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13 Questions for Purpose Discovery

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Right now, you might be thinking, I seem to get the point you are making, but how then can I discover my innate gifts and passion? (Innate means inborn, native, inherent, instinctive and natural).
To know it, just take a look at the following 13 questions and write down your answers.
  1. What do you get lost in time doing, e.g talking, singing?
  2. Are there things you would gladly do for free?
  3. What particular life challenge did you overcome and would passionately love to help others overcome same?
  4. What do you find easy that others consider stressful?
  5. Is there a particular challenge you are quick to see when others seem not to even care or notice?
  6. Is there any recurring situation you notice at different places, that you so much hate to see, and would immediately give attention to solving it, if you could.
  7. Is there a meeting point between that challenge and something you love to do that can be of help to others?
  8. For you and the challenges you see around, where does the emotions of love and hate meet? D
    you know?I mean Love for the solution you are providing and hate for the challenge you are crushing.
  9. What recurring common trends and platforms for service and expression have you observed in your life?
  10. If you have all the money you need, and wouldn’t need to spend time working, what would you rather do to help people?
  11. What common thing do people from different places, applaud you for when they meet you?
  12. What gives you profound joy while learning about it?
  13. What are your dominant thoughts when it comes to service and helping others?

Look at all you’ve written, the answer might be an activity, a noble quality, or even an idea.

Categorise them under the two headings, gift and passion

Is there any point of connection between them? Write it.

Do you consider that connecting point something personal, and satisfying enough for you to learn about it for a lifetime and also help others concerning it for a lifetime?

Would you gladly take the opportunity to work with that connecting point in solving problems and challenges around you?

Pray inquiry prayers about it, let the Holy Spirit bring to your heart, noble ideas, thoughts and instructions about it.

Now that you’ve recognized what your gifts are, you must proceed to work them, like I said earlier, you do this through service, specific knowledge and right relationships.

Eventually, you will have to find a way to present your fruits to those who need it and will be willing to pay for it, but give attention to polishing it first.

The law of recognition teaches that everything you need, is in you or around you, its merely awaiting your recognition of it.

And until you recognize it, you won’t value it, and when you do not value it, it will not profit you and might even leave you. So Jane, what will you do with what you’ve seen?


Can an individual discover his or her innate gifting and wiring without being in Christ?

I would say Yes.

If you’ve been following my communications, you would have seen that all men were created by God with specific goals in His heart, which informed or determined their formation and design.

Any individual can use the questions I asked earlier to note specific things peculiar to them, and if they work with it and become productive on it, while being intentional about the value it brings to those who need it and will reward them for it, they will certainly get results.

And by the results he/she gets, such an individual may be termed successful according to certain earthly standards, but not by heaven’s standards, simply because the gifts are not being used for God’s glory.

We see this situation in our world today, and it’s quite unfortunate.

But when such a life now comes to God through The Way (Jesus), and he/she begins to bear noble fruits that advances God’s kingdom on the earth, then such is termed successful from The Manufacturer’s view.

Take a look at Saul of Tarsus for example, he was a crusader by wiring, and he was well into the operations of a crusader, but outside of Christ. He was working against the one who made him, by persecuting the church, and he would have been termed successful by certain earthly standards, at least in the eyes of the high priest, scribes and Pharisees.

Saul turned Paul, was known by all and even feared by the church, but this wasn’t the correct use of his formation. His innate gifting and wiring had been discovered, developed and deployed in the wrong direction.

But with just an encounter with Jesus; things turned around, and in partnership with The Holy Spirit, he began to correctly use his life and unique wiring to profit and advance the Kingdom of God.

This is why you need to keep praying for all men.

You owe them compassion, truth (through your own life being a worthy reference point) and prayers, that they will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus, and make the much needed U-turn in life and destiny.


At this point, I think it’s fair enough to say, recognizing and working with your gifting is a matter to be intentional about; also of necessity are the issues of developing and deploying it for the good of others.

It is said that Eagles can fly 75 to 125 miles a day, while wild elephants can roam about 50miles a day, but what happens when both are confined within a cage (no matter how large it seems).

How do you think they will feel? Trapped and unfulfilled, that’s right.

Have you seen the study conducted by Gallup Inc. (a global analytics and advisory company), I mean the study that was focused on checking the role employee’s core strengths play on employee performance and job satisfaction.

Their findings were revealing, you may want to check it. I came across it a while back, while researching along these lines.

They discovered that people who use their strength and talents (something that comes naturally and can be enhanced through practice) in their field of practice, everyday, are six times more likely to be engaged on the job.

I think that’s an explanation for what happens when individuals function in their zone, and also unfortunately, when out of zone.

So aside Job satisfaction and improved productivity, other high points are, Improved health and wellness, Less worry, stress, anger, sadness or physical pain, Boost of positive emotions, Higher engagement level on tasks, Leads to faster growth and development.

Others will benefit from your productivity, as your fruits serves as the answer to their challenges.

If well polished, and excellently served, you can have worthy monetary rewards.

It’s worth the effort, isn’t it?

ALRIGHT.I have to go now Jane, its few minutes past 12.

Please don’t settle for less, there’s no room for mediocrity of whatever sort.

Walk with God, polish your gifts, serve them with grace as you bring pleasure to your Lord and Maker.

The days ahead are glory days. Maximize what you’ve been given, be a profitable steward.

I believe you would have set your goals for this year having evaluated the pillars that determined the shape and structure your life took the previous year.

And if you haven’t done that, please do. I’d love to hear what you learnt from that book by Brenda Ueland I recommended last year when I saw your interest in writing; also endeavor to send your goals sheet for this year when sending that response.

Do everything noble to keep on growing for increase is a character of the Kingdom life.

See you soon, shine!

Action Point: Take a look at Exodus 35:30-36:2

How does this scripture impact your understanding about the connection between wisdom and creativity?

Festus A.

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  1. Wow! This really made me stop and think! I had to really think about my answers to some of these questions, too. Great post!

  2. Thank you Michelle.

    1. Thank you ma.

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