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Meet my latest product – The Love and Gratitude Journal. Pre order and get your copy

I’m so excited to be sharing my latest product with you my dear blog readers. I have been working on this product for a while and it brings me so much joy to see the fruit of my mind become flesh to God’s Glory.

This is the Love and Gratitude Journal. A journal aimed at fostering the spirit of love and gratitude in our relationships (both romantic and platonic).

Here you go, use this journal to document the great and significant things your partner or people in your life do for you and the ways you hope to reciprocate that act of love. Not as an act of competition on who does more.
But to encourage remembering the good things, amplifying them over the bad, and reciprocating them for a sweeter and stronger relationship.

Just like we write out testimonies and answered prayers in our journal and we go back to look at them for strength when things get tough again, you will go back to your gratitude journal and see reasons to love, forgive, and be kind to people around you because you will be reminded of the ways they’ve been a blessing to you.

Get your copy today! Pre order at just 1,400 naira. When the prep order date elapses, the price goes back to 1,700.

Buy this as a wedding present for your friends, family, and relatives. Let us foster the spirit of love and gratitude together.

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I await your orders ❤

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10 things the Christian lady should do in her twenties 20s

Your twenties are very defining years of your life. This is not to say that if you have passed your twenties then all hope is lost. No.
Hope is never lost with God. And whatever age you may be, the day you decide to change your life for the better is the day your life begins to change.

But this post is particularly for ladies in their twenties who need direction on what to do. Your twenties are a very significant time in your life and such a great time to ensure some things are intact. The world has so much to say about things we should do in out twenties. All kinds of bucket lists to be ticked. But as believers, our priorities differ so, our focus will definitely be different. This is why this blog post was made. To help the Christian lady know what to focus on.

If you fail to do the important things now, it’s still fine. It’s just important to note that it is way better to be on the right part and build your life now than to try to fix it later or try to find the right path later when you could have just done it earlier.
It’s okay to make mistakes and bad decisions but when we realize that at some point in our lives, our mistakes and decisions stop affecting just us. They start affecting many people connected to us, both now and in future, we’ll try to minimize the number of mistakes we make.

Also, God’s plan and purpose for our lives will be delayed or even completely erased if we fail to align, and set ourselves on the right path.

So, I’m sharing few things Christian ladies in their twenties should start working on doing if they haven’t already started. This post is for ladies who have gone way past their twenties too. It’s never too late to start.

Share this with all the ladies in your life.

1. Strengthen your relationship with God

Your twenties is a great time to start solidifying your relationship with God. Whether you have had a great relationship with God before now or your relationship with God has been shaky. This is the time to sit down and build that relationship by developing healthy Christian habits that draw you closer to God and helps you see Him better.

Listen to great preachers and messages about Jesus. But more importantly, study your Bible and take your quiet time with God very seriously.
No age automatically comes with knowing God. It is your efforts to spend more time with God that yields results and makes you a person filled with the Spirit of God.
So, don’t wait any further! Dive into the word of God, study, worship, spend time with God, and be immersed in Him.

2. Get a clue about purpose

Your life was intentionally arranged by God. There’s a reason you’re on earth and God is going to reveal the picture to you in small parts.
Now is the time for you to press into God and begin to receive light and direction for where God wants to take you.
You will begin to receive hints and clues. Grab them, and work with them. Find people of like minds, be encouraged by them and encourage them too.

3. Develop great mental strength

Your mind is your asset. The core of your functioning as a human.
This is the place where God starts to transform a person or Satan starts to destroy a person. Focus on your mind and what you feed it with.
Feed your mind with resources that strengthen it and not weaken it. The first thing your mind should feed on is the word of God (Rom 12:2). Let your mind be renewed by God’s Word every second.
Then, feed on healthy materials. Podcasts, books, blogs, documentaries, videos, even movies if they help you become better.
Strengthen your mind with the right principles and philosophies.

4. Have settled convictions about God

This is extremely important. Let your convictions about God be deep and certain.
Seek to know Him more personally. Listen and read deep and revelatory teachers of the Word and follow people who love and are following Christ. People whose convictions about God is clear.
But more importantly again, know God for yourself. Be firm in faith. Stay rooted, unmoveable.
Let no one sway you around with different kinds of beliefs.

5. Confront your fears

If you’re someone who doesn’t fear much, that’s amazing. But if you’re someone who has loads of fears on different areas of life, this is a great time to confront them and put them under your feet.
For one, the Word of God is the solution to every form of fear, no matter how unique it is. If you searched the Word deep enough, you’d find scriptures that addresses everything you fear and when you engage them, you’ll be surprised how fear will be brought under you.
Don’t let fear keep plaguing you or you’ll become a slave to it. Find people who have overcome that fear and let them show you the way.

6. Develop healthy habits now

Eating healthy, working out, being kind to people, meditating, volunteering, respectfully disagreeing with people without being insulting, being confident, managing relationships, and being content.
Develop habits that make for a happy, healthy, successful, and peaceful life.

7. Think about money

Money is carnal, yes. But it is a very important tool here on earth. The Bible says that money answers all things (Ecc 10:19).
This is the time for you to begin to look at money and your money making abilities. The time to study about finances and how it works. The time to ask God to teach you how to profit (Isaiah 48:17).
You may still be enjoying freebies and bonuses from friends and family for now but that will not continue forever. And even if it does, you want to be able to say confidently that you have your own portion that you have worked for.
Learn about making money, businesses, and investments. Read books.
If you intend getting married, it is important for you to be financially balanced to be a suitable help meet. The Bible talks about the Proverbial woman who goes out, sees a field that looks good and buys it for her family (Prov 31:16).

