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10 ways and places to get inspiration as a Christian blogger and writer

As a writer, there are days when your pen flows with ink and your hands write nonstop from the overflow of what runs in your head. Days when you have millions of ideas to create content on and you write on them effortlessly and you’re happy at the outcome.

But there are also days when you sit down before your laptop and stare blankly at the screen. Days when your pen lies helplessly on your journal and you can’t piece anything together. Days when you write and you have to erase it completely because it’s a mess.

What happens when it looks like inspiration has ceased?

As a writer and a blogger, you must have understood that your content is everything. Not just content, quality content.

Your blog can only grow to the degree to which your content impacts lives. You must have something that compels people to come back to your blog.

As a Christian or Faith blogger, your posts must edify and bless lives. It must come forth with power; either power to heal, refresh people’s minds, enlighten them or any other dimension.

Considering everything said above, lack of inspiration or the monster called “writers block” is your worst enemy.

Below are places you can go and things you can do to get inspired to write again.


Your Room

This will only be effective if you live alone or have a room to yourself. Cultivate the habit of sitting down to observe. Having a space to yourself is a great way to allow your mind dance.


50% of my write-ups and blog

posts were conceived in my local church. An idea pops into my mind during service and I immediately write it down. Sometimes, it’s a scripture that is being spoken about and my eyes are opened to see more and I

Sometimes, staying around the church premises even after the service is over brings inspiration. The church is an altar that has been dedicated to God so many angelic and divine activities go on around there and if you’re sensitive enough, you can grasp.

Quiet spaces.

An empty class, balcony, staircase etc. Quiet places help you reflect and listen to God and yourself. Every writer needs a bit of still and quiet once in a while. Find time, get away from all the noise and go on a date with Jesus, somewhere quiet. Be sure to take a journal and a pen.


Things like green plants, beautiful birds, hills and so on are great stimulants to the brain. Take a walk or drive to a garden and observe more closely.


Praying in tongues.

This, I can not overemphasize! Whenever you feel blank, drop your pen and paper and blast in the Holy Ghost. Praying in tongues is a great mystery that has divers effects on you.

Study the Word of God.

The Bible is really amazing and I don’t suggest that you study your Bible just to get something to write about. Studying the Bible should be your lifestyle. But I won’t rule out the fact that the Bible is a great way to get inspired to write.

Reading other Christian literature

This works powerfully. I am vehemently against plagiarism so I’m not asking you to plagiarize. I’m asking you to draw inspiration from them. You should have mentors and people you look up to in writing and blogging. Surf through their write ups, read various articles. Allow your mind get stimulated by them.


Songs are a great way to get inspired. Update your playlist regularly with songs from your favorite artists. You can draw inspiration from the lyrics and the Rythm of songs.

Meet or connect with your writer friends

You may not have the luxury of time to physically meet them, but create a system that helps you connect with them. When you meet with people who are of like minds with you, something within you responds.

Finally, understand yourself. Know what works for you and explore it. For me, I find it quite difficult to write in a noisy environment. For you, it may be different, so observe yourself and understand what stimulates the secretion of your creative juices.

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