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FEAR              -Dupe Olomola

“Words set free” they say

But what happens,

when you’re not allowed to speak

What happens?
He had a full head

Heavy brain with a ready mouth

He was willing to speak

He was ready
Words of liberty

Words of freedom

Words of peace 

Words that heal
But he couldn’t speak

He couldn’t let the words out

And like a stranger trapped in a foreign land,

The words were trapped in him
It wouldn’t let him speak

With mighty shackles,

It held him back

It made him dumb
He cried to be set free

He wailed for freedom

But like a little helpless girl,

He had no strength
Who will set him free?

Who will let those words out of him?

The words the world is waiting for?

Who will deliver him from it?
No one could

No one could set him free from fear

The mighty chains of fear, that held him

No one could, no one but his very own self
Writer: @d_upe 

Photocredits: @kemijacobs_photography and @proudlyseun