My Top 11 Dunsin Oyekan’s Songs + Download Links

Dunsin Oyekan is a Nigerian music minister, song writer, instrumentalists, producer and recording artist.

popularly known as “The Eagle” was once the director of the Avalanche Choir in the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly. He is now the covenvener of the Code Red Worship Experience.

Dunsin Oyekan is also a close friend to Apostle Joshua Selman of Eternity Network International. Both of them have quite a number of similarities, chief of which is that they’re very vocal about their love, passion and obsession with God and seeing Him glorified. This passion of theirs is seen very clearly in their ministrations.

Dunsin Oyekan has released over 40 songs which continue to bless the lives of people all over the world, bringing Christians to a place brokenness, worship and intimacy with the Father.

Below are 11 of Dunsin’s songs that are my favs at the moment. Some of them are old, while some are recent release but they’re all ever fresh and green.

You Are The Only
Definition Of Our God
No Comparison with You
It All Starts and It Ends with You

The Value of my Life

Is how much of you I CarryThe Impact of my Life Is how much of you People See


First it was fragrance

Then it turned to fire My worship is my weapon This is how I win my battle

Father to child
Spirit to spirit
Lighted by Your word

With Your breath of life
That’s how I come alive
That’s how I change my world

Out of the mundane

To where I’m ordained For things that were made Were made from things unseen There are realms of glory For my world to see. Dimensions found only. In Jesus Christ the Son


Where’s darkness at the sight of light
Evaporated at the glimpse of light
You’re the light that makes my face shine bright
As I look Your face
I become the light



ou speak from heaven, We call it thunder. You are amazing
You smile from heaven, We call it rainbow. You are amazing
You look from heaven, We call it sunshine. That’s amazing
And You made me, In Your likeness. Super amazing

Looked around and suddenly realized
That You’ve been so good to me
Your mercy is everlasting, undenying and overwhelming
Who am that you are mindful of?
Who am I that You pick my calls when I call you?
Who am that you’re so mindful of?
Who am I that You hear my cry?

You have captured my heart
Consumed my heart with your love
You have captured my heart
Consumed my heart with your love


Here I am in Your presence
Do to me what You want
Am open before You Lord
Do to me what You want
Here I am in Your presence
Do to me what You want
Am open before You Lord
Do to me what You want


To God Most High
To God Most High
Most High
God of Heavens
Most High
Ruler of the earth
Most High
King of Nations

Do you listen to Dunsin Oyekan’s songs? Which of them is your favorite?

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  1. Thank you so much ma’am this is really helpful. My favorite is ” if all I say is Jesus”. I love and honor this yielded vessel of God.

  2. Imole de was the song that drew me to him, I was so blessed when I heard the song at NCCF during my NYSC Orientation camp. Since then I have been following Him. Thanks for sharing, I have to download six of the songs above that I have not listened to.

  3. Good evening ma. I just got to know about your blog from ma’am Ife Grace and I have been getting blessed ever since. You are an inspiration and I love your graceful impact in the lives of Kingdom citizens.
    Please the link for Do to me what you want isn’t valid. Can you please give me a better link

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