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Currently I am Episode 1

Hey guys! Surprised to see me so soon?

Well I have decided to be more consistent blogging and make one post every week (which is a step forward) and Friday is the chosen day. So head over here on Fridays for something new.

Today, I’m posting about My Life Lately. I finally decided to join the #CurrentlyIAm trend. So here you go!

Currently I am :

Appreciating : God’s amazing love over me.

Anticipating : My birthday which is on the 11th December. I’m particularly anticipating it this year, for personal reasons ?.

Excited about : My hair – it’s growing and becoming healthier by the day.

Wearing : Jean trousers. It’s cold and very dusty in Zaria and putting on pants is not advisable.

Happy about : Valuable relationships. Friends, mentors, role models and amazing people around.

Reading : “The Smart Money Woman” by Arese Ugwu and “Harnessing Your Emotion” by Andrew Wommack

Listening to : Amazing by Dunsin Oyekan who I’ve just discovered is an amazing husband and father.

Admiring : Sarah Jakes Roberts and her beautiful family.

Working on : My reading habits (school books). I haven’t opened school books since school closed and this wasn’t the plan.

Struggling with : Consistently working out. I resumed exercise recently and the struggle is real; from pains all over my body as a result of my staying away for too long, to laziness and procrastination. Once my body gets used to it, I promise never to stay away again.

Determined to : Add value to myself and become more consistent in blogging (I’ve decided to start posting every Friday ?).

Planning to : Make pancakes this weekend. (I hope to share the experience with you guys in a post soon).

Craving : Vanilla and red velvet flavored cake.

Learning : How to cook more dishes. At least to increase the quality and quantity of my wife material yard. And I’m Motivated by CulinaryPaulCulinaryPaul.

Irritated by : People who birth kids with no means of fending for them.

Devoting a large part of my time to : Yoruba movies and sleep and they both need to stop soon.

Inspired by : Nike Adeyemi.

In love with : Palazo trousers.

Wishing : I could fast forward school, graduate and just get to fully concentrate on what I really want to do.

There! This is my life lately and my first episode of “Currently I am” I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

See you next Friday ?