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Black Girl Magic ✨|| Interview with Emmanuella Olisa on Love

On last month’s episode of Black Girl Magic, we delved into the issue of “Girl hate”. We carefully dissected it’s origin and effects and promoted the need to spread love as far as possible.

Today, Emmanuella speaks with us on Love; what is Love and how should we love? How do you love people who are “hard” to love?


It’s all here on today’s episode of Black Girl Magic.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.
Welcome to Dupe’s Blog ma’am
Thank you so much ma’am… It’s a great honour.

Let’s meet you.

My name is Emmanuella Olisa.
I hail from Delta state, Nigeria, a graduate of the famous Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.
More so, I am an emerging entrepreneur (I have lots of plans in this area).

I’m passionate about helping people in any capacity that I can, I’m also passionate about seeing people being healed from emotional pain of any kind.

I love to encourage people and help them see their worth.

What do you think about Dupe’s blog?

Hmmn The amazing Dupe’s blog?
I think your blog is amazingly unique.

It stands out as a fountain of pure inspiration in a perverse world. I must commend you for birthing a vision like this, trust me, you have no idea the lives that are being educated, touched and changed by the quality, kingdom oriented content of your platform. It’s a great honour to be here. Thank you so much ma’am for having me

It’s entirely my pleasure! Do you love being a black girl?

Absolutely! I love the unique virtues we possess. I’m glad God made me a black woman.

What’s your definition of love?

Love for me, is perfect understanding and accurate knowledge of someone. I should emphatically state that love is not a feeling even though feelings are a component of love. More so, from another perspective, love is a person.

“God is love”
There are various words translated love in the scriptures. The greatest is “Agape ” the Love of God or the God kind of Love. Until a person encounters God, he/she cannot express this dimension of Love.

Would you describe yourself as someone who loves?

Yes I would (by the grace of God). One of the reasons is that I have been in the position where I felt unloved, misunderstood and misrepresented, so when I meet people, I find it easy to love them because I can relate with them regardless of their countenance and attitude because my experiences in life has taught me better.

Are you then of the opinion that everybody is easy to love?

Yes, like I said, if you understand people, loving them will be a natural response. A great mentor, I honour and respect so much Apostle Joshua Selman said, ‘love is a choice and an act of your will” and I believe so. Love is something you choose to do and you do it willingly.

It is also worthy of mention that, loving people doesn’t make you weak rather it says something about your enormous strength. It may be taken for granted sometimes but don’t pay attention to that.

Some people could be unreceptive to love. What do you do when people respond to your love with hatred or cold indifference?

Yes, there are difficult people who seem almost impossible to get along with, but the truth is no one is really difficult if you understand them.

When you learn to put yourself in their shoes you will relate with them better. Some of these difficult people may just be victims of low self-esteem, they don’t feel they are worthy of being loved, some may have been really hurt and have developed a though skin to shield themselves from being hurt again, so they try to mask their weaknesses with toughness.

Some are just ignorant and intimidated. My experiences in life has taught me to see beyond what everyone see on the surface.
Intricately, everyone needs love, but our backgrounds are different which affected a lot of us on this matter.
Like I said earlier, understanding makes the difference. Once you understand people, that’s 90% what you need to love them.

The Bible makes us understand that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. There was no assurance that we were going to receive His Sacrifice of love but He died and gave love regardless.

Thank you so much for these wisdom nuggets ma.
It’s been a blessing speaking with you

Glory to God!
Thank you also for having me. It’s a privilege.

8 thoughts on “Black Girl Magic ✨|| Interview with Emmanuella Olisa on Love

  1. Amazing. Thank you so much Dupe Sarah. Mummy Ella I celebrate ur uniqueness…u are an amazing personality. Truthfully speaking understanding people makes the difference when dispensing love. God bless you both!

    1. Amen! Thank you so much Mama na

  2. I love. I love Dupe’s blog. I love Ella. Go girls!

    1. Thank you so much Iye ❤❤❤❤

  3. Thank you so much!!very inspiring!

    1. Thanks for reading ❤❤

  4. Wow!!! Love is a choice we must all choose! Thank you Ma Ella for an insightful session .
    And special thanks to the pioneer of this vision @lifestylebymo..More Grace Ma’am.

    1. God bless you

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