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Not the Nigeria we asked for. #EndSars #Abetternigeria || My painful musings

I am very sad at the state of this country. This is not the Nigeria we asked for. 60 years after independence. We are in a sorry state.

Too many things wrong in this country. Terrible living conditions. Beggarly minimum wage. Unemployment and underemployment. Corruption. Violence. Everything boiling down to bad leadership.

I can count the number of times lecturers in this country have been paid this year. All because they are asking for a better structure for federal universities and refused to join IPPIS.

Government wants to privatize federal universities which automatically means the common man that can afford to send his children to federal universities may not be able to do so anymore because tuition fees will skyrocket.

The federal universities are in a terrible state. Inadequate facilities. Large number of students in small classrooms. Yet our government is not thinking of ways to fix that. Instead they want to make more money from it by privatizing it. And when ASUU rose up to fight, you shut them up. You ask ASUU to join IPPIS.

Have you bothered to research and know what this IPPIS is about?

I see so many ignorant students fighting ASUU instead of facing their government.

The IPPIS is just another antic they’re using to take ridiculous percentage from these lecturers salaries. How much are these lecturers paid in the first place? Senators with only first degree make 100times of what Ph.D holder lecturers make. Our president who doesn’t have a primary abi secondary school certificate makes more than all the lecturers in a faculty put together.

When the lecturers say they don’t want IPPIS, why not let them be? Is this not supposed to be a Democratic government?

Did we vote you guys into power to oppress us? Are you supposed to force us to do things we don’t want to do? What kind of Nation trivializes its education sector?

What kind of government is comfortable with having the academicians of its state go on strike for months without responding to their needs? Students at home for months not knowing when they’ll graduate.

It is so clear how much education is not a priority in this country. The big men up there don’t care. After all their own children are not affected. ASSU strike doesn’t stop their children’s education. Even COVID 19 didn’t stop their children’s education.

Their children are in private universities and universities outside the country where they continued learning from home even during a pandemic. But the federal universities? They didn’t even pay their lecturers talk more of putting structures in place for online school.

Nigeria is a mess right now. To be very honest.

Look at the killings happening in Abuja, Lagos, and other states by SARS. A unit that was set up to protect the people are fighting armed robbers is the same one killing the people. The Police that we should feel safe seeing are the ones we see and become scared that we may be killed. These SARS people harass, shoot, rape and kill youths on the streets everyday.

They see innocent people and just because they have phones, laptops, and cars, they conclude that they are Yahoo boys and harass them, arrest them and kill them. Just like that.

Some mothers see their children going out on errands only to be called few hours later that their child has been killed by a police man. Is this fair? Killing the youths. The leaders of tomorrow.

And if you’re a Nigerian and you’re not concerned about these happenings just because it isn’t happening in your residential state, you really need to seek wisdom.

Some of you were all over posting about Kobe Bryant’s death, making him your dp, crying about it, posting about Black Lives Matter movement for blacks in America and carrying matters on your head that shouldn’t concern you very much.

Now your own country of descent and home is in pain. Her youths are being killed everyday but you can not lend your voice or think of ways to help?

You think this thing go finish for one side? You think say e no go affect you? You do realize you will birth children in this same Nation? Are you aware that bad things continue when good people keep quiet?

How can we have a government that pays little attention to our cries. One that takes our pain with levity. A government that responds to our tears and blood with 3 paragraphs of speech and little or no action but is very active with approving funds for renovating the Asorock. When will our pains, tears and lives matter to our leaders? These old men that have refused to use their office well and still refused to leave the office for people who will. Why are they so power thirsty?

How can you respond to a peaceful protest by troubled youths trying to get your attention by shooting and killing them? These people that you have killed, do you know that they have families? They have mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, children, friends? Do you think everyone will respond to these atrocities by just crying and letting it go?

Not everyone will seek vengeance but some people definitely will. Do you realize that you are making monsters out of the citizens of this country?

It is time to birth a new Nigeria. “Na from clap dance dey start”. This will not end at #EndSars This will proceed to #EndBadGovernance and #ANewNigeria

Do your part

Pray. Join prayer walks. Protest. Speak. Do right. Vote when the time is right.

Nigeria will be great again

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