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For Every Christian Creative! || Powerful Declarations Over Your Mind.

The mind is a treasure. A gold mine.

As a Christian creative in any sphere of life, your mind is your asset. It is what stands you out or puts you in the league of mediocres, which is why scriptures tell us to allow the mind of Christ be in us. (Phil 2:5)
I like to see my mind as my superpower be because, everything rises and falls on the mind. What makes a man is His mindset. The body is subject to the leadership of the mind.

Below are my personal declarations over my mind. Submit your mind to God and declare them in faith.

I decree as an ambassador of the Kingdom of God and a legislator here on earth that I have a sound mind. For God has not given me the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 KJV

The Lord God has given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary. The light of God shines upon my head. There is no darkness, shadow or confusion in my mind. Isaiah 50:4 KJV Job 29:3 KJV

I cast down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God in my mind, and I bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; 2 Corinthians 10:5

Declarations Culled from “Taught of the Lord (Tongue of the Learned” by Debola Deji-Kurunmi

I decree and declare that I have access to God’s thought leadership. Answers come out of me to the world. Instruction will not depart from me. I am an embodiment of divine knowledge.

I convert spiritual mysteries to usable commodities on earth. I am an influencer of systems and spheres of influence. I am a culture shaper. God shows me things and I interact with the intelligence of the most high.

As I write, my words stir Holy emotions in men to do what is right. God causes me to be relevant. As I promote God’s agenda, God promotes me. I am taken to places that my qualifications, my background and my abilities can not take me.
I decree that God is in charge of my media. God gives inflection and accent to my voice.

I stand where God has placed me and I access the secret of the ancient as God opens them up to me. My heart is open in readiness to carry the things I will now discover as I follow God’s trail.

My mind is open to hidden things, secret things, mysterious things, heavenly things, spiritual things, eternal things powerful things, precious things, wonderful things, righteous things, elevated things, profound things, God things.

Though I be a heathen vessel, God houses treasure in me. I decree that these treasures are pulled out. Every divine investment in me is converted from potential to purpose. The things God has invested in me immediately stop being things that can become but things that are. All parts of my life begin to flow out the treasures of the heavenly.

Let every interaction with me be an interaction with God. My arms are an extension of God’s arm. My eyes are an extension of God’s eyes. My touch is an extension of God’s touch. The motion of my feet is the direction God is headed. My heart is an extension of God’s compassion.

My speech/writing is an extension of God’s prophetic accuracy and power. The things God causes me to accomplish on earth are a reflection of what is in His heart for this hour.

I am carried by the Spirit of God. I do not spend any moment struggling in the flesh, rather, I ride on wings of eternal power.

I was born for a time such as this. I have all it takes. I was born for a moment such as this. To participate in the fullness of God’s abundant power. To exhibit life in the Spirit.
I decree manifestations of my encounters with God on all spheres of influence and all parts of human endeavors.

I am like Jesus and as Jesus in this generation. I speak the language of the youth. I understand the desires and the pulsations of the heart of those who want God but hate religion.

I am helped of God to embody revival everywhere I am even in the secular world. I am not obsolete. I am awakened to what God is doing now and I stay relevant in His work. I will not be replaced. My eyes are opened to what I must speak, where I must go, how I must live, whom I must work with.

I am taught to Steward covenant alliances. God works on my heart and I become like Him. The anointing for multiplication is upon me. The great things The Father has started in my life begin to multiply. Every divine gifting, grace and potential that rest on my inside are multiplied.

My spiritual gifts are sharpened, my Christian character grows, my conviction is deepened, my possibilities are expanded. God things multiply in me.

I am blessed because I believe so there shall be a performance of the things God has spoken unto me. I am blessed because I come in the Name of the Lord.

I am ready for all God is ready for this season. I refuse to play small. I refuse to look back. I refuse to dump down. I refuse to ask questions. I move with God and I say “Yes Lord”.

I am moved along the pathways of divine trajectory. I run the course and I move swiftly on the paths of destiny.
I go where God sends and I do what He asks. I give what He requires and I take what He provides.

I bask in the provisions of God. I step into the abundance that comes with being called the Father’s daughter, the King’s Child.
I step into the supplies made available by God. I will not reinvent the will trying to do what has already been done for me.

I access the provisions of the finished work of Christ for He is my elder brother who has gone ahead of me, the first among many brethren. I plug into what Jesus has settled.

Jesus has sent me into the field to reap a harvest I didn’t labor for. I am sent into the labors of those who have gone ahead of me.

I am called into an inheritance and I step, press and rejoice into it. It is activated in this Holy moment over me and other believers around the globe who are hungry and thirsty for God.

The power of the divine life is activated over me. I have an endless life. Limitations give way. Evil reports are changed. I believe only the report of the Lord. Impossibilities become possible.

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