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7 Things I am Determined NOT to do this Year

My beautiful readers!
Happy new yearr.
It’s so beautiful to be back blogging again. It’s been a minute and I’ve missed y’all.
Thank you all for still commenting and reading the blog even while I was away.
If you this is your first time, welcome to the family ?.

I hope your year started great?
Mine didn’t start quite great (that’s a story for another day) but how it started doesn’t matter, all that matters is that it’s been rectified and I am having and will continue to have the best year yet because God and I say so☺.

You know we’re cool like that in this Kingdom.
We decree it and see it.

This year, we’re releasing more value and purpose filled content on the blog. You’re going to be blessed like never before.

This is the the 4th week in January and I believe that y’all have already figured out what you want to do this year.
You must have set your goals and expectations for the year. I hope they are SMART and aligned goals.

I have set mine too and I’m ready for the year.
May we smash all our goals and more in Jesus Name.

Today, I’m not sharing my to-do list for the year. I am sharing my “NOT-TO-DO list”.

I think we focus a lot on the things we want to do but fail to be intentional about the things we do not want.
So, we end up smashing goals but picking and accommodating bad habits and stuff along the way which dent our successes.
Remember little foxes spoil the vine?

This is why in a bid to be more intentional about my life this year, I clearly wrote down stuff that I will NOT do this year. They are things you can adopt and apply too.
Find 7 of them below!

This year, I am NOT:

Stressing and Over thinking

I will be still and know.
I used to be an over thinker. I could literally sit down and think myself into a bad mood.
God’s Word helped me do that less but it still happens sometimes. However, this year, I’m serving it a permanent quit notice!
I won’t stress or over think anything. I will be calm in every situation because, God’s peace is daily becoming more real to me and that is my watchword.
Everything will fall into place and be beautiful because I know who I am and whose I am.
I will definitely be faced with situations that look scary and confronting but guess what, I’m facing them with matching confrontation.
No stress!

Taking it easy

This is my year to shine guys. I’m not taking anything easy.
I’m doing it all (not literally), everything nice, as long as it is not foolish or unreasonable, I am doing it!
So nobody should ask me to take it easy this year because God and I are going to be taking some giant strides.

Killing myself

Both literally and figuratively.
I shan’t kill myself.
Not encouraging mediocrity or complacency but nothing apart from God is a do or die afair.

Ignoring opportunities

I used to do this a lot in the past. I was always lazy to hop on deals and opportunities but not any more.
As much as God and school permit me, I will embrace opportunities and do more partnerships this year.
So if you have any juicy opportunity for your girl, please my arms are wide open.

Being inconsiderate towards other people.

I’m learning kindness, selflessness, and character everyday.
This year, I’m going to be more touched by people’s feelings and more relatable.

Spending too much time on social media

Who am I kidding? With all the tasks ahead of me, I’d be lucky if I had enough time to sleep.

Not maximizing my potentials.

On this note, I’ll be releasing a series of posts in the coming weeks, tailored towards helping you discover, maximize and harness your potential.
Personally, I have been blessed by this series and I’m grateful to God that I can share it with you all.
There are treasures in you that have been ignored for long, this year, we’re bringing them out.
So, stay tuned for the posts, starting next Friday.

I pray you have a super amazing year.
Lots of love, Dupe. ❤

What are the things you are determined not to do this year?

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#LeaveItIn2017 – 2018 in view.

Happy Friday guys! Compliments of the season.

We’re few days to a new year and scrolling through my social media pages everyone has something to say about the new year.
Isn’t it funny how everyone has something to say about #LeaveItIn2017?
Some posts are just really hilarious while some are sad. We have trends that we want to end in 2017.
We know what we don’t want to continue in the new year and ironically none of those things are about us.
I wonder how many of us have actually sat down to point out things that shouldn’t follow us into the next year.
What habits do you need to learn to make your life better and which should you unlearn and leave in 2017?
It’s high time we started applying the #LeaveItIn2017 to our lives.
It’s painful how we tag every new year “our year” but at the end of the year, we don’t need a magician to tell us it wasn’t our year.
Our lives vary so we have different things to do for the new year but there are major things we all should do in preparation for the new year.
I’ll share some healthy habits (mostly pictures and quotes) to adopt in the new year; what to do and what not to.

