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How to be Part of the 8 Percent People Who Achieve their Goals .

Happy Friyay Guys!

Research shows that 92 Percent of People Don’t Achieve Their Goals – That is according to research by the University of Scranton.

This shouldn’t scare you, there are measures to be taken.

The problem starts from the goals set and how they’re set.


What do you want?

A goal is aimed at something so if you do not know what you want, you can not have a sensible goal. What phase are you currently in your life, what project are you embarking on and how far do you plan to go? This should help guide you in setting your goals.

Do not set too many goals.

You probably have a whole lot to do and are overwhelmed but you need to calm down and select the most important ones; all things may be good but not all are important and needful now. Doing too many things is what weighs you down and gets you tired and weary. So, set few goals.

Write them down.

Research shows that those who wrote down their goals and dreams on a regular basis achieved those desires at a significantly higher level than those who did not; you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.

Avoid vagueness, be specific.

Don’t set vague goals. Be very direct about them, if possible, attach specific days and time. Also, group them under different categories and areas of your life.

Don’t be scared to stretch your self and your capacity but set realistic goals.

Dare to go for things beyond you, but in wisdom.

Have a real destination

I mean that’s the point of a goal right? Somewhere you should be at the end of the year.

“Easier set than reached”
It is not enough to set goals, you must reach them.
To achieve your goals, more is required of you.


  • Be passionate and determined all through the year, do not get relaxed at some point and slack.
  • Be consistent: Little drops of water make an ocean.
  • Have a constant check (weekly, monthly)
  • Have a motivation: Something should be your drive; a friend, a picture of where you’re heading etc.
  • Dont get discouraged : You’re going to have bad days, get back up and continue. Good things take time.
  • Accountability: Get someone that can hold you accountable or be disciplined enough to hold yourself accountable. Challenge yourself and scold yourself when necessary.
  • Set benchmarks.
  • Celebrate little achievements ; goals are a build up of little success. Little achievements are an indication that you’re heading somewhere

Get a book and a pen and using these guidelines, set your 2018 goals and crush them!

Happy New Year in Advance Guys, see you next year. Xoxo

3 thoughts on “How to be Part of the 8 Percent People Who Achieve their Goals .

  1. I agree with the bit about not setting too many goals so as not to get overwhelmed. People try to put everything to accomplish in a year. Like they want their life to be 200% when that’s not possible.

    Idle head
    What did you leave in 2017

    1. Yes, people tend to be unrealistic.
      Thanks for reading ❤

  2. Settings too many goals at the same time sure has a way of weighing one down!

    Thanks for sharing ?

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