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Goodbye 2016 ✌✌✌

Goodbye 2016 
Goodbye procrastination
  Goodbye competition
    Goodbye ungratefulness
      Goodbye fake friends
        Goodbye heartbreak 

         Goodbye misplaced priority
             Goodbye confusion

                  Goodbye stress 


                   Goodbye nonchalance
                    Goodbye shenanigans (maybe?)


                       Goodbye Failure
                          Goodbye lack 
                             Goodbye limitation
                                Goodbye sickness
                                   Goodbye laziness
                                      Goodbye anger
                                         Goodbye FLESH.

Drop the unnecessary baggage/garbage in 2016.

Let 2016 swallow it up.

Even “friends”

Those who walk, walk with many 

Those who run, run with a few

Those who fly, fly alone….

See you next year ?????