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Couple Goals?… Or not. Be careful what you pray for

A few days ago, a very dear mentor shared something that made me pause and reflect. She was talking about a YouTuber called Cydnee who has beautiful blue eyes. Everyone who watches Cydnee’s channel loves her eyes so much that they always compliment it and even wish they had it. It was on recently that Cydnee did a video explaining why she has blue eyes. Apparently, the blue eyes were as result of a genetic defect called Waardenburg syndrome that causes loss of pigments in the eyes, skin and hair. That’s not the end of it. This genetic effect also has a side effect which is hearing loss.
This mentor of mine ended by saying something profound. In her words, “So, yes she has beautiful blue eyes but she’s also deaf in one ear. So be informed before you wish for all sorts.”

This right here is what made me decide to take this blog post from my drafts and share it with the world.

Aren’t we fond of wishing for stuff we know absolutely nothing about?

It’s no news to my blog readers that I am a helpless romantic. Everyone around me knows this. Seeing two people committed to each other in love, gives me joy. Seeing them sacrifice for each other, love each other and be kind to each other makes me smile.

But there is a new trend among young people that we need to examine. A trend that involves getting too involved with happy couples on social media and wishing to have what they have.

Young people just see really beautiful images or videos of couples and all they think of and type is “Couple Goals”, “I wish I had this”, ” I’m praying for a husband like yours”, or a marriage like this. etc.

Please we need to go easy on that.

How do you just see a beautiful picture or a possibly scripted video and decide that it’s what you want for your life? Do you know what these people put up with behind closed doors?
I am not saying that all couples who post online aren’t genuinely happy, but we definitely know that there is no marriage that is void of challenges. Their challenge may not be one you can handle, why are you trying to carry a cross that isn’t yours?

In recent times, quite a number of very celebrated celebrity marriages have failed due to all sorts of evils. Things we had no idea they were battling with while putting up a show for us on social media.

While you were loving them and wishing for what they had, they were going through stuff and almost just flatmates or strangers living under the same roof.

Seeing only the superficial aspect of something and desiring the whole package is not very wise. Literally nobody will take a picture of themselves crying in a bad marriage or a video of themselves arguing and fighting. No.

It’ll always be the highlights and the happy times. Always.
Words are very powerful, so don’t think saying “I want a marriage like this” will just disappear into thin air.

It’s okay to love couples you see around and online. But instead of wishing and praying for what they have, how about you appreciate them, love their pictures but pray for the marriage that God wants for you. A marriage that is yours and not another’s.

Pray for a marriage that will bring you peace and true happiness. One that mirrors God actual model of marriage; Christ and the Church. A spouse that will be a forgiver and a giver. A marriage that will be built on God and will stand the test of time and storms. A marriage that will draw you closer to God, making you grow deeper in the love of the Father. A marriage where you do not have to pretend because joy actually flows. A marriage where you both submit to each other and to God in love. A marriage that will not end in premium tears but will be filled with joy and peace in the Holy Ghost.

Why not change your prayer point today. The next time you see your “couple goals”, love them without coveting.
God has something beautiful for you too but you definitely won’t get it by wanting someone else’s.