Build your mind.

Everything starts from the mind, really. Let your mind take a new and healthy shape.

We move our status not by changing our circumstance or environment but by getting our minds there first. The circumstance will relocate shortly.

Julia Okutepa

Personal development.

Strive to become a better person daily. Improve in all areas of your life by learning from others. The remaining points can all be grouped under personal development.
Everything you do in 2018 should be aimed at making you better.

Be intentional.

Don’t take decisions based on emotions; you must have had a goal and a plan for the year by now (if you don’t, no worries, I’ll make a post next Friday to guide you). Success is science; if you have the conditions, you get the results. You can predict your success by your decisions. Everything you do in 2018 should be aimed at your goal.

Take baby steps.

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Put your ideas on paper and execute them little by little. You know that thing called “procrastination”? Please #LeaveItIn2017.

Leave negativity in 2017- become a proton.

“A proton can never lose its positivity as so can’t you! It just gets covered by stress which saps your energy. Staying positive will help you overcome the toughest of challenges while attracting more positivity and opportunities”
Come what may in the new year, be determined to emit only positive energy.

Save more.

Leave extravagance in 2017. Become more prudent. Be conscious of where your money goes; if you didn’t work for it, someone did.

Talk less and do more.

Please leave talk in 2017. Empty vessels make the loudest noise. We make so much noise and produce little results. Be a silent achiever.
Let your Ferrari make the noise.

Wake up early.

Leave unnecessary sleep in 2017. Everything you do is a function of time. Time is a major factor in the school of success. Adopt the habit of being an early waker; it’s what successful people do.

Invest in yourself.

Invest in books that’ll build your mind. Invest in gadgets you need to improve your business, skill etc.
Invest in clothes, yes clothes.

Exercise and eat healthy.

Take jogs in the mornings, no matter how busy you are.
Your physical health is very important.
Eat fruits and drink water.

Smile more

Leave anger in 2017. A smile can fix so many things. Step into the new year with a great smile and laugh.

Add Value

What problems can you solve? What will you be rewarded and celebrated for?

If we did all of these things, we wouldn’t have so many prayer requests. God can not do everything for you.
Write down things you know should not go into the new year with you and be determined to drop them.
Adopt new healthy habits and practice them until they become a part of you.

Merry Christmas guys, I love you ???

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BIRTHDAY ? – Lessons learnt

Happy Friday guys!

Feels great to be here again. ?

The love I felt on Monday which was my birthday, is indescribable.

A big “thank you” to everyone who made my day, God bless you.

This past year has so far, been the most enlightening, educative, transforming, eye opening and developing for me.



  • Life is a gift you should never fail to thank God for.
  • Avoid complacency. Hard truth is; most times, you’re not as awesome as you think you are. The greatest enemy to today’s success is yesterday’s success. So increase in skill and wisdom and don’t wait till you embarrass yourself. No matter how much you have achieved; someone has done more and better.
  • A time will come in your life, when “friends” may have to leave, don’t hold on too tight.
  • Your battles are yours. Face them!
  • People will always be people, deal with them in wisdom and guard against offence.
  • Some things are not worth fighting for. Choose your battles.
  • Avoid unhealthy competitions.
  • No matter how strong you are, there are times when you’ll be weak and overwhelmed with life; it’s okay to cry. 1 Kings 19:4
  • No one is destined to fail. Your success or failure is largely dependent on you.
  • You’re never too young to be responsible for yourself.
  • Mediocrity is your greatest enemy.
  • Some things do NOT take time, they only take GOD.
  • Ignorance is very dangerous. Expand and unfreeze your mind, build capacity.
  • Don’t hate anyone. People act based on the level of their understanding; if you were in their shoes and you had the same understanding, you’d do same.
  • School will try to interfere with your education, DON’T ALLOW THAT!
  • Maturity and age are two different things; only a fool mistakes them.
  • Don’t feel pained or inferior when people do not acknowledge you. It simply means you haven’t earned that level of attention. Work on yourself and I promise, they’ll come searching for you.
  • Take risks.

That’ll be all for today. Thank you for stopping by and I’m still in my birthday mood. The whole of December is mine ??.

See you next week!