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20 facts about me

Hey guys. Happy Twos day.

I hope your week is moving well.

These are 20 interesting and boring facts about me. At first, it was very difficult coming up with 20 but now, there’s so much to write that 20 isn’t enough. So expect something more soon.

  1. My names are Olomola Sarah Modupe Busayo Mama Abeke. (Yes, they’re all mine?).
  2. I’m a passionate reckless unapologetic Christian and lover of God.
  3. I’m a student of veterinary medicine.
  4. I’m obsessed with organization : I love things being in order. I love planning before time. I could pack my bags for a journey, three months before I’m set to leave. I love clearing my room. I love sorting clothes out before and after washing. I started writing down what should be done at a very young age. I’d write down my little “to-do” list and tick each one as I get it done. I love a perfectly arranged room, cupboard or locker (I may still scatter it sha).
  5. I love a little too much : I’m a lover, not a fighter ?. I love fiercely. When I love, I love with all (but when I don’t care, that’s it).
  6. I hate tea and I hate fish (with a passion) : I lost interest in fish when I was quite young and the reason then were the bones. The bones used to hurt me. Now it’s gone beyond that, I can’t even stand the smell of fish. Whenever I attempt eating it, it doesn’t end well (puke). As for tea, I just don’t like it.
  7. I laugh and smile a lot : Although, the Joy of the Lord is my strength, ? this is becoming a problem because I laugh at serious times and when people are upset and it’s honestly never intentional. Most time my eyes smile before my face does. 
  8. I’m very sensitive : I get hurt easily and I read deep into words.
  9. I go from 100% love to 100% I-Dont-Care and nonchanlance, real fast.
  10. I love my mom with my life.
  11. My best friend is a very tall guy.
  12. I love Apostle Joshua Selman.
  13. I’m passionately crazily in love with bread.
  14. I hate cooking ; I only cook because I have to.
  15. I play a little too much.
  16. I love dressing corporate ; Even for normal events, I sometimes put on my blazer. ?
  17. I love people ; Love is a command. I especially love Nigerians, our diversity and culture.
  18. Sometimes, I talk too fast and stutter when I’m angry.
  19. I love Sarah Jakes Roberts ; she’s my role model.
  20. I’m sapiosexual.

Bonus : I get bored easily ; I can be sitting and watching you but I’m actually not seeing you. My mind is never idle, it’s always busy cause I have big dreams. ?

    There! I hope you feel like you know me better now. 

    16 thoughts on “20 facts about me

    1. that number 13 we so much have in common

    2. So I found a fellow bread lover… Yaaayyyy

      1. Yaaayyyy??? #TeamBread ?
        Thanks for reading ❤

    3. Nice post, u have plenty names shaa

      1. Loll…. I know right! ?

    4. What does abeke mean or its mama abeke? ?

      1. Loll it’s “Abeke”
        Its means “We beg to cherish you”

    5. Sapiosexual high 5 girl! You love dressing cooperate? Shoot me, i don’t.
      I talk too fast and stutter when I’m angry also, sometimes it’s as if I’m crying , sigh

      1. ??… Corporate dressing is my thingy ?..
        Lol stuttering…. I guess we have that in common – The stuttering issue is one I’m really tired of.
        Thanks a lot Funke..
        I loveeee your blog.

    6. Hahaha! You are so interesting. You love bread but not tea… nice one! ?

      1. ??? who said they must go together? Are they married? ???
        Thank you so much!

    7. 5 is so me. I love Love too much. Awwwww
      You don’t like tea? Hmmm that’s a new one.

      Idle head
      20 Confessions if you want to get to know me

      1. Yes oooo
        I’m very weird when it comes to food!

        TeamLove ?

        1. I didn’t know we have so much in common, seriously number 2,4,5,7,8,9,10,15,17,18 and the bonus as well ??

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