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APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN Quotes On Rapture, Ministry, Relationships, & More


“You must engage the ministry of prayer- as a lifestyle.”

“To die to self is to come to a point where God becomes the epicenter of your life such that nothing and no one will ever be able to take his place in your life”

“There are many wrong things in our heart that an opportunity has not been created for them to find expression, but it does not mean that it is not there. So whatever God tells you to work on, just work on it, whether you understand it or not.”

“Many people don’t know God because there are dimensions of God that have to be uniquely revealed to you when you are alone with Him- There are things God will never tell you in a corporate place.”

“Your destiny and that of your children is at the mercy of your spiritual growth.”

“It takes high level spirituality to break free from the yokes of darkness.”

“It takes spiritual empowerment to rise and achieve certain things in life.”

“You are not as powerful as your knowledge of spiritual things, you are as powerful as your knowledge of scripture.”

“Be careful when you become ashamed of process.”


“Prayer is the highest proof of humility, it is proof that you acknowledge that you are incapacitated in yourself.”

“The Absence of God is the presence of evil.”

“Anything you drive God from, you automatically invite Satan into.”

“Do not allow any kind of pressure push you to invite Satan to your life for help. Satan does not help, Satan only destroys.”

“If you think Satan would always appear to you and talk to you, it may not always happen like that. But he will use your ear gate and your eye gate- so you must guard them because these are the principal gates to your mind.”

“True liberty is found when you surrender everything to God.”

“It is burdensome to try to take the place of God in your life- You cannot handle the burden of ownership but you can handle the burden of stewardship.”

“Everything that God gives you always attempts climbing the ladder to seat on the throne of your heart. It is your duty to let those things know that your allegiance is to the one who gave you those things.”

“Everything you get minus God, will kill you.”

“There is power in patience, because you give God a chance to prepare a table before you, and with honour, bring you into seasons that will last.”

“Every time you spend everything that you have, know that you have just punished your future. Practice frugality.”

Apostle Joshua Selman quotes on Relationships, Personal development, ministry, and Rapture


“Relationships are currencies, they can buy you anything money can buy.”

“All blessings come from God,through men,to men.”

“Honour is the key to access, dishonour closes doors of opportunities.”

“Honour is an accelerator, it can fast track your destiny.”

“Favor is the primary reason people prosper, you will never rise without it.”

“Choose your association with respect to God’s agenda and your destiny.”

“Love everybody, but don’t open up the gates of your destiny to just anybody. Association is not by force.”

“Everybody has a need or desire, make up your mind to contribute to the lives of people who have significantly blessed you. It must not be of monetary value”

“The moment you become a receiver only and not a giver, you will lose relationships.”


“You must be valuable. To be valuable means that what you have to offer in the table of life is needed and useful.”

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“Your relevance in life will always be a reflection of your value and contribution.”

“Skill and competence are a cure to a life of lack.”

“The greatest enemy to your success is the last success you had. Failure can be the key to success, mismanaged success is the key to failure.”

“You attract to your life, physical things and scenarios that match up to the level of your thinking/mindset.”

“Never downplay the extent of limitation a faulty mindset can bring to your destiny.”

“Knowledge is knowing what to do. Understanding is knowing how to do it. Lack of understanding puts you at the same level with an ignorant person.”

“You are greater than you realize, you are like an Eagle, realise your identity, flap your wings and rise to a greater horizon.”

“You must make up your mind to honor your desire by striving to rise to the point of mastery.”


“Ministry is any activity that is motivated by genuine love for Jesus and your desire to see His kingdom come.”

“It matters that God is a priority in your life and not an option.”

“We must return to the place of dependence. Thank God for principles that guarantee results, but presence supersedes principles. Principles are effective when presence is in place.”

“Never leave where lifting met you, if God blessed you on your knees, remain there.”

“Over dependence on the strength of the flesh have stopped believers from experiencing the mighty hand of God.”

“You are as powerful as your relationship with the authority that sends you.”

“If there is bankruptcy of fire upon your prayer altar, it would translate into a life of perpetual defeat.”

“Kill all excuses. If you don’t have results, you don’t know enough.”


“Results are also evangelists, there are times that only results can preach.”

“Some things in life cannot be hurried. You do not pray for the season to be accelerated, you pray for grace to pass through it until you finish that spiritual curriculum or else the class you miss will tell in life.”

“One of the ways God makes great people is to allow them go through several things that connects them with the feelings of the people that they will be helping in future.“

“Every mantle has a battle that confronts it. You must be thoroughly prepared.”


“We will not be here forever, our goal is to live as long as our assignment demands, serving the purposes of God and living victoriously.”

“If all of you is seen by everybody, you will not be mighty in this endtime.”

“When people die without Jesus, they are going to hell”

“Anybody who dies without Jesus, there is no repentance again and there is no forgiveness again. “

“There is no record in scripture from the time that Jesus died and resurrected, that any dead person heard the gospel preached to them in hell. This only happened before Jesus resurrected.”

“Telling people about being saved and being prepared for the resurrection is not trying to scare them. Jesus said that when the Spirit comes, He would reprove the world of three things: sin, righteousness, and Judgement.”

“Everybody in hell is now a believer, the only difference is that they believed too late.”

“The power of resurrection is deposited in you when you acknowledge the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus and place your faith in it.”

“Money, Education, Tithes and offerings, etc. would not resurrect you. There is only one basis for resurrection – accepting Jesus as your Lord.”

“Because Jesus resurrected, He has given us the basis to know that in life and in death, death has been defeated spiritually and will be perfected at the last trump.”

“Jesus is coming soon. And there are two ways Jesus comes: He comes, or you go. The day you leave, Jesus has come for you.”

“Everybody Jesus healed or raised from the dead still died- So the life of Jesus is beyond the physical living in the body. There is something you can receive and not perish, it is the life of God – Zoe.”

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