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16 quotes from Why are marriages failing by Pastors Emmanuel and Laju Iren

Emmanuel Iren and laju iren

Pastor Emmanuel Iren of Celebration Church International, and his lovely wife Pastor Laju Iren did a LIVE video last week on Why are marriages failing.
These are two preachers that I absolutely love because of their soundness in communicating God’s Word.
I was so blessed by the video and took notes. I’ll leave the link to the video at the end of this post for those who want to watch.

The 16 quotes below are from the video Why are marriages failing by Pastor Emmanuel Iren and Pastor Laju Iren. Some of them are quoted verbatim, while others are not.

It is my prayer that you learn from these quotes and that you build a godly marriage and home that lasts.
May your home be built on Christ.

Why are marriages failing emmanuel Iren and Laju Iren

16 quotes from Why are marriages failing by Pastor Emmanuel Iren and Pastor Laju Iren

Just because your faves marriage failed doesn’t mean marriage is bad.

If you both didn’t keep God’s commands about things like abstinence and faithfulness before marriage, don’t expect faithfulness from your partner after marriage. There’s nothing about marriage that puts the fear of God in you if you didn’t have it in the first place.

Marriage is everything sweet but it requires hard work.

Everytime you see a marriage working, people worked it.

“Happily ever after” is where the work begins.

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Unrealistic expectations is a primary reason why people don’t enjoy their marriages.

Make your expectations realistic.

The information that surrounds you greatly influences your mindset to, and expectations in marriage.

Surround yourself with the Word of God, materials on good marriages, and mentors who have good marriages.

God’s word is ultimate. Go into marriage with a mind that is full of the word of God and a willingness to do the work of forgiveness, changing, and learning communication.

Who you are outside your relationship or marriage is exactly who you’ll be in your relationship/marriage.

Marriage will only amplify who you really are.

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The fact that some marriages are failing should not scare you. It should rather make you realize that marriage is no joke.

Entering into a marriage without preparing and expecting it to be great is as ridiculous as wanting to practice as a medical doctor or engineer without training.

It takes time to learn how marriage works. Especially if you didn’t have many great examples.

Bad marriages exist and are a reality. But they must never be exalted above the truth of God’s Word that a marriage can be absolutely beautiful.