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To the African woman

“If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire”.-  George Monbiot. Nov 7, 2011 

African woman,

oh beautiful, beautiful African woman

Hard but soft on the inside

Submissive but not subject to circumstances.

Left the familiar territory of her father’s abode

To the house of another man

To a whole new territory

A whole new phase

The phase of childbirth

Back darkened by harsh rays of the sun ☀

Works day and night

Up early, sleeps late

Knees hard and rough from kneeling to pray

Countless nights she’s on her knees

Praying for her husband

Praying for her children

She never stops praying till she dies

Praying for peace amongst her offsprings

Praying to God to keep her man

Mother to both husband and children

She takes on the burden of the family

She’s worried for everyone

She’s always there for them

Yet she is not paid for her work

She is not awarded for giving her all

She’s given no medal at all

Her reward is way beyond material

Her joy is in seeing everyone happy

Her heart swells with pride at the sound of her husband’s laugh

Her children’s smiles are her reward

Her family’s happiness is a balm to her wounds.

Dear African woman, you are many things in one.

A rare gem, a jewel of inestimable value, a mother to all

            Dedicated to the African woman

Happy International Women’s day ❤ 

                       Love   –Mo‘ ❤

Photo-credit: google

Poem : Mo’ and Paul