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2019 || Bad Year So Far? Let’s Talk

I saw a tweet days back where a lady was lamenting about how bad 2019 has been for her and she ended the tweet by saying she hoped 2020 would be better.

You may have the same story. 2019 may not have been your year so far. I, myself have had a fair share of down times this year.

As I type this, I make a mental note of the disappointments I’ve met this year and I realize when God said He’d walk with us through fire, He wasn’t lying. Because I’m a testimony.

For people who have had a bad year due to loss of loved ones, pain, disappointments and all kinds of evil, my heart goes out for you and I pray you find comfort in God.

Here are a few words and helpful tips for people who have not had the best of times this year due to unproductivity and want to be better.

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First off, I want you to know that the fact that you’re still alive is proof that your challenges didn’t get you down so you’re stronger. Be grateful for the little things that have gone right in your life. Every time I’m reminded of what went wrong, I also remind myself of what went right. Celebrate little victories. Clap for yourself when you need to. Baby strides are still strides.

Bring yourself out of the illusion that everyone is doing well except you. That is a big fat lie.

– Do more of what you love and are passionate about. Sometimes, doing things you have no interest in could lead to a feeling of unfulfillment. So you must find a way to do the things you love. If you have a 9-5 that you’re not passionate about but have to keep because of finances, then use your leaves, weekends or night time to get involved in your dreams. If you feed them well, it may grow big enough to kick out your 9-5.

– Decide to be better today. The greatest mistake we make is waiting for the new year to start over. This is a terrible limitation that pegs your advancement. Everyday is an opportunity to be better.

Don’t wait for January 1st to get fired up and start making plans. No! Give yourself the ginger and motivation you need and start working now! Be your own muse.

– Be eager to learn. Especially in your field. Make proper use of the internet to learn on Google, YouTube, and so on. Take online courses if you need to. Be obsessed about growth and personal development.

– Accept disappointments and mistakes as a push to be and do better. Avoid creating a pity party for yourself and inviting others to attend.

Have a thinking time everyday. Thinking is really awesome! And I’m not talking about a worrying or an unhealthy tiring thinking. I’m talking about a wise directional thinking, brooding and meditating. Thinking is super productive when done properly. So use at least 10 minutes everyday for constructive thinking.

– Enjoy life and surround yourself with positivity. Life is truly beautiful but unfortunately short so you have to make the best of it. Take yourself out on dates, make friends, make people smile. Surprise people by your good deeds. Meet needs of people if you can. Do good to strangers…

Send a message or a gift to that person that has been a blessing to you

Appreciate family. Just live.

You are awesome and I love you.

Love, Mo’

3 thoughts on “2019 || Bad Year So Far? Let’s Talk

  1. No Mine is going so far so good

    1. I’m glad
      Thank God.

  2. 2019 has shown me some gray areas. But I’ve tasted of God’s faithfulness in deep measures.

    2020 will be better.

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