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Some Nigerian Superstitions I used to Believe

Happy Saturday everyone! Or Happy whenever you get to read this.

How are you doing? Very well I hope.

So, I was having a nostalgic moment yesterday and some things made me laugh.
I was reminiscing on some funny superstitions that I was told as a child and how they used to scare the heck out of me.

Some of these beliefs were just fabricated by somebody and it began to spread until it became a general thing while others actually have real spiritual undertones from people who practice different religions. Which ever they are, they only apply to those who are under them.

As a believer, you have no business believing superstitions of any sort. We don’t do that here.
The fact that most of these beliefs instil fear is enough proof that they are from the kingdom of darkness.

Thank God for God. Thank God for the Bible. Thank God for transformation. I can now look back at these things and laugh.

What surprises me is the fact that some people still believe in these superstitions. I’d like to know what you think. Do you believe some superstitions are to be believed or do you believe they are all talking in the rubbish (lol pardon me).

This is my question; what do you think of superstitions? Yay or nay?

Let me know in the comments section below but before then, take a look at some of the superstitions I was able to remember.

  • When someone kills a wall gecko, it brings bad luck and the murderer will never build a house of his own.
  • If someone steps on your saliva on the ground, you’ll have a sore throat.
  • If you’re sneezing, it’s because your name is being mentioned in a gossip somewhere.
  • If you pound an empty mortar, you’ll begin to hear footsteps behind you at night.
  • If you dance to the beat of a pounding mortar, you won’t know how to dance. (I’m tempted to believe this one though because that’s what probably happened to me lol).
  • Don’t look at yourself in the mirror at night. (No reason was ever given to me for this)
  • If there are cobwebs in your room, you’ll have nightmares.
  • If you step on a crack, it’ll break your mothers back.
  • Hitting a man with a broom will render him impotent.-If your palm itches, it means you’re about to receive money.
  • If you swallow a seed, it’ll germinate in your stomach.
  • The lines on your palm tell you what sexes of children you’ll have.
  • Don’t sweep your house at night, you will be sweeping away all your riches.

And this final one for my boarding school folks.

  • Madam koi koi (The lady of the night). She’s said to he a teacher who moves into every class room after school dismissal, especially at Night. She moves naked only wearing a High heeled Shoe which makes the sound Koi koi. She is also said to have a long Cane for flogging students.

What other superstitions do you know of?

14 thoughts on “Some Nigerian Superstitions I used to Believe

  1. Superstitions, well I don’t believe in them.
    At the same time I am tempted to believe somewhere along the line folks get so brainwashed by these beliefs and with time their minds accept them and inevitably the universe may have certain things gravitate towards you. Like you dancing to the mortar soundtrack and not knowing how to dance isn’t possible. It just wasn’t your calling to dance.

    Growing up, one I can remember is “Don’t whistle at night” and trust my kind of person I like doing the exact opposite of such instructions I whistled at any opportunity I got.

    Another one I had in primary school is you shouldn’t step on those black soldier ants else it would affect my ability to pee, initially avoided them but the day I tried, nothing happened till today.

    Thank you for sharing Mo’
    How’s the Quarantine break for you?
    Stay safe and healthy! We love you

    1. Hahahaha, lol! Thanks for your contribution.
      And I love you too

  2. Lol these are hilarious! I still get frightened at wall geckos till today ?

    1. Lol they are actually creepy

  3. *Don’t urinate in the river, you’ll wee blood.

    *Don’t draw water from the well at night, demons would enter you.

    * ? Don’t drink coconut water… ??, you will not have sense.

    *Women and children shouldn’t eat chicken gizzard (I don’t know why).

    These are but a few.

    Trust me, I broke all the rules

    1. Don’t drink coconut water… ??, you will not have sense.
      So funny ????

    2. “Don’t drink coconut water, you will not have sense” I’m OFFed ?

  4. “Don’t bring a pot down from the fire with the its cover still closed, or else you’ll give birth to a dumb child”

    This one still baffles me seriously?

    1. ???? most of them are really baffling ?

  5. *If you lose your milk teeth don’t allow a lizard to see the gap in your teeth, else the teeth will not grow back.

    I remember swallowing a watermelon seed when I was younger I was so scared, thinking a watermelon will grow in my tummy SMH, like you said Thank God for transformation. Love this post keep up the good work, Ma??

    1. Hahaha! I used to believe the lizard one too!
      Thank you for reading Amamchim.

  6. To think I had the same post not too long ago ???

    1. Hahaha! For real? Let me go and check it out.

  7. don’t use a sticka to draw lines on the floor else your mom gives birth to a snake in a ??
    The day I was told ehnn…Fear just gripped me

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