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10 Things We Have Learned About Marriage Through Experience In Five Years Of Marriage – Pst. Isaac Adinoyi of Koinonia Global

My Wife and I came up with ten things we have learned about marriage experientially in five years of marriage.

This is to help encourage and inspire a young marriage like ours out there trying to navigate the tides of their marriage or a single person out there intending to settle down in marriage.y

10 Things We Have Learned About Marriage In Five Years

1. Quality Communication is Key to a Great and Lasting Marriage Relationship.Things We Have Learned About Marriage

There are many spouses out there whose commitment to each other is only because of Duties and Responsibilities but have No Genuine and Organic Relationship/Friendship going on between them.

It is possible to be Married but just Co-existing with your Partner. Communication is the life force of any and everything great Relationship.

2. Sex is Not all that there is to a Great Marriage

There are other Weightier demands of Marriage that Will deflate the Emotions of Sex at an instance.

You can’t Build a Lasting Marriage on temporary Emotions and feelings.

Don’t get me wrong, Sex is a Very Vital part of Marriage But Not the Only.

Sadly, this is the only thing that drives many into Marriage.

3. Your Marriage will only take the Shape of the quality of knowledge and information you know and haveThings We Have Learned About Marriage

Wanting to get more from your marriage beyond the level of knowledge you have will only plunge you into perpetual frustration, so continuous learning is very key and important to having and experiencing a great marriage.

4. Marriage is not for Lazy People. It Requires a lot of Hard Work.

In fact forget about marriage if you are bent on remaining selfish and self centered.

The beauty and color you see in every great marriage is a reflection of the quality of work going into it.

5. Parenting is Intentional, Infact Parenting is Warfare.

It is easier to raise a godly child than to restore and repair a derailed and a broken one.

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6. A Great Marriage is not Void of Misunderstanding or ChallengesThings We Have Learned About Marriage

However a great marriage is one that with individuals of a reconciling spirit.

Meaning; It’s okay to have a misunderstanding ooo. But we will sha settle.

This is where the level of your maturity and transformation will be revealed & demonstrated.

7. Your Marriage Will Not unfold in Predictable ways

Therefore you must be malleable enough to be able to navigate unfavorable and unexpected paths and seasons in your marriage.

Many are the desires and plans of a man’s heart, But only the Counsel of God shall Stand”

8. Marriage is Full of Surprises

Have a fair and realistic expectation from your spouse so that you are not perpetually disappointed.

The Best of a Man is Still a Man”.

When your spouse steps out of the house, He/She is either a CEO, Business Man/ Woman, Politician, Leader, Pastor etc. And Society has generally being designed to make us put out our best outside.

But many times, when your spouse returns home, they will return with their guards down as “The Man”.

This is where their vulnerabilities and fears become obvious.

You will make a very great spouse if you enhance your ability to manage and accommodate those vulnerabilities, fears, weaknesses, etc.

9. The Devil is Much More Interested in Wrecking and Tearing Marriages Apart Than you can Imagine

Be vigilant, beware of his devices.

If you allow the devil, he will not only raise his ugly head in your marriage, he will also stamp his signature in your home leading to destruction.

The devil is an enemy of godly homes, he’s not friendly at all.

If you allow him, he will repeat patterns and circles of demonic occurrences you never liked with the Marriage of your parents.

This point is for you if you have a history of the following in your family lineage:
– Polygamy
– Separation and Divorce
– Barrenness and unfruitfulness
– Terminal Sicknesses and Diseases
– Abuse, whether Physical, Emotional, or Sexual
– Addictions and irresponsibilities
– Unfaithfulness and infidelity etcs.

10. Marriage is like a duet Dance that takes time to PerfectThings We Have Learned About Marriage

Every great marriage you see today is not only a reflection of what they got or did right, it’s also a reflection of what they got or did wrong.

The journey of marriage is not of perfection but unto perfection.

These are the 10 lessons on Marriage shared by Pst. Isaac Adinoyi and his wife on their 5th wedding anniversary. 

I hope you all got value?

If you did, let me know which of the Points or Lessons Blessed you the Most.Shalom and One Love.

Written by Pastor Isaac Adinoyi and his Wife Amanda Adinoyi

Pastor Isaac Adinoyi is a minister of God, husband and father.

He is the General coordinator of the Koinonia School of Ministry (Abuja and Zaria Campuses). The Koinonia School of Ministry (KSOM) is an arm of the Koinonia Network International, which was founded by Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak.

Pastor Adinoyi Isaac is a protégé of the esteemed Apostle Joshua Selman and a minister at Koinonia Network International.

Together with his beautiful wife and amazing Sons, he is dedicated to seeing Jesus revealed and glorified through the ministry of the Word and Prayer.

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    1. Thank you ma and Sir. For this powerful insight. Number 3 and number 9 blessed me powerfully.

  3. “The journey is not perfection, but a journey unto perfection”
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