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Human Relations Lessons From The Life Of Jesus

One of the areas I’m daily seeking to get better at in life is Human Relations. An essential skill you’ll need here on earth is the ability to build, maintain and groom relationships.

Relationship is currency and anyone who ignores or overlooks it may pay a very expensive price in future.

Looking at the life and nature of Jesus through scripture I see that He is an amazing person to learn many great relationship ethics from.

Below are key human relations skills that Jesus showed us and are still very valid today to build and maintain quality relationships.


Jesus is the Word itself. All through His life on earth, He properly demonstrated Love.


Sacrifice is the reason Christ came to earth in the first place. Leaving heaven was a sacrifice, being the son of a carpenter was a sacrifice and dying, the ultimate sacrifice.
All for us.


This is similar to sacrifice because Christ gave/sacrificed Himself for us but apart from that, Christ gave people material things like food.

He wasn’t only concerned about their souls, He knew they had earthly needs and saw to them.

So, on more than one occasion in the Bible, He provided food for people.


Christ displayed compassion in many instances recorded in the Bible. When He saw the widow whose son had died, the Bible records that He felt compassion towards her and that led to him resurrecting her son. When Lazarus died and He saw his sisters in tears and pain, He cried too and resurrected Lazarus. He went to the house of Peter and resurrected his mother because of the compassion He felt.

Isn’t it amazing that the everywhere Christ felt compassion, what followed was a miracle? Healing, resurrection, provision and so on.
Compassion is the greatest trigger of the Anointing and we see it in the life of Jesus. God can not trust you with the anointing to perform miracles until He sees that you genuinely care.

Zero Judgement

Jesus was never judgemental. He ate with sinners, went to the house of Zaccheus who was considered a terrible sinner.

When the woman with the Alabaster box poured her oil on his feet, he didn’t send her away or condemn her.

When everyone condemned the woman caught in adultery, Jesus bailed her out. Jesus demonstrated to us that being judgemental is not productive and does not show love.

And for every sinner he showed love, he triggered change.

Zaccheus repented, the woman caught in adultery was asked to “go and sin no more”.

We must learn to embrace people in all their “filth”. Only then can you influence change in their lives.

Zero Discrimination

Even though Jesus lived in a time and place where women and children were not regarded very much, He didn’t relegate them to the background. He welcomed children and had female disciples (not among the 12). He stood up for women and appeared to a woman first after His resurrection.
Everyone deserves love. Segregation, racism, discrimination et al are not characters of God.

Friends With The Poor And The

Jesus had poor friends and rich friends. He had dined with poor people and fellowshipped with them. He also ate with tax collectors, healed the centurion’s servant and had wealthy people in his corner e.g, Joseph of Arimathea
(the man who had wealth and influence to request for Jesus’ body after He was buried).

Being friends with only the rich is pride and carnality and being friends with only the poor is folly.

What other lessons does the life of Christ teach you about relationships?

3 thoughts on “Human Relations Lessons From The Life Of Jesus

  1. So inspiring. Thanks Mo for sharing.

    1. You’re welcome

  2. “Being friends with only the rich is pride and carnality and being friends with only the poor is folly.”
    The balanced Woman balancing it here!
    I celebrate you Mo’

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