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Is there hope for your future children?

Happy new month darlings. It’s December, Wow! 2017 is almost over. My next four posts for this year will be very strategic. Make sure not to miss them.

But today, I thought to share something different;

Almost everyone I know has at least one problem with their parent(s). Mostly fathers.
Smoking fathers, jobless-angry fathers, wife beating fathers, cheating parents, rich but ungodly parents.
From childhood sexual abuse to neglect to physical violence to emotional pain.
And what I have come to realize is; Fathers with wrong understanding produce nagging and angry wives.
Whenever I’m worried and upset at certain decisions made by our parents whose results we are suffering from today, God always reminds me of something; If they knew better, they would have done better.
There is a strong societal narrative that we must excuse harm if the intention was good; some parents had good intentions but produced wrong result due to the wrong approach.
But now it’s late and the milk is already spilt. Of what use are our tears? Even though some of them (parents) still won’t admit they were wrong and welcome the better way being introduced to them, we still have some parents who believe they could have done better and are ready to effect little changes where possible.

Do you want a better life for your kids?

Unfortunately, there is a category of people that think since they went through certain things, they do not care if their children go through same. If you belong to that category of people then this post isn’t for you because I’m not here to persuade you or make you see reasons why your children should have a better life.

Be determined to correct the mistakes of your parents with your life.

-Apostle Joshua Selman

This post is for people who didn’t have a “great” family and are ready to put in effort to make sure they don’t bring in children to the world to experience the same pain they experienced.
You saw your dad beat your mom for whatever reason and couldn’t do anything about it but what assurance is there that you won’t beat your own wife when extremely provoked? Sister, what characters have you imbibed that’ll make you live at peace with your spouse?
You saw your dad get drunk night after night and the result was your 10 siblings. You have started sipping small strong drinks. Do you think it’s going to end there?
You and your siblings had to suffer because your parents were financially constrained due to one stream of income, your dad asked your mom not to work or your mom just refused to work. What are you currently doing in your life that’ll avoid that for your children? Are you getting a skill or just waiting for government jobs?

Any way out?
You need to identify your parents mistakes, stop blaming them for it, unlearn the unhealthy habits you have learnt and be determined to give your future family a better life.
Youths tend to dwell in regrets on mistakes made by their parents and use it as an excuse for their failures and limitations; that is a dangerous symptom of laziness.

Forget regret, or life is yours to miss.

Jonathan Larso

You know better so DO better!