She didn’t have to call her husband to ask for money in that scripture. She was even said to be a business woman who makes clothes and sells them. She was a “smart money woman” (Prov 31:24).

Even if marriage is not in your plan at the moment (or ever), it is important for you to have something good going on concerning money.
You make life much easier for your family and everyone else when you have something for yourself. You aren’t totally dependent on anyone. Neither are you a parasite.
You are able to finance good causes on earth, give to the poor (Prov 31:20), sow seeds, help people like Tabitha (Acts 9:38) and push kingdom projects forward.

You may not necessarily be a billionaire (immediately) but you can start from somewhere and be committed to growth and learning.

8. Have fun… sensibly

This is part that the world magnifies to you. Many people keep saying your 20s is the time to have fun, travel, and take all the risks in the world.
I agree.
But let everything be done in wisdom and with moderacy.
Take calculated risks.
Go for fun activities but don’t compromise.
Travel if it is within your means.

9. Grow reasonable relationships.

This is a whole book on its own. But I’ll summarize it.
Meet people. Be kind to everyone. Make friends with the right people who have the same values as you and will help you grow. Networkkk.
Keep toxic people away but don’t cut people off unnecessarily.
If love finds you, don’t run away.

10. Start making your own decisions

This is the final one I’ll talk about because it’s one I just started working on recently myself.
I read somewhere that when you stop asking people for advice on every single thing and start making your decisions by yourself more often, it makes you trust yourself more.
This is profound.
It is good to ask for counsel and listen to great people so that you don’t make unnecessary mistakes.
But at this point in your life, you shouldn’t still be running to people for advice on every basic decision you need to make. Train yourself to look carefully at options and decide.
You will make many stupid mistakes, yes.
But you will grow. You will learn. And you will trust yourself and the Holy Spirit in you more.
When you don’t have access to mentors and friends to seek advice from, you will confidently make decisions and face the outcome gracefully.

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Are you in your twenties? Let me know what you picked from this post and what you think is important to learn.

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My Secondary School Crush || A Powerful Short Story

I had a crush in secondary school.

He was a senior in my secondary school who was so handsome, he gave me butterflies. I adored that boy. He had no flaw or imperfection in my eyes. He was perfect.
He was my senior by far but that didn’t stop me from falling. I remember how I’d stay back after school every time the seniors had a football match. I hated football but I’d wait back after school for every football game just to stare and behold his beautiful face.

I was struck. Enchanted.

Unfortunately/Fortunately, he never saw me that way. He saw me like a little sister (?). The only communication we had was “Hello” and “Hi”. At least he knew I existed (Thank God).

I remember the day he called me beautiful.

Well, I’m not sure he was talking to me because there was a lady beside me that day. But I chose to believe he was talking to me.

I almost didn’t sleep that day. I planned our wedding in my mind that night. I had married him, he just wasn’t aware.

I continued to crush on him until he graduated and left
me crushed.

Anyways, after my crush left, I forgot about him after some time and focused on getting better at school and developing myself.
I was a quite smart kid. I read wide and my mind moved really fast.

At 16, I could hold intelligent conversations with 25 year olds and above. If you didn’t see me in school uniforms, you’d never know I was a young girl.
The level of my mind made me attract older friends which further made me grow mentally.

I became very good at communication, I read more books, my writing improved, I was just experiencing all round flourishing personally.
Fast forward to few years later, My crush sent me a DM on Instagram.

Imagine my surprise when he sent “Hey dear”.

He liked a couple of my pictures and we got chatting. I went through his pictures and he had gotten even more handsome.

After some days, he asked to see me when he was back in town because he had traveled out of town for a training. I said yes, so when he got back, we went out to have lunch.

We ateand talked and by the end of that day, I knew that my crush was crushing on me.

The only problem was that I was no longer crushing on him. Very sad something. We still stayed in touch though because for some reason, he believed I would change my mind.

Some weeks later, I met another guy at the gym. He was tall, well built and very fine as well ☺. One talk led to another and he got my number.

By the end of that week, he made his intentions known, he was feeling the girl and wanted me to be his lady.

I don’t want this story to be extraordinarily long so I’ll just cut it short. I said NO to our gym uncle because I felt he was a little too old and we didn’t share certain core values.
Only for me to find out few days later that Our gym uncle is the cousin of my secondary school crush and I had no idea. They even lived together.
Can you imagine?

My 16year old self many years back would never have believed that it is possible to have my crush begging me to date him. Talk less of his cousin who was older and finer.

I shared this story because there’s a valid lesson I want to pass across.

Everything you want in this life also wants you but not this version of you.

Apostle Joshua Selman

Those people you want to be friends with, The Car you want to have, The House you’re passionate to have, People you admire, Relationships you want to be part of, etc.

All of these things and more will come to you by themselves the moment you become a better version of yourself.

Dear young girl, that guy that looks like he’s way out of your league and is treating you like thrash as a result. He’s only doing that because of the current version of you that he sees.

Growth attracts so many things.
A child may cry for new clothes for a long time and his parents may ignore but the moment that child physically grows notably, he doesn’t have to tell his parents before they run out to get new clothes for him.

You attract what looks like you.

Today, I challenge you to stop forcing things. Stop forcing relationships. Stop forcing people to respect you. Stop forcing yourself to pretend to be what you’re not.
Focus on growing and evolving instead. That is the easier way to get what you want.

“Greatness is attracted to your life when you evolve. When you change, things change.”#ApostleJoshuaSelman