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Love Is Spelt F-o-o-d

All over the world, February is known as the month of love, and it’s not just love in the air- it’s gifts and flowers, chocolates and fancy cards and bottles of wine festooned with red ribbons. If you have the privilege of being comfortable, that is.

However the tale is different for some Nigerians subsisting on less than 300naira a day.

Love is spelt f-o-o-d.
That’s why Love Showers decided to do something different. Something that actually shows what love really is; Sacrifice. Giving. Smiles.

It’s Raining- Food!

Love Showers is a CSR initiative of Insight Hour Network. Led by the industrious Miracle Ewim, alongside her partner Iwejuo Stanley, Love Showers kicked off her maiden charity event with a bang- Project Feed 500.

And what better place to start than Lagos?

Lagos, although the abode of most of the biggest companies and start ups in the country, still has a large number of people living below the poverty level. People who can not afford a decent meal a day.

Bearing this in mind, Love Showers, armed with goodwill, food bags, and a formidable army of 100 volunteers, spread out over 5 locations in Lagos state, distributing food bags to 500 less privileged persons.

From Agege to Ajegunle, Idiaraba to Iyanoba and finally Okoko, these soldiers of love marched across slummy streets, sharing food bags and smiles to less privileged persons who, thanks to Love Showers, could be sure of a decent meal for the day.

A Sneak Peek.

One of the nice volunteers let us take a sneak peek into the beautifully packaged food bags. Each of the 500 food bags contained:

1kg bag of rice.
Cooking oil.
Seasoning cubes
A satchet of tomatoes.

These food bags were distributed by the volunteers across 5 locations- 100 bags per location.

The Army of Cupids- Our Volunteers

You know how they say nothing is free in Naija? Well, these volunteers proved us wrong!

In the weeks and months leading up to the big day, volunteers all over the nation- students, career people, business owners, numbering about a hundred, canvassed for the cause of these less privileged ones.

Taking up this project like it was their very own, these love fighters solicited donations from generous Nigerians all over to pull the project off.

On the D-day, the 9th of Febuary, 2019, 100 volunteers spread out over 5 areas in Lagos, sharing and caring, and putting smiles on 500 unsuspecting faces.
Love does come in different shapes and sizes- from the plump lady handing out food bags at street corners, to the undergraduate guy raising awareness on social media; to the students packing food bags.

Every act was a gift of love to the 500 needy individuals.

What Went Down Afterwards

When all was said and done, we wanted to get a feel of the recipients- Most of them, no doubt, “never experedit”, in Lasisi’s words. Christians, Muslims, old and young; were all pleasantly surprised, and grateful. Because it’s a happy thought to think that love still thrives in Nigeria- despite all we’ve been through as a people.

While the rest of us had baby Cupids shooting arrows of love, for these 500, Cupid would most likely resemble a rain god, opening the skies and raining love showers. And food.

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