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6 Amazing Gospel songs from my playlist || Totally love these Songs!

Music and sounds are a great way of connecting with God. There are times when our Christian walk feels dry and praying becomes difficult. We need a kind of buffer. A head start. A motivation. Great songs can be all of that for you.
There are also times when we need to feel more close to God and be reminded of His goodness and His nature. Songs can be a great means to this.
Many people, inspired by the spirit of God have written and received so many amazing songs that help us connect with God.

I love worship. It’s my lifestyle. And songs are one of the greatest ways to worship. I have a number of blog posts where I recommended some songs from my playlist for my amazing blog readers. You can find them if you’re looking for Gospel song ideas.

Today, I’m sharing a few more songs that I recently (not so recent though) discovered and have been listening to in this season. Songs that have helped me worship more and motivated me to pray more. I got a lot of demands from people to share them and that’s what I am doing today. There are more songs but I’ll share them in future blog posts soon. Every single song on this list is powerful and special to me.

I don’t really have a favorite because they’re all almost perfect for the different seasons that they fit for.

It is my prayer that these songs help your quiet time, prayer time, and worship life. May they help you see God more and put you in awe of His majesty. May they bring you to a point of brokenness and surrender before God as He moulds your life into one that is fit for His use.

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Refiner ft Chandler Moore and Steffany Gret

Download here

Yahweh ft Matthew Stevenson and Chandler Moore

Download here

Promises by Maverick city ft Naomi Raine

Download here

Have my heart ft Chandler Moore and Chris Brown

Download here

Carry me by Nathaniel Bassey

Download here

King of Kings by Hillsong

Download here

Do you know any of these songs? What other songs are blessing you in this season? Let’s talk in the comments below.

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My Top 11 Dunsin Oyekan’s Songs + Download Links

Dunsin Oyekan is a Nigerian music minister, song writer, instrumentalists, producer and recording artist.

popularly known as “The Eagle” was once the director of the Avalanche Choir in the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly. He is now the covenvener of the Code Red Worship Experience.

Dunsin Oyekan is also a close friend to Apostle Joshua Selman of Eternity Network International. Both of them have quite a number of similarities, chief of which is that they’re very vocal about their love, passion and obsession with God and seeing Him glorified. This passion of theirs is seen very clearly in their ministrations.

Dunsin Oyekan has released over 40 songs which continue to bless the lives of people all over the world, bringing Christians to a place brokenness, worship and intimacy with the Father.

Below are 11 of Dunsin’s songs that are my favs at the moment. Some of them are old, while some are recent release but they’re all ever fresh and green.

You Are The Only
Definition Of Our God
No Comparison with You
It All Starts and It Ends with You

The Value of my Life

Is how much of you I CarryThe Impact of my Life Is how much of you People See


First it was fragrance

Then it turned to fire My worship is my weapon This is how I win my battle

Father to child
Spirit to spirit
Lighted by Your word

With Your breath of life
That’s how I come alive
That’s how I change my world

Out of the mundane

To where I’m ordained For things that were made Were made from things unseen There are realms of glory For my world to see. Dimensions found only. In Jesus Christ the Son


Where’s darkness at the sight of light
Evaporated at the glimpse of light
You’re the light that makes my face shine bright
As I look Your face
I become the light



ou speak from heaven, We call it thunder. You are amazing
You smile from heaven, We call it rainbow. You are amazing
You look from heaven, We call it sunshine. That’s amazing
And You made me, In Your likeness. Super amazing

Looked around and suddenly realized
That You’ve been so good to me
Your mercy is everlasting, undenying and overwhelming
Who am that you are mindful of?
Who am I that You pick my calls when I call you?
Who am that you’re so mindful of?
Who am I that You hear my cry?

You have captured my heart
Consumed my heart with your love
You have captured my heart
Consumed my heart with your love


Here I am in Your presence
Do to me what You want
Am open before You Lord
Do to me what You want
Here I am in Your presence
Do to me what You want
Am open before You Lord
Do to me what You want


To God Most High
To God Most High
Most High
God of Heavens
Most High
Ruler of the earth
Most High
King of Nations

Do you listen to Dunsin Oyekan’s songs? Which of them is your favorite?

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26 worship songs for your quiet time playlist

Best Hillsong worship

Hillsong worship for easter

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26 Worship Songs You Should Add To Your Quiet Time Playlist

There are certain songs I find myself listening to over and over again. Songs I listen to and think “this song was received for me”.

Worship is the lifestyle of every true Christian and songs and sounds are a great form of worship.

Whenever I’m down or clueless on what do during my quiet time, I resort to worship and I’ve discovered that you can never go wrong with worship.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you from my playlist, songs that have helped me draw closer to God and get intimate with His Spirit especially in this season.

I have compiled 26 songs, some from you my blog readers and others from my personal playlist that ignite my passion for God and make me long for His presence.

I hope they bless you and make you seek to go deeper with God.

1. Dance with me by Jesus Culture.

Behold You have come
Over the hills up on the mountain
Thereo me You will run
My Beloved You’ve captured my heart…

This song has been among my favs for a while now because of its depth. It’s one of the “old but gold” songs that continue touching my life over and over again.

