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9 Female Pastors I Love

I’m drawn to certain kinds of women. I like to call them my tribe. Women from different walks of life; fashion, lifestyle, politics, leadership, motherhood and so on. Amongst these women that I love, some of them are pastors.

I listen to a wide (not very wide) range of female Preachers but there are a few that I personally connect with. I like to see them as my Elizabeths. These are women I can’t listen to for 10 minutes without jumping on feet to grab my journal.
The “child” in me always leaps for joy at their words. These women are not perfect but they are very anointed and Yielded to God and continue to make undeniable impacts in the lives of many, myself inclusive.

Today, I’m sharing 9 of these women with you (in no particular order) because I love you and I know you’ll be blessed by them.


Anyone who knows me, already knew she’d be first on this list. Sarah Jakes Roberts is a Pastor, Speaker, Author and CEO. She’s the wife of Pastor Toure Roberts and mothers 6 beautiful children. She is also the daughter of America’s favorite preacher; Bishop TD Jakes. Together with her husband, Sarah Pastors “One Church” in Los Angeles.
Sarah is one of my first role models in life and she still is. Her life’s journey and story is a beautiful one. Her messages are full of hope, faith and life.


Mummy Nike is very precious to me for many reasons. She is one of the first women I found when I began to search for women I could listen to and follow. There’s so much to learn from her; calmness, modesty, wisdom and gentleness. She models a woman who loves God’s Word very beautifully.


Her confidence and elegance while walking in the prophetic is just phenomenal! Dr Cindy Trimm’s messages are full of power and wisdom. Indisputably anointed.


Pastor ‘Debola is a mixture of so many things! A woman of God, career woman, firebrand and pioneer of many great courses. She is passionate about raising Christians whose relevance is not confined to the four walls of the church but goes without and beyond, into the secular world, providing solutions to world problems. Listening to DDK speak is always a pleasure as she has her way with words, accurately and intelligently communicating truths.


I love Priscilla so much! Her
words and lifestyle inspire and encourage the Christian walk of many. Listening to Priscilla preach will make you fall in love with Jesus over again. The words that come out of her mouth are fire, salt, sugar and every other good stuff, all at the same time. She’s a precious gift to the Body.


Pastor ‘Bimbola is the wife to Pastor Tayo Bamidele. She is a teacher, speaker and author. Her messages are filled with strategies and wisdom on living a better Christian life and having a superior mindset. She
is also very passionate about family and parenting.


Reverend Funke is admirable for her strength, confidence and wisdom. She spurs women to better and carries herself with Grace as she carries the Gospel of Christ.


I only started listening to Christine recently and the power and anointing that she carries is just wow!


Peace. Rest. Healing. Intimacy with God. Love. These are the things that come to mind every time I think of Joyce. At the beginning of this year, when I almost had a melt down, Joyce’s messages helped me back up, drawing my focus and being back to God. My SoundCloud is filled with her messages.

What other female preachers/speakers do you listen to?

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