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Interview with Sandra Areh – “The Fabulous, God-loving Career Woman – Striking A Balance”.

Women are wonderful creatures of God.

A proof of God’s artistry.

Although with a lot of cares like what to wear, what to use and what not, some of us are still kingdom ambassadors and passionately chasing after God – a relentless pursuit. Coupled with that, some women are career women.

How then do we give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God, what is God’s?

How do I balance my school/career work, my relationship and service for God and looking beautiful?

I had this amazing interview with the beautiful Sandra Areh on “The fabulous, God-loving career woman. – Striking a balance.”

You’re sure going to learn a thing or two..

Dupe: Welcome to Dupe’s blog ma. Can we meet you?

Sandra Areh: My name is Sandra Areh.

Dupe: What do you do?

Sandra Areh: I work as a Personal Assistant to a Legislator.

Dupe: On a scale of 1-10, how busy are you with work daily?

Sandra Areh: On the average 7-8

Dupe: Wow that’s on the high side. How long have you been born again?

Sandra Areh: Over 7years.

Dupe: Great. Meaning you were still in school then?

Sandra Areh: Yes, I made the decision in my first week in school after I gained admission, although I was raised in a Christian home and I loved God.

Dupe: Were you involved in kingdom activities whilst in school?

Sandra Areh: Yes I was

Dupe: Was it easy? Having to do that along with school work.

Sandra Areh: I would say my time was planned, I had what you’ll call a triangular lifestyle- Lectures, church and back to my hostel. It wasn’t so demanding because I loved it…

Dupe: Interesting. Can you share some of the challenges and struggles you had? If any.

Sandra Areh: Challenges in what area?

Dupe: Lecture/assignments and church/fellowship meetings. Did your lecture time disrupt your time for God?

Sandra Areh: Not necessarily. Most of my spiritual activities were in the evening/nights and I had lectures from morning-afternoon sometimes evening… There was really no disruption.

Although, at some point I had to withdraw a little from some spiritual groups because my commitment was dropping due to time constraints and I put in my all into a select few.

I had to be extra deliberate on my time management.

Dupe: Okay. 

Now as a working class woman, has anything changed?

Sandra Areh: A PA job is all encompassing and very demanding. I only have a resumption time but I don’t have a closing time.

Dupe: Wow! How do you cope with this?

Sandra Areh: First thing I did was ensure that my employer is fully aware of my commitment to God and His Kingdom. 

Dupe: Hmmm…

Sandra Areh: Also, Godly character goes a long to endorse that proposition. Secondly, my major responsibilities in church are mainly during the weekends and I work only from Monday-Friday except on rare occasions where I’m called upon to do a few things or when I travel because my job also involves traveling.

I also take advantage of church online, this I do very well.

For instance, when I cannot meet up with mid-week services, I follow online or if I’m going to be late still follow up till I get to church.

I take advantage of my night times to pray and listen to messages.. Then I read books especially when I’m free in the office or at home too.

Dupe: “Also, Godly character goes a long to endorse that proposition” … Can you explain what you mean by this ↑?
Sandra Areh: It’s not enough to say you are a Christian, your attitude towards work and people speaks loudly. Diligence, integrity, respect, love, selflessness and more.

For instance, Godly virtues gave me opportunity to request for leave to attend a Bible school and it was granted with all joy… Even during the period I did one or two things for my Boss and He really appreciated it.

Dupe: Wow. That’s amazing. You’re a very busy woman, do you get enough time for yourself?

Sandra Areh: I do some times.

Dupe: Is it necessary for a young woman encumbered with a lot of activities to look good?

Sandra Areh: Absolutely! Planning is the key.

Dupe: Does one have to spend too much time on one’s self to look good?

Sandra Areh: I don’t think so. I think knowing what suits will save you much time and meeting the right people/professionals. For instance, if you go to a good saloon, the professional stylist will know what will fit the shape of your face complexion and do their job.

Dupe: Yes. Knowing what works for you will save you time and energy.

Sandra Areh: Like scripture puts it, “everyone should abide in their calling ” *laughs*.

Dupe: ?

Ladies are engaged in a lot of things; considering this, do you think we can do as much as men do for God?

Sandra Areh: Yes. I believe in the power of prioritizing and delegationYou can not do everything. Do what is most important and delegate the rest to the right people.

Dupe: Beautiful.. What are the things that should be dropped in order to fully concentrate on important things?

Sandra Areh: Well, this differs from person to person… You’d have to define what is important and give it time. God, your relationship(s), career/business etc. 

Dupe: Do you have any role model or woman you look up to?

Sandra Areh: Yes I do. Lots of them oo.

Dupe: Can we know some of them?

Sandra Areh: Just women right??

Dupe: Yes, just women

Sandra Areh: Pst(Mrs) Faith Oyedepo, Dr (Mrs) Becky Eneche, Pst(Mrs) Funke Adejumo, Pst(Mrs) Modele Fatoyinbo, Pst(Mrs) Opi Agha and more…

Dupe: Wow, great women.

Sandra Areh: Yes, they are…

Dupe: Do you have any word of advice for ladies in pursuit of God and purpose?

Sandra Areh: God is the Ultimate, hold unto Him tighter than any other thing. God first and He’ll compel other things to follow.

Dupe: Wow! Thank you so much for your time ma.

We hope to see more of you.

Sandra Areh: ? My pleasure darling. God Bless you!

Dupe: Bless you too ma

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  2. Well done Dupe! Great work.
    I admire and celebrate you mama Sandra Areh…You are an inspiration and a role model… More grace ma!

    1. Thank you beautiful Ella! ❤

  3. I really was blessed!! Thanks alot Mame Sandra…

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  7. Read every bit.
    Thank you for bringing this Gem right into our homes with just one click.
    I love you Ma @Sandre Areh. The world hasn’t heard about you but it will and when it does, nations will be blessed.
    God bless you Dupe

    1. Amen. Bless you too
      Thanks for reading

  8. This was such an amazing idea d_upe and very relevant questions were asked… I honour you Ma Sandre … I truly learnt alot.

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    Mama Sandra Areh… What can I say? You have been an inspiration to many. God’s grace will never depart from you. I celebrate you ma.

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    Keep it up, and this is just to let You know I, We have all got your back.
    We all believe in you Dupe!
    Thank you for starting
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    1. Awwww?????
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      Thanks for following the blog. It’ll keep blessing you.
      God bless and prosper all your endeavors too
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  17. Nice one. More grace to you sandra.

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    We will all be Great and the best part of it is that we’ll know each other!

    Much Love!!!

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      Thank you so much ma’am.
      I cherish you ❤

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  19. Awesome interview… I learnt alot. God bless and increase you both

  20. Personal I have learnt a lot especially knowing fully well that Dere is a place of balance, thank u mummy, more Grace ma. Ma dupe higher levels in Jesus name. I celebrate u ma

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    2. Wonderful and impactful interview. Thank you mas

  23. Wow amazing… I’ve learnt so much both personally and also about mama Sandra… The fact that she has such a demanding job and can still balance that with God, church work, personal development and relationship is amazing…my respect for her just went top notch and I’m more than proud to say I love and admire her..she’s my front line role model… And also I learnt that with God and good planning one can achieve more than expected in a day

    1. Yes sis. ❤

  24. Amazing stuff! it has blessed me in no small way,I long to be a closer part of the ENI family but I know my God makes everything perfect at its appointed time.mama Sandra areh I have never meet you but am certain God is making you a wonder in this generation thanks modupe,God bless u

    1. Amen to that!
      Thanks sis ❤.
      We’d be glad to have you join us at the right time.
      Much love

  25. I’d always come back to this post whenever it feels like I’m wondering if one can be this balanced and I’m so reminded,encouraged and empowered to keep pushing on. This is beyond an interview,its an imprint in my life. God bless you Ma Dupe Sarah for this platform.
    We cannot overemphasize your impact,goodness and blessedness Ma Sandra Areh, You’re truly an imprint in my life, I Love, honour and cherish you So much My Outstanding Role Model and Mentor. God bless you and increase you continually.

    1. Bless you

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  28. Wow! I was richly blessed by that interview session with a woman to be admired. In fact I can mention but a few what it did to me whilst I was reading. May God bless you both.

  29. Glory to God ????i am truly bless

  30. You know that moment when you pray about something that has been bothering you and you just get pointed in the right direction??? That’s what this piece did for me.
    Thank you Sandra Areh for sharing and thanks Dupe for giving us access. This was epic.

  31. So wonderful ❤️
    God bless both the interviewer n the interviewer?

  32. I meant interviewee

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  34. Balanced Truth
    God Bless You Ma

  35. Awesome such wisdom from ma’ Sandra God bless you so much woman of God
    Much love from Nairobi kenya
    I’d really love to connect with you at a personal level… I’m inspired

  36. Wow such wisdom from you ma’ Sandra
    Much love from Kenya
    I’d have loved it if we can connect at a personal level.. I’m inspired

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  40. You interview a woman of God without asking her relationship life. (Married, engaged, divorce)

    If married, to who?

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