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7 Life Lessons Blogging Has Taught Me.

Hi guys! I hope your week went well?

Well mine was quite challenging but I’ll share that another day.

I’ve been a blogger for 2years now and I must confess, it has been an interesting ride. The ups and downs have opened me up to a different part of life.

The blogosphere is a very interesting place. Some people start and within a month, they have booming stats while others struggle to be heard for years.

A lot of people do not see bloggers as serious people. They are of the notion that blogging is just for fun but they’re unaware of the challenges involved. Blogging is a fulltime job for some people, just a passion for other people and both for most people.

These are 7 life lessons that my two years of blogging has taught me.

1. Consistency is key: Blogging has taught me to be reliable, dependable and firm. It was easy for me to be inconsistent when I didn’t have a reasonable size of audience but when I grew to a certain level where I knew I couldn’t disappoint the people who looked up to me and read my blog, I stepped up. I remember when I first picked Friday as my chosen day for blog posts, I struggled within myself, not for lack of content but time and other factors but I knew I didn’t want my blog to be taken for granted because in the blogosphere, out of sight IS out of mind so whether my phone or laptop’s battery is low, I don’t have data or I even have tons of assignment and tests, I know I need to have a post ready by Friday morning and this has really paid off because the feedback I get after each post is amazing and mind blowing. Keep the love coming guys, I’m always thrilled to read your comments and know that my sacrifice was worth it.

2. People are watching you: I can’t remember the first time I was called “blogger” but when people started calling me that, I was surprised. Me? Blogger? The thing is, when I started blogging, I didn’t know what blogging really was but I knew I was doing something I love and I just continued. I didn’t see it as “blogging” which is my reason for doing many things wrong when I first started (story for another day). In a nutshell, people started calling me “blogger” even before I called myself that. Your actions define you to people.

3. Networking is very important: I have suffered a lot from this because Vet school does not give me time to network and collaborate with other bloggers much. I am on The Blogger’s Advocate WhatsApp group where helpful tips are shared everyday and sessions are taken on different aspects of social media and blogging. It’s a group for bloggers where we have professionals and people who can help you in every area of blogging but I’m hardly ever able to chat on the group. I get to skim through the messages and go through the links posted on the group once in a while and it really helps. The need to meet and rub minds with people with similar passion as you can not be over emphasized. I’m planning a Zaria/Kaduna bloggers meet up soon, I pray it works. It’s meant to be a very enlightening, educative and fun time where we get to invite professional bloggers from outside our area.

4. Get Knowledge: Like I earlier said, when I started blogging, I knew very little about what I was doing but as time went on, I saw other blogs and knew something was wrong. I went on to read more about areas where my blog was lacking and I started implementing changes where necessary. I still have so much to learn and my blog is not “there” yet but I can proudly say I have gained enough knowledge from reading and watching videos online and trainings to coach a new blogger and even some old ones.

5. You will never have enough time: I stopped wishing God would add more hours to my day when I realized how foolish it was. There are days I feel like 24hours aren’t enough. I have so many things to do and so many ideas but very little time. I get so worried about this sometimes and end up doing nothing. You have to make time for whatever it is you really want to do.

6. You need people: Humans are the most important entities on earth so if you always have issues with them, you need to find a way to solve that. My greatest motivation have come from people. After the Holy Spirit, encouragements, and love from people have made me continue blogging. My best friend is my biggest motivation but apart from him, I have so many friends that support and encourage me; Hadiza, Oluwatobi Oso(I disturb Tobi A LOT concerning my blog and he always puts me through and encourages me), my very beloved Joyce, Daniel and Sharon to mention a few. You really can’t do things on your own.

7. Find your passion and pursue it!: What are you passionate about? Find it and invest into it.

I’ve learnt so much from blogging that I’d love to share but digest these seven for today.

I found a new favorite blog this week and I hope to tell you guys all about it soon.

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Enjoy your weekend and see you next week!