t die in isolation.

You can find Naomi Destiny on her blog at or follow her on social media on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
Facebook: Naomi Destiny David
Twitter: Naomidestiny
Instagram: Naomi_destiny

Pinterest: Naomi_destiny

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My name is Sarah Modupe Olomola and I’m an African woman from Nigeria and Yoruba by tribe.
I’ve always loved being a black woman, always been proud of being African.

Africa is a beautiful continent and though we’re called “people of color” with the aim of making us feel and look less, our color is a major part of our strength and beauty.

Black first judges you before it gives you a seat on the table, black first seizes you up before you even have a chance to present your case but then I think the irony here is black always has an element of surprise in it especially when it wants to “clear your doubts. ”Ene Elizabeth Adeka

An entity that has always surprised and awed me is the African Woman.

What then is Black Girl Magic?

Black Girl Magic is actually a concept and movement that was popularized by CaShawn Thompson in 2013. The concept was born as a way to “celebrate the beauty, power and resilience of black women”, as described by Julee Wilson from HuffPost, and to congratulate black women on their accomplishments. Referring to a speech made by Michelle Obama at the Black Girls Rock Awards, Thompson explains that black women around the world persevering despite adversity inspired her to spread the concept of Black Girl Magic. With these women in mind, Thompson created the social media hashtag, clothing campaign, and rallying cry “Black Girl Magic”, in the hopes of counteracting negativity society places on black women. – Wikipedia.

The aim of Black Girl Magic Category on Dupe’s blog is in line with this.
Dupe’s Blog Black Girl Magic attempts to celebrate the beauty, attractive features and strength of the black Woman. It also seeks to celebrate her ability to thrive against all odds but that’s not all.
We attempt to push the black woman to reach for more.

Women (especially African) are usually reduced to very little, thereby making them feel relaxed, satisfied with mediocrity and unmotivated to do anything out of the ordinary.

The black woman is a concept that is underemphasized because the opportunities, treasures and limitless abilities that lie beneath her skin remains untapped most of her life. She’s almost like a seed planted in the earth, until she is cultivated by the right hand and just the right amount of water and sunshine, she remains what she is: a seed. You know what they say about a seed, until it buds and bring forth, nobody benefits from it.Ene Elizabeth Adeka

We can do more! We can be much more! Starting from the little things we do to the really “big” things, we can attain excellence. We have the power to shake the universe from our little part or world.

Every Black Girl Magic interview on this blog is aimed at sharpening and perfecting a particular area of the Black Girl’s life.

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Remarkable women have come on here to share powerful knowledge on how to be a better woman through practical ways we all can relate to.

So far, I have interviewed women on areas of the Black girl’s life like relationship, money, love, hate, fashion, friends etc. Some have even shared their touching life stories.

History has shown how much a black woman can do when allowed to fully explore and utilize her potentials.

Women like Folorunsho Alakija, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Joyce Banda, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Ava Duvernay, Ayanna Howard, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Hadiyah-nicole Green, Marley Dias, Serena Williams, Yara Shahidi, Zim Ugochukwu, Sarah Jakes Roberts, and the list is endless have shown us that we (black women) are beyond just plain or ordinary hence the tag ? “BLACK GIRL MAGIC”.

Not “Magic” as in the use of rituals, sorcery or witchcraft but Magic as in being wonderful, amazing and of great value, capable of going beyond expectations and wildest imaginations.

My desire is that every Black girl magic interview you read here makes you a better woman.

Black Girl Magic on this blog was inspired by Nigerian women, dedicated to every Black woman and made for EVERY woman on earth.