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Family and Friends || 5 Ways To Effectively Show Your Loved Ones That You Care

The greatest physical blessings you can have in your life are men.

Men (people) are gifts from God to the earth. So it’s absolutely accurate to say that you are a blessing to mankind.

People, though filled with all kinds of flaws are embodiments of treasures. You must see the importance of the people in your life to appreciate them properly.

2 Corinthians 4:7 (KJV)

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels…

You must develop the culture of treasuring the people God sends to your life.

It’s often said that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone and absence makes the heart grow fonder.

These are true because most times, we only treasure our loved ones when they’re gone.

This happens a lot in Nigeria where burial ceremonies are a big deal. People who never showed love to their hungry parents while they were alive, end up killing cows and spending millions to celebrate their burials.

Make a commitment to love everyone around you while they can still feel the love. The
greatest way to show love is to spend time with your loved ones.

Today, I’m sharing 5 simple but powerful ways you can regularly show your loved ones that you care.

1. Call them regularly.

Our world has gone social media crazy and it takes as little as a WhatsApp message to reach out to anybody from any part of the world.

This has made us neglect the place of phone calls. Phone calls are very important because they make you connect with people more personally. This applies more for older family members.

Most parents, aunties, uncles, senior friends and colleagues and so on will prefer a phone call to a WhatsApp message.

Take out time once a while to make a one minute call to people you love.

Two nights ago in my hostel in school, I decided to place a call to my mom who was at home, just 10 minutes away from me. It was a little strange because we rarely speak on phone when I’m in school because of how busy I could get. But that night, I just felt drawn to her so I called and I was really glad I did. We had a great time talking and it was really beautiful.

2. Send
text messages once in a while telling them how much they mean to you.

This does not in any way negate the point above. There is a place for phone calls and there is a place for text messages.

Also, some of our loved ones are not easily accessible through phone calls for reasons like their social status, nature of job, etc

For such people, a text at the right time will warm their hearts.

Celebrate their accomplishments, compliment their efforts, show them you’re grateful.

Send a short text to your dad, telling him how much you appreciate every sacrifice he makes. Send a text to your mentor, appreciating their investments in your life.

The greatest psychological needs of man is the need to feel loved, valued and appreciated.

3. Buy Gifts.

For God so loved the world, that he gave…” John 3:16 KJV

Make giving your habit. Even when you do not have much, remember that it is not in the quantity of the gift but in its quality (which is the heart of love with which you give and the excellence with which you package it).

There is no love without giving. Selah

4. Listen to them

This seems simple but it’s powerful.

Most times, we hear people talk but we don’t actually listen to them.

You scroll through your phone while your parents or friends are talking to you. Does that sound familiar? If it does, you need to change. Sometimes, all people need is a listening ear.

5. Be there during hard times.

A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. Proverbs 17:17 KJV

People need you most when the chips are down. When they go through hard times, understand their struggle and be by them.

Never let your loved ones go through hard seasons without offering a hand to help. Ask them if there’s anything you could do to help. Listen to their rants and be a shoulder to cry on.

Bonus: Pray for them. They may not know that you do but it goes a long way to help them. I make it a habit to regularly thank God for the people close to me and commit them into His hands in prayers. When they cross your mind, pray for them. When it becomes a burden on your heart, lift it up in prayer.

Let brotherly love continue. Hebrews 13:1 KJV

4 thoughts on “Family and Friends || 5 Ways To Effectively Show Your Loved Ones That You Care

  1. This is absolutely inspiring. I receive Grace to always celebrate the gift of men. This is exactly what happened to me today, I had to call two of my mentors that I haven’t spoken to for some months now. God bless you Mo.

    1. Great! I’m glad you applied what you learned.
      We should always celebrate men. Everything you celebrate increases.
      God bless you

      1. So amazing. Thank you dear

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