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My Experience at The Winning Mindset, July Edition

Personal development is the key that gives you access to people you admire and respect.

– Elisha Mamman

The Power Of Personal Development was the theme of the July edition of the winning mindset, (a platform established by Elisha Mamman for young people to live a life of intentionality and to explore and develop their potentials).

It held at the Post Graduate School of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

I was privileged to be in attendance and it was an amazing time of mind upgrade and paradigm shift.

I got to meet and network with young and intelligent minds
I met a couple of blog readers too who were really excited to see me.

The program commenced around 9am on Saturday, 27th July, 2019 with Niyi Soyinka, speaking on character development.

Below are snippets from his session

Your skill and competence will almost always take you to the top but character will sustain you there.

Watch your thoughts, they determine your words.

Watch your words, they determine your actions.

Watch your actions, they determine your habits.

Watch your habits, they determine your destiny.

10 Strong values you need as gleaned from Fela Durotoye

  • You must make a positive impact everywhere you go and on everyone you meet.
  • Be a solution provider and not a part of the problems to be solved.
  • Be a role model worthy of emulation.
  • Be your best in the things you do particularly in the things that you are naturally good at.
  • Do the right things at all time regardless of who is doing the wrong thing.
  • Value time and make the best use of it. Time doesn’t change anything it’s what you do with it.
  • Care and show respect through your words and actions.
  • Consciously build a legacy starting now and today.
  • Live a life of integrity and honour.
  • Make your family, nation and your world proud.

The convener of the winning mindset, Elisha Mamman spoke next on Personal development.


Our value as humans is in who we become and not what we have.

The 4 Ds of personal development;

1. Discover: You must explore and discover who you are (character), what you have (resources), what you can do (ability) and what you love to do (passion).

2. Develop: Build strength, improve quality and become better.

3. Deploy (effective use): harness everything you have.

4. Duplicate: Replicate who you are in others.
Personal development is a process that is practical, intentional and an investment.

He ended by saying personal development is the key that gives you access to people you admire and respect.

The last speaker Alex Osagie spoke on Developing Competence.


The “KSAE Model” that makes for competence; Knowledge, Skills, Attitude and Ability.

As humans, we already have abilities. But we must develop and gain mastery at them. You must expand your mind and think ahead of now.

Stop being SLIM (Scared, Lazy, Indecisive and Mediocre) and choose to be FAT (Faithful, Accessible, Teachable).

The program ended at 2pm with a vote of thanks given by Niyi Soyinka.

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How to Behave in the Presence of Greatness.

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Many people pray their whole lifetime for open doors and divine connections. Yet few understand that favor can stop the moment it starts. Few people have really been trained on the Laws of Protocol, Adaptation and Discretion. You may have heard that “your Gift will make room for you,” but it is your Character that keeps you there. A door can shut as quickly as it opens. One wrong statement or one reckless act can close a door forever.…”

-Pastor James G. Mania

The world we live in is an interesting place. One minute, someone is at rock bottom and the next, the same person is ruling an empire. How?

They came in contact with one person or some people.

One meeting can change your life and status forever.

Even as we work and study, we all pray to meet such people but is meeting them all that it takes?

During the week, someone told me of an incident that happened to his friend who got the opportunity to meet with a top notch person in Nigeria. The friend had rushed in to the venue of the meeting and almost immediately began to say “I have to go and read tonight, I hope this doesn’t take time”. The “big guy” who had been waiting for him at the venue simply said “You’re calling me a time waster, please walk out of this place”.

As simple as that seemed, it is very dangerous. Anything could have come out of the meeting for the young man, a scholarship, a job opportunity, money or relationship (which is the best) but he messed it up.

Apostle Joshua Selman once said something at one of our workers’ meeting;

“Favor is when opportunity meets preparedness”.

A lot of us have missed many great things not because we lack people to help us but because we came so close but immediately moved far. We met the right people but had the wrong attitude.

When before certain caliber and class of people, certain things are expected of you.

If you’re meeting or hoping to meet with someone great anytime soon, you should take a look at these five tips.

Dress Properly.

The first thing people notice about you is your appearance not your personality. Even before you speak, they look at how you’re dressed. Don’t look dirty and unkept and think just because you’re a nice person that speaks Queen’s English, you’re covered. No darling, they’ll always remember what you looked like and remember what they say about first impression?

As you’re dressed, so you’re addressed.

Besides, you won’t even feel confident if you look like something that just came out of a bin.

So quick tips;

  • Take a bath or a shower before you leave the house.
  • Use a subtle deodorant or perfume (You don’t want to choke them with harsh smell of different chemicals).
  • Wear neat and well ironed clothes (rumpled clothes put some people off).
  • Look very smart but wear clothes that you’re comfortable in (you don’t want to be struggling with a trouser that is too tight or a shirt that reveals what should not be revealed).
  • If you’re a lady, use light makeup (if you must), it’s a meeting, not a club.
  • Feel fresh. Let the freshness come from inside.
  • Wear a nice smile (You’re the one that will benefit more from the meeting, don’t go there looking like the boss).
  • Take a look at yourself in the mirror and be honest in assessing yourself.
  • Finally, always look neat even when you’re at home. Opportunities can come at any time and some opportunities come with time limits. Don’t miss a million dollar meeting because you have not had your bath.

Be Yourself.

The class and status of the person you’re meeting may want to put the pressure on you to look and act like someone else, don’t fall for it!

If you understand relationships well, then your aim should be that at the end of the meeting, the Person likes you and wants to keep in touch with you and should that happen, you can not pretend forever so just be yourself to avoid future surprises.

Be Confident

You’re not a beggar so don’t act like one. Be humble but maintain your self esteem and self worth.


This heading is in upper case because I wish I could emphasize it more. I know too many people who have lost life changing opportunities because their mouths happen to have uncontrollable diarrhea.

There’s a level you’ll get to in life that you won’t like too much noise. Some people have gotten to that level, They have too much engagements and responsibility and they don’t entertain unnecessary noise.

So watch what you say when you’re before greatness. There are things you should say and there are things you shouldn’t say.

Quick tips;

  • Say a polite greeting (Good evening ma, Good day sir, It’s an honor to meet you sir, etc).
  • Mildly compliment on their appearance when you first meet them. It has to be a mild sincere compliment especially if they’re of the opposite sex, You don’t want to look like you’re hitting on someone’s spouse (You look great sir, beautiful shoes ma etc).
  • Laugh mildly at their jokes (If you laugh uncontrollably like I do, device methods to keep yourself in check).
  • Be genuinely interested and attentive to what they say and know where to respond.
  • Before you say something, ask yourself “Is it necessary?”.
  • DON’T tell lies!!!

Advertise Your Value

This has to be done in wisdom, you do not want to look like an opportunist.

Chip in a little of what you do at any opportunity you get but don’t make it all about you. For instance;

  • “That’s a great fabric you’re putting on ma, I sell really nice Ankara fabrics and have beautiful styles that’ll look amazing on you”.
  • “I cook really good meals and I’m just starting my culinary business. I’ll be honored to have you taste my meals”.
  • I can offer you …… value sir, just call me any time and I’d most ready to come.

See you at the top!