You can watch the video here

2. A little longer by Jenn Johnson and Bethel Music.

Then I hear You say,
“You don’t have to do a thing
Simply be with Me and let those things go
They can wait another minute
Wait, this moment is too sweet
Please stay here with me
And love on Me a little longer”…

You can watch the video here

3. As it is (In Heaven) by Hillsong Worship

Whether now or then
Death is not my end
I know Heaven waits for me
Though the road seems long
I’ll never walk alone
And I got all I need to sing…

Ahhh This is like my favorite song for now, I was tempted to write all the lyrics because every word in this song ministers to me but you can get the lyrics and video here

4. I want to see You by Pastor Chingtok

I want to See You
I want to see see Your Face
I want to Know Your ways
I want to touch Your Grace
So I can live Your days
I want to See You…

Watch here

5. Unstoppable Love by Jesus Culture.

You broke into the silence, and sang a song of hope
A melody resounding, in the deep of my soul
You have come running, You tore down every wall
All the while shouting, “My love you’re worth it all!”…

Watch here

6. Mimo (Holy) by Tope Alabi

Mimo l’Oluwa o (mimo)
Angeli nwo mike o (mimo)
Awon orun nwo mike (mimo)
Egbagbeje irawo o (mimo)
Mimo l’Oluwa (mimo)
Angeli nwo mike o (mimo)
Awon orun nwo mike (mimo)
Egbagbeje irawo o (mimo)…

Watch Tope Alabi’s powerful ministration of “Mimo” (Holy) at Coza here

7. You are always there to help by Dr Paul Enenche

I will love You till the end
I will serve You till i see You
For Your everlasting love
Has drawn my whole being to you
My life is in Your hand;
Lord am your project in progress
And when you’re through with me;
All the praise belongs to you


More Powerful Songs suggestions from my blog readers…

Cynthia E.

So will I by Hillsong –

And as You speak
A hundred billion failures disappear
Where You lost Your life so I could find it here
If You left the grave behind You so will I
I can see Your heart in everything You’ve done
Every part designed in a work of art called love
If You gladly chose surrender so will I
I can see Your heart
Eight billion different ways
Every precious one
A child You died to save
If You gave Your life to love them so will I….

watch the video of this powerful song

I love this song a little too much.

Imelda E., Grace O. And Gaawa V.

Altar by Apostle Daps –
Oh speak from your heavens and the earth will hear
Oh speak from your heavens and the earth will hearr
As my praise is calling you OH GOD
my praise is calling you OH GOD

Download Here

Josh C.

Oceans by Hillsong –
Your grace abounds in deepest waters
Your sovereign hand
Will be my guide
Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
You’ve never failed and You won’t start now…

watch Taya Smith perform oceans

James U. and Sadiya M.
New Wine by Hillsong
In the crushing
In the pressing
You are making
New wine
In the soil, I
Now surrender
You are breaking
New ground
So I yield to You and to Your careful hand
When I trust You I don’t need to understand…
Lyrics and video

Adeola L.

Iba by Shola Allyson
Afuye gege ti o she gbe
Jigbin ni jigbin ni bi ate ileke
Kabiyesi mo se’ba re
Oba to ju gbogbo oba lo…

Lyrics and Download

Binga S.
Take me deeper by Don Moen
Sunrise to sunrise
I will seek Your face
Drawn by the Spirit
to the promise of Your grace
My heart has found in You
a hope that will abide
Here in Your presence…

Praise A.

Stronger by Hillsong
There is love that came for us
Humbled to a sinner’s cross you broke my shame and sinfuless you rose again victorious
Faithfulness none can deny through the strom and through the fire there is truth that sets me free Jesus Christ who lives in me

Ma’am Sandra Areh

Holy Spirit by Martin PK

holy spirit
holy spirit
holy spirit
i love you
you guide me in all things
holy spirit
you opened my eyes
you have opened my eyes
holy spirit
now i realised with you i need nobody…

Caleb I. and Japheth J.

Do to me what you want by Dunsin Oyekan
This is the place of encounter
This is the place of surrender
This is the place where my flesh gives way
This is the place where my life is changed
Do to me what You want…

Adegoke F

There is a place by Dr Paul Enenche
Lord let me feel the warmth of Your embrace
Let me feel the flame of Your love
Let me know the warmth of Your grace
Oh Lord the desire of my heart is for You
Lord let me feel the warmth of Your embrace
Let me feel the flame of Your love
Oh let me know the wealth of Your grace
Oh please let me dwell in Your Presence Oh Lord…
Lyrics and download

Monday A.

Yeshua by Nene Olajide
You never fail me and no matter what I go through
You never fail me and Your word is Yeah and Amen
You never fail me and Your Love is real and Crystal clear
You purify my destiny
Amplify my melody…

Lyrics and DDownloa

Adoleh J.

Crown the year by Hillsong
Now let the earth join the dancing
Deck her out in showers of spring
The dusk and dawn forever relay
The call to come and worship Him…

Johnstone K.

Your Word by Hillsong
Deep calls to deep, within Your presence
When I hear You speak, my soul awakens
Your Spirit leads, my heart to worship
As Your Word reveals, the light of Jesus

The lamp unto my feet
The light unto my path…

Gyeyork E.

More by Lawrence Flowers
Oh the worshiper in me wants to break free
From the intellectual mentality
Like when I should be up, I’m seated in my seat
I should be lifting my hands giving you praise and glory….
I should be giving you more…

Jasper D.

Set me ablaze by Jesus Culture
Breathe, come and breathe
On the coals of my heart,
May Your fire start
Breathe, come and breathe
On the coals of my heart
Keep me burning…

Vivienne A.

Grace to Grace by Hillsong
If love endured that ancient cross
How precious is my Savior’s blood
The beauty of heaven wrapped in my shame
The image of love upon death’s frame…

Dr Joseph N

Defender by Jesus culture
You go before I know
That You’ve even gone to win my war
Your love becomes my greatest defense
It leads me from the dry wilderness


There! I hope they bless and ignite you. Whatever link was not found here can be found on google and YouTube.
What is your favorite worship song? Let’s talk in the comment section below.