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Youversion Bible App || Step by Step Guide || Improve Your Bible Study

I started using Youversion Bible App in 2016 but I didn’t fully get to understand and make proper use of it until last year. It has blessed me greatly and skyrocketed my Word life from what it used to be.
Plus it’s very fun to use and has so many features. I couldn’t help but share it with my readers and the world because some people are even aware of the app but do not know how to get the best out of it.
If you’re seeking to upgrade your spiritual life and grow deeper in studying your Bible, then you should read this post twice.

YouVersion (also known as or the Bible App) is an online and mobile Bible platform published for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and many other operating systems; it also supports a variety of other platforms. – Wikipedia

Daily, people are coming to discover Youversion and installing it. It has already been installed in over 360 million unique devices all over the world..

Some Features of the App

Verse of the dayEveryday, there’s a new scripture on the app for you.

Audio Bible – Youversion gives you the opportunity of not just reading but listening to your Bible.

Various daily devotionalsThere are millions of devotionals on various aspects of life. All you have to do is type your interested area in the search button and it’ll bring up various related devotionals for you.

1000+ versions and languagesI only use English but there are thousands of other languages.
For the versions, I use a number of versions. This particularly gives me so much joy because I get to compare a scripture in thousands of versions and understand it better.

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100% freeYes! All you need is your data to set it up and you can download different versions to enable you use them when there’s no network coverage or your phone is on flight mode.

FriendsYou can add your friends who also have the app. This gives you an online Bible community.

Video – You can watch videos on The Bible, Bible stories etc

Activities you can involve in on Youversion

You can easily share scriptures with friends on social media and via email.

Discover live Church events taking place near you

Different versions help you see different perspectives and explanations of passages or verses in scriptures.

– You can take reading plans and devotionals on different areas of life e.g relationship, love, marriage, work, health, faith, hope etc

You can invite your friends to take a devotional with you on the app. This helps you remain consistent and accountable to each other.

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Step by step guide to the “Youversion Experience”

1. Install Youversion Bible App from Playstore or Apple App Store

2. Set up your profile and picture to help friends find you. You can also customize the app look on your settings by changing the color of the app, font, etc

3. Meditate on at least one scripture daily. – Youversion provides a scripture for each day which you can quickly take a moment to glance at and meditate on, all through your day. Alternatively, you can pick another scripture of your choice from the Bible app to meditate on.

4. Download your favorite versions of the Bible so that you can use them offline (without mobile network)

5. Make use of the audio Bible as you prepare for work, have your quiet time, do house chores or work out, using your earpiece.

6. Add friends wisely and interact – Adding friends gives you a bible community but you must note that adding too many friends may defeat the purpose of the Bible as you may get engrossed in your friends activities on the home feed. So as you add and accept friends, let your aim be to learn and grow in God’s Word with your friends.

● Center your Christian friendships around holy Scripture in the Bible App
● Home Feed: See what you and friends bookmark & highlight and their progress in their devotionals
● Comments: Connect with friends each day as you study Bible truths together, sharing ideas, asking questions.

7. Create shareable verse images. You can use pictures of your choice as the background.

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8. Customize your Bible by highlighting scriptures that bless you and making bookmarks and notes (private or public) on them.

9. Take few devotionals at a time : The excitement of seeing so many awesome devotionals may tempt you to want to start them all at once but you must resist that temptation. When you see a devotional you are interested in, instead of starting it immediately, you can save it for later.

10. Let Bible Streak and Badges Inspire you : Bible streak is a feature that records your consistency on the Bible App. Any day you fail to open the app, your streak is broken and it has to start counting from day 1 all over again. Let the streak encourage you to open the Bible App and read everyday. Badges also are given when you reach certain milestones like making your first highlight, bookmark or note, completing your first devotional, etc.

Finally, take yourself out once in a while and take out time to study your past highlights, bookmarks and notes.

Using Youversion Bible App requires self discipline as you may want to veer off to social media once in a while.

How I use Youversion Daily and how it’s helped me

I read Youversion Bible every morning before I leave my bed and I highlight scriptures I love so I can go back to them. And like I mentioned earlier, this has helped my Word life.

I call it the “smart Bible” because when I’m trying to remember a scripture and I only remember a word or two from it, I just search and youversion produces it for me even when I don’t spell the words correctly.

My friends on Youversion are really encouraging. They highlight powerful scriptures and it shows on the home feed so I just click on the scripture and read it too. This gives me the opportunity to grow in God’s Word with my friends.

I take devotionals for various aspects of life and I learn powerful lessons daily.

It’s my prayer that as you study, you get revelation of God’s Word and grow deeper in your intimacy with God.

I hope you learned from this post. You can leave your questions or thoughts below.

Do you use Youversion and what’s your favorite feature on it